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LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Thank you for choosing the LRF 3000H Ultrasonic Flowmeter with SLSI CMOS and low voltage wide pulse. transmission technology, This instruction manual contains important information Please read carefully before operation of the flowmeter. WARNINGS IN THIS MANUAL, Caution and warning statements are used throughout this book to draw your attention to important information. Warning statement appears with information that is important to protect people and. equipment from harm or damage Pay very close attention to all warnings that apply to your. application Failure to comply with these instructions may damage the meter. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in faulty operation. Note indicates that ignoring the relevant requirements or precautions may result in flowmeter. damage or malfunction, Note Some contents in this manual maybe different from the instrument you buy which is because of the. different configuration requirement when purchasing On the other hand due to the need of the product. improvement and upgrade there is no remark on it please be attention to the version number and the enclosed. explanation,Version 1 1 Page 1 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter.
Product Components, An inspection should be made of the desired location before installing the flowmeter Check to see if the spare. parts are present in accordance with the packing list Make sure that there is no shipping damage If you have any. questions please contact your representative as soon as possible. 1 Transmitter,2 Transducer,4 Signal Cable,7 Coupling compound. 8 Pipe straps,9 Carrying Case,Version 1 1 Page 2 of 42. LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter,Table of Contents. 1 ELECTRONICS INSTALLATION AND CONNECTION 5,1 1 POWER SUPPLY CONNECTIONS 5.
4 1 3 Z Method 11,4 1 4 N Method not commonly used 12. 4 2 TRANSDUCERS FIXING 12,4 3 TRANSDUCER MOUNTING INSPECTION 13. 4 2 1 Signal Strength 13,4 2 2 Signal Quality Q value 13. 4 2 3 Total Time and Delta Time 13,4 2 4 Transit Time Ratio 13. 4 2 5 Warnings 14,5 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 15,5 1 SYSTEM NORMAL IDENTIFICATION 15.
5 2 LOW FLOW CUTOFF VALUE 15,5 3 ZERO SETTING 15,5 4 SCALE FACTOR 15. 5 5 4 20MA CURRENT LOOP OUTPUT 16,5 6 4 20MA CURRENT LOOP VERIFICATION 16. 5 7 SD CARD OPERATION 16,5 7 1 Specifications 16, 5 7 2 Install or Remove the SD card while the meter is powered on 17. 5 7 3 Reading the SD Data Externally 17,5 7 4 SD Card Storage Operation 18. 5 8 ESN 18,6 WINDOW DISPLAY EXPLANATIONS 19,6 1 WINDOW DISPLAY CODES 19.
9 1 SOUND VELOCITY AND VISCOSITY FOR FLUIDS COMMONLY USED 40. 9 2 SOUND VELOCITY FOR VARIOUS MATERIALS COMMONLY USE 40. 9 3 SOUND VELOCITY IN WATER 1 ATM AT DIFFERENT TEMPERATURES 41. Update Information,Version 1 1 Page 4 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter. 1 Electronics Installation and Connection,1 1 Power Supply Connections. 1 1 1 Type of Power Supply, The factory offers one rechargeable 11 1V Lithium battery and matching battery charger. 1 1 2 Wiring, Open the hinged top cover of the electronics Shown from left to right on the panel of the LRF 3000H are the. downstream transducer connector upstream transducer connector the battery recharge port charge the transmitter. or connect to a standby power supply and the 4 20mA output connector. Do wn Strea m U p Stream Po wer Switch 4 20m A Ch arg e. Power Switch Battery Recharge Port,4 20mA Output Connector.
DOWNST REAM,UPSTR EA M,Downstream Upstream,Transducer Transducer. Wiring connections should be made when power is off. 1 2 Powering on, As soon as the flowmeter is switched on the self diagnosis program will start to run If any error is detected an. error code will displayed on the screen see Error Diagnostics After that the system will run automatically using. the programmed parameters, All the parameters input by the user will be saved permanently until they are changed by the user. When the user modifies the parameters and removes the transducers the meter will recalculate. automatically and operate normally under the new parameters. Version 1 1 Page 5 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter. 1 3 Keypad Functions, Follow these guidelines when using the flowmeter keypad.
