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Overcoming Difficulties 34,Wrong Ideas as to the Purpose of Prayer 34. Our Need for Growing Ideas of God 35,Difficulties in Terminology 36. Danger of Thinking of Prayer Too Much in Terms of Feelings 36. Difficulty in Finding a Place 37,Wandering Thoughts 38. Difficulties Arising from Wrong Relationships with Others 38. The Tyrannies of Our Own Consciousness 40,The Difficulty of Seeming to Get Nowhere 41. Prayers from China 41,Aids in Achieving Disciples Disciplines 42.
What Does it Mean to Pray without Ceasing 42,Disciples Disciplines 43. II Place 47,III Materials 48,IV Customs 52,Using interruptions as God s opportunities 52. Using silence 53,Using symbols 53,Using mental pictures 54. Making affirmations 56,Keeping diaries 57,Making days meaningful 57. Benedictions 57,Prayer Changes Things and Persons 58.
1 Growing fellowship with God 59,2 Growing transformation of ourselves 60. 3 Growing Godlike concern for others and willingness to serve 61. Being born again through prayer 62, The world being born again through lives of prayer 63. God s call to a life of service 64,Toward a Fellowship of Power 65. Families 68,Best friends 69,Prayer circles 69,Youth groups in the Church 70. Pentecost comes again 71,Introduction to The Power of Prayer.
No power is greater than that which comes through prayer. Prayer gives the power that can,control the men,who control the machines. Prayer gives the power that can,rule the men,who rule the world. Prayer can,set men free,give them guidance,save their souls. save their world,Whether or not it will,Is up to us. Our decisions must be made,Quickly Time is running out.
Clarice Bowman and George Harper, This book is written with that sense of urgency Some youth and youth leaders may. hear the challenge and take heed That is the prayer out of which this writing is born. I believe that we shall soon witness a new religious movement which will sweep over. our sad and disillusioned world as the early Christian movement swept over that ancient. Greco Roman world bringing spiritual insight moral vigor and therefore a revival of. courage hope and happiness, The new religious movement will start with a comparatively few individuals mostly of. humble birth and station who will somehow recover that vision of the Glory of God in the. face of Jesus Christ which in centuries past has once and again brought courage and. hope to the world, Naturally they will not be content with things as they are. It is likely therefore that many of them will be called upon to endure persecution All. manner of evil will be spoken against them falsely for Christ s sake I anticipate that in. not a few bitter and terrible ways history will repeat itself But this also I firmly believe. As a result of this new religious movement there will presently appear in the lives of. increasing numbers of people a new courage a new hope and a new happiness. Believing that the glory of God has shone in the face of Jesus Christ that what dwells. eternally at the heart of things is not brute force but love men will become courageous. They will also become hopeful And then as they devote all that they have and are to a. cause which they consider greater than self and dearer than life they will develop a kind. and degree of happiness comparable to that which in those early Christians led. Tertullian to say The Church is the one thing in the world that always rejoices Tittle. How to Use this Book, We didn t have to write this book That is in one way we didn t Nobody told us to But. our hearts made us want to share something of what prayer means to us before it is too. You don t have to read this book Why did you pick it up What do you hope to receive. This writing is addressed to anyone who feels the need of prayer in his life It is not for. church crowds alone but for anybody especially for beginners in prayer life. This book will not argue with you For its purpose is not so much to inform or convince. as to set your feet on an upward trail that you will never want to leave What you find. here is but a beginning Let the great saints and leaders of the Christian faith take you. by the hand and lead you farther,That this Writing may Serve You.