0 9 and to input numbers,Backspace or delete characters to the left. and Return to the last menu or open the next menu Acts as. and are used to enter numbers, Select a menu Press this key first input a two digit menu number. and the selected menu data will be displayed For example to input a pipe. outside diameter press Menu 1 1 where 11 is the window ID to. display the pipe outside diameter Enter Enter Confirm Enter Exit SD Data. Rate Total Velocity Fluid Signal Diagnosis,card storage interface Are shortcuts. to the windows for Flow Rate POS Totalizer Velocity Fluid Type Signal. Quality and Diagnosis,1 4 Keypad Operation, The instrument setup and measurement displays are subdivided into more than 100 independent menus The. operator can input parameters modify settings or display measurement results by visiting a specific menu. These menus are arranged by 2 digit serial numbers from 00 99 then using 0 1 etc Each menu ID code has a. defined meaning For example menu 11 is the pipe outside diameter while menu 25 is the mounting spacing. between the transducers Each menu is discussed later in this manual. To visit a specific menu press the key at any time except the SD Card Storage Interface then input the. 2 digit menu ID code and that menu will be displayed For example to input or check the pipe outside diameter. press the 1 1 keys for window ID code 11, Another method to visit a particular menu is to press the and Enter keys to scroll through the menus.
For example if the current menu is 30 press key to enter menu 31 press the button again to enter. The menus are divided into three types,1 Data Type such as M11 M12. 2 Selection Type such as M14,3 Display Type such as M00 M01. Visit Data Type menus to check specific parameters If. parameter change is needed just input the values then Menu 11. press Enter or press Enter first then input the values. Pi pe Out er Di amet er,and press Enter to confirm. Example 1 To enter a pipe outer diameter of 200mm,the procedure is as follows 14 53 30 Q 00 R. Press 1 1 to enter Menu11 the numerical, value displayed currently is the previous pipe outer.
diameter Now press the Enter key The symbol, and a flashing cursor is displayed on the left side of. the third line on the screen The new value can now be. entered Or input the value first then press Enter to. confirm 2 0 0 Enter,Version 1 1 Page 6 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter. Visit Selection Type menus to check the related, options If need to modify it press Enter first to enter. the revised selection when the symbol and a, flashing cursor are displayed at the left end of the. third line on the screen or input numbers directly to. select the option when the symbol and a flashing,cursor are displayed.
Example 2 If the pipe material is Stainless Steel,press Menu. 1 4 to enter Menu 14 then press Enter Menu 14, to modify the option Then select 1 Stainless Steel. from the drop down menu you may cycle through the,Pi pe I nner Di amet er. choices by pressing the and keys and then 0 Car bon St eel. press ENT to confirm the selection It is also possible. to press the 1 key to change the selection and wait. 14 54 45 Q 97 R, until 1 Stainless Steel is displayed on the second. line of the screen Then press the ENT key to confirm. 1 5 Flowmeter Menu Descriptions, 00 09 Display menus Used to display flow rate positive total negative total net total velocity date.
10 29 Setup menus Used to enter pipe outer diameter pipe wall thickness fluid type transducer. type transducer mounting and spacing etc, 30 38 Flow units selection and totalizer operating menus Used to select units of measurement Other menus. set reset the various totalizer modes,40 45 Zero Set Calibration Scale Factor. 55 83 Input and output setup menus current loop mode select 4mA or 0mA output value etc. 90 94 Diagnostics signal strength quality menu 90 TOM TOS 100 menu 91 sound velocity. menu 92 total time and delta time of the measured signal menu 93 Reynolds number and K. factor menu 94, 0 4 Appendix Power on off time total working hours on off times etc. 0 4 20mA correction menu, Hidden menus are for hardware adjustment set by the manufacturer. Version 1 1 Page 7 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter.
2 Pipe Parameter Entry Shortcuts, Example Let us assume you have a DN200 8 pipe measuring water Material is carbon steel with no liner. These parameters should be entered as follows,Step 1 Pipe outside diameter. Press Menu,1 1 keys to enter menu 11, enter the pipe outside diameter then press the Menu 11. Pi pe Out er Di amet er,14 53 30 Q 00 R,Step 2 Pipe wall thickness. Press the 1 2 key to enter menu 12, enter the pipe wall thickness wall thickness Menu 12.
for various pipe schedules can be found in the, appendix then press the ENT key Pi pe Wal l Thi ckness. 14 54 00 Q 00 R,Step 3 Pipe material,Press the 1 4 key to enter menu 14. Menu Menu 14,press the key use the or key,Pi pe Mat er i al. to select the pipe material from the drop down,menu then press the ENT key 0 Car bon St eel. 14 54 45 Q 97 R,Step 4 Liner material parameters,including thickness and sound velocity if Menu 16.
Li ner Mat er i al,Press the 1 6 key to enter menu 16. press the key use the or key 0 None No Li ner, to select liner material from the drop down 14 55 10 Q 97 R. menu and then press the ENT key,Version 1 1 Page 8 of 42. LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter,Step 5 Fluid type. Press the 2 0 key to enter menu 20,Menu Menu 20,press the key use the or key.
Fl ui d Type,to select fluid type from the drop down menu. then press the ENT key 0 Wat er,14 55 58 Q 97 R,Step 6 Transducer mounting methods. Press the 2 4 key to enter menu 24,Menu Menu 24,press the key use the or key to. Tr ansducer Mount i ng,select transducer mounting from the. drop down menu then press the ENT key 0 V,Details on Charpter 4 1 14 56 20 Q 97 R.
Step 7 Transducer spacing,Press the 2 5 key to enter menu 25 Menu 25. accurately install the transducer according to Tr ansducer Spaci ng. the displayed transducer mounting spacing and,the selected mounting method 159 86mm. Details on Chapter 4 14 56 40 Q 97 R,Step 8 Display Mesurement Results. Press Menu,0 1 to enter Menu 01 to display Menu 01. flow rate Subject to the real measurement,Fl ow 30280m3 h R.
Vel 0 3863 m s,14 43 02 Q 97 R,Version 1 1 Page 9 of 42. LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter,3 Measurement Site Selection. When selecting a measurement site it is important to select an area where the fluid flow profile is fully developed. to guarantee a highly accurate measurement Use the following guidelines to select a proper installation site. Choose a section of pipe that is always full of liquid such as a vertical pipe with flow in the upward direction or a. full horizontal pipe, Ensure enough straight pipe length at least equal to the figure shown below for the upstream and downstream. transducers installation,Straight length of upstream Straight length of. piping downstream piping,L 10D L 5D,L 30D L 10D, Flow controlled upstream Flow controlled downstream.
Check valve,Pump Stop valve, Ensure that the pipe surface temperature at the measuring point is within the transducer temperature limits. Consider the inside condition of the pipe carefully If possible select a section of pipe where the inside is free of. excessive corrosion or scaling,Version 1 1 Page 10 of 42. LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter,4 Transducer Installation. 4 1 Installing the Transducers, Before installing the transducers clean the pipe surface where the transducers are to be mounted Remove any rust. scale or loose paint and make a smooth surface Apply a wide band of sonic coupling compound down the center. of the face of each transducer as well as on the pipe surface and then attach the transducers to the pipe with the. straps provided and tighten them securely, 1 The two transducers should be mounted at the pipe s centerline on horizontal pipes Make sure that the.
transducer mounting direction is parallel with the flow. 2 During the installation there should be no air bubbles or particles between the transducer and the pipe wall On. horizontal pipes the transducers should be mounted in the 3 o clock and 9 o clock positions of the pipe section in. order to avoid any air bubbles inside the top portion of the pipe. 3 Refer to Transducer Mounting on Menu 25, 4 If the transducers cannot be mounted horizontally symmetrically due to limitation of the local installation. conditions it may be necessary to mount the transducers at a location where there is a guaranteed full pipe. condition the pipe is always full of liquid,4 1 1 Transducer Mounting Methods. Four transducer mounting methods are available They are respectively V method Z method and N method The. V method is primarily used on small diameter pipes DN100 300mm 4 12 The Z method is used in. applications where the V method cannot work due to poor signal or no signal detected In addition the Z method. generally works better on larger diameter pipes over DN300mm 12 or cast iron pipes. The N method is an uncommonly used method It is used on smaller diameter pipes below DN50mm 2. 4 1 2 V Method, The V method is considered as the standard method It usually gives a more accurate reading and is used on pipe. diameters ranging from 50mm to 400mm 2 16 approximately Also it is convenient to use but still requires. proper installation of the transducer contact on the pipe at the pipe s centerline and equal spacing on either side of. the centerline,Side View Section Top View,Upstream Transducer Transducer. Downstream Transducer Pipe Strap Transducer Space,4 1 3 Z Method.
The signal transmitted in a Z method installation has less attenuation than a signal transmitted with the V method. This is because the Z method utilizes a directly transmitted rather than reflected signal which transverses the. liquid only once,Version 1 1 Page 11 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter. The Z method is able to measure on pipe diameters ranging from 25mm to 1200mm 1 48 approximately. Side View Section Top View,Upstream Transducer Transducer. Downstream Transducer Pipe Strap Transducer Spacing. 4 1 4 N Method not commonly used, With the N method the sound waves traverse the fluid twice and bounce three times off the pipe walls It is. suitable for small pipe diameter measurement, The measurement accuracy can be improved by extending the transit distance with the N method uncommonly. Side View Section Top View,Upstream Transducer Transducer.