1 First have a talk with yourself Ask yourself What are my ideas about prayer at. present In what kind of God do I believe What have been my three most. meaningful prayer experiences that I can remember What made them. meaningful What causes me to want to pray When have my prayers. seemed to fail Why Exactly what are my prayer needs. Wait a minute What about our purposes even in reading a book on power through. prayer Is it the power you crave A more magnetic personality Adequacy for the. demands you face Then stop right here and pray that God may cleanse your heart of. all self seeking Wherever people try to use prayer for their own selfish ends they block. the way for God s power to come in and transform their lives Seek ye first God and. all these things will be added unto you, 2 Hold conversation in your mind with the authors They may be mistaken Think. through Decide Make ideas your own Relate them to similar experiences in. your life No one can tell another all Don t let anything here set a pattern that will. stunt your growth You and your God must find your own pathways together. 3 Use other resources especially the Bible Choose some saint or leader feel. fellowship with him write down some of his secrets of prayer Expose your mind. to ever larger thoughts, 4 Keep a spiritual diary At times write your prayer thoughts or describe your. experiences or note down impulses that come to you for service action But. avoid the habit of looking inward or of taking your spiritual pulse Record as you. go but keep going forward Look always to God the Author and Finisher. 5 Discuss with friends Find older friends in whom you have confidence Share with. friends your own age But don t expect them to make your quest for you Don t. lean too much Each has his own quest to make, 6 Pray The only way to learn to pray is to pray and the only way to learn to pray. well is to pray much Don t let reading about prayer even reading this book. become an escape from real prayer Reach forth spiritually Jesus the Christ. beckons yonder Come up higher Luke 14 10, 7 Relate your prayer always to your living Real prayer involves the person as a. whole your attitudes your use of time what you do with your money how you. treat your family and friends the stand you are willing to take on issues such as. race relations economics liquor traffic nationalism what you are willing to do. and give for God, 8 Prepare to wrestle Prayer involves more than passively enjoying God.
Sometimes it tests stings awake sends out to hard tasks Growth in prayer. costs Whoever would come after me let him take up his cross and follow. 9 Learn directly from God Beyond all human helps both personal or written He. has something to teach you, 10 Make it lifelong Spiritual heights are attained not by sudden spurts now and. then but by steady continuous climbing,References, Bremer Harold Message to the National Conference of the Methodist Youth. Fellowship, Dr Allen Knight Chalmers The Commonplace Prodigal New York Henry Holt. and Company 1934 pp 24 41, Chalmers A K Adventuring in Prayer Westminster Press Philadelphia 1942. Day A E Discipline and Discovery The Upper Room Nashville Tenn 1947 p. D J Fleming The World At One In Prayer, Geer Owen Christ s Pathway to Power Methodist Publishing House.
Dorothy Harper POWER National Conference of the Methodist Youth. Fellowship Nashville Tennessee, Axling William Kagawa Harper and Brothers New York N Y 1932. Thomas Kelly Testament of Devotion Harper and Brothers New York 1941. Used by permission, Kirkland Winifred Let Us Pray Harper and Brothers 1938 p 19. Frank C Laubach Prayer the Mightiest Force in the World Fleming H Revell. Company New York 1946, Frank Laubach The Game of Minutes Student Volunteer Movement Pamphlet. Muriel Lester A Way of Life pamphlet Voorhis School Craft shops San Dimas. California p 4, POWER National Conference of the Methodist Youth Fellowship Nashville. Radcliffe L J Article Six Marks of Mature Prayer motive April 1946. Ronald Sinclair When We Pray London A R Mowbray 1932. Tittle E F A World that Cannot Be Shaken Harper and Brothers New York. Tittle E F The Lord s Prayer Abingdon Cokesbury Nashville 1942. Matthew 6 9 15 Pray then in this way Our Father who is in heaven Hallowed be. Your name Your kingdom come Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven. our debtors And do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil For Yours is. the kingdom and the power and the glory forever Amen For if you forgive others for. their transgressions your heavenly Father will also forgive you But if you do not. forgive others then your Father will not forgive your transgressions New American. Matthew 6 9 15 With a God like this loving you you can pray very simply Like this. Our Father in heaven Reveal who you are Set the world right Do what s best as. above so below Keep us alive with three square meals Keep us forgiven with you and. forgiving others Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil You re in charge You can. do anything you want You re ablaze in beauty Yes Yes Yes In prayer there is a. connection between what God does and what you do You can t get forgiveness from. God for instance without also forgiving others If you refuse to do your part you cut. yourself off from God s part The Message, Matthew 6 9 15 And then when you pray don t be like the play actors They love to.