Downstream Transducer Pipe Strap Transducer Spacing. 4 2 Transducers fixing, Transducers can stick onto the pipe with its magnetic steel racks If need to fasten them then can use the chains to. make it firm See below picture,Version 1 1 Page 12 of 42. LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter,4 3 Transducer Mounting Inspection. Check to see if the transducer is installed properly and if there is an accurate and strong enough ultrasonic signal. to ensure proper operation and high reliability of the transducer It can be confirmed by checking the detected. signal strength total transit time delta time as well as transit time ratio These checks are explained below. The mounting condition directly influences the flow value accuracy and system reliability In most instances. apply a wide bead of sonic coupling compound lengthwise on the face of the transducer and stick it to the outside. pipe wall to get good measurement results However the following inspections still need to be carried out in order. to ensure a high reliability of the measurement and long term operation of the instrument. 4 2 1 Signal Strength, Signal strength displayed in menu 90 indicates a detected strength of the signal both from upstream and. downstream directions The relevant signal strength is indicated by numbers from 00 0 99 9 00 0 represents no. signal detected while 99 9 represent maximum signal strength. Normally the stronger the signal strength detected the better the measurement. Adjust the transducer spacing to the best position and check to ensure that enough sonic coupling compound is. applied during installation in order to obtain the maximum signal strength This is essentially fine tuning the. calculated spacing shown in menu 25 transducer spacing It may be slightly different. System normal opperation requires signal strength over 60 0 which is detected from both upstream and. downstream directions If the signal strength detected is too low the transducer installation position and the. transducer mounting spacing should be re adjusted and the pipe should be re inspected If necessary change the. mounting to the Z method Z has the highest signal strength. 4 2 2 Signal Quality Q value, Q value is short for Signal Quality displayed in menu 90 It indicates the level of the signal detected Q value is.
indicated by numbers from 00 99 00 represents the minimum signal detected while 99 represent the maximum. The transducer position may be adjusted and enough coupling used to get the signal quality detected as strong as. 4 2 3 Total Time and Delta Time, Total Time and Delta Time are displayed in menu 93 The measurement calculations in the flowmeter are based. upon these two parameters Therefore when Delta Time fluctuates widely the flow and velocities fluctuate. accordingly This means that the signal quality detected is poor It may be the result of poor pipe installation. conditions inadequate transducer installation or incorrect parameter input. Generally Delta Time fluctuation should be less than 20 Only when the pipe diameter is too small or. velocity is too low can the fluctuation be wider,4 2 4 Transit Time Ratio. Transit Time Ratio indicates if the transducer mounting spacing is accurate The normal transit time ratio should. be 100 3 if the installation is proper Check it menu 91. If the transit time ratio is over 100 3 it is necessary to check. 1 If the parameters pipe outside diameter wall thickness pipe material liner etc have. been entered correctly, 2 If the transducer mounting spacing is accordance with the display in menu 25. 3 If the transducer is mounted at the pipe s centerline on the same diameter. 4 If the scale is too thick or the pipe mounting is distorted in shape etc. Version 1 1 Page 13 of 42,LRF 3000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter. 4 2 5 Warnings, 1 Pipe parameters entered must be accurate otherwise the flowmeter will not work properly.
2 During the installation apply enough coupling compound to bond the transducer onto the pipe wall. While checking the signal strength and Q value move the transducer slowly around the mounting site. until the strongest signal and maximum Q value are obtained The larger the pipe diameter the more the. transducer may have to be moved, 3 Check to be sure the mounting spacing is as calculated in menu 25 and the transducer is mounted at the. pipe s centerline on the same diameter Note that you can adjust the spacing slightly as described above. to fine tune the device, 4 Pay special attention to those pipes that formed by steel rolls pipe with seams since such pipe is. always irregular If the signal strength is always displayed as 0 00 that means there is no signal detected. Thus it is necessary to check that the parameters including all the pipe parameters have been entered. accurately Check to be sure the transducer mounting method has been selected properly the pipe is not. worn out and the liner is not too thick Make sure there is there is indeed fluid in the pipe or the. transducer is not very close to a valve or elbow and or there are not too many air bubbles in the fluid. etc Once you have ruled out all these possible reasons if there is still no signal detected the. measurement site has to be changed,Version 1 1 Page 14 of 42.

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