stand and pray in the synagogues and at street corners so that people may see them at. it Believe me they have had all the reward they are going to get But when you pray. go into your own room shut your door and pray to your Father privately Your Father. who sees all private things will reward you And when you pray don t rattle off long. prayers like the pagans who think they will be heard because they use so many words. Don t be like them After all God who is your Father knows your needs before you ask. him Pray then like this Our Heavenly Father may your name be honored May your. kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven Give us this day the. bread we need Forgive us what we owe to you as we have also forgiven those who. owe anything to us Keep us clear of temptation and save us from evil For if you. forgive other people their failures your Heavenly Father will also forgive you But if you. will not forgive other people neither will your Heavenly Father forgive you your. failures J B Phillips, Matthew 6 9 15 After this manner therefore pray ye Our Father which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom and. the power and the glory for ever Amen For if ye forgive men their trespasses your. heavenly Father will also forgive you But if ye forgive not men their trespasses neither. will your Father forgive your trespasses King James. Prayer and My Life, So this is not a time for confidence nor is it a time for despair it is the time to turn to God. Frank Laubach,Do You Want to Learn How to Pray, Let your heart make answer For that question represents a crossroads of decision The. way you answer now may affect all the days of your life. First let us look again at the words of that question reading backwards. Do you want to learn how to pray, What does this four letter verb suggest to you Does it imply that there is a Power a. Being a Somebody beyond ourselves and the created world Whom we may call in. reverential awe God, Does it tell you something about yourself that you and all the millions of others like you.
on this planet are more than animal that within you is a spark of divine flame that can. respond to God and is restless until it does respond. Does it suggest the astonishing possibility of communication between this God with all. His galaxies of worlds and you in all your smallness and unworthiness. Does it convey the idea that prayer a word for this communication is active both from. the human end and from God s end That there can be no prayer until someone prays. That prayer makes changes both in things and in persons That through prayer comes. A veteran was relating a cruel experience We needed to pray And oh how we wanted. to pray But not one of us knew how, Science has put us in the know how about handling our physical world observes a. youth but there must also be laws of the spiritual world that we need to discover and. learn how to use, The disciples eye witnesses to the power of prayer in Jesus life needed no urging. They wanted to pray Teach us how they plead Luke 11 1. The child learns the multiplication table before he can make mathematics serve him. The musician masters scales before he can express the soul of the composer in a. concerto The person who sets out to learn to pray finds himself growing in skills. understanding and joy The more he learns the more he wants to learn No one need. ever stop learning, God Who created His children with freedom for choice waits to flash His secrets upon. those who want, To each the chance No one is denied Whosoever will may come Rev 22 17 An. adventure all your own with God awaits you whom He has created different from every. other in the universe, You are an active agent There is a part for you to play in prayer and a part God plays.
Do you want to learn how to pray,Is the Case For or Against Prayer. If we develop our minds so as to be adequate for whatever comes why should we. need prayer asks a student, Another takes pride in the achievements of science Didn t the mighty atom surrender. to our genius, Everybody knows that natural laws cannot be bent to the whims of people why then. should people pray, Others cite situations in which the non praying person seemingly fared as well as the. praying person Prayer made no difference they conclude. Some who are eager to be about the business of world rebuilding after WWII argue. that they have no time for prayer That is for weaklings who are unwilling to dig. foundations or chaperon cattle on relief boats they say. Others scoff What difference can a little thing like prayer make in the face of personal. problems and world conditions so mixed up, Yet in the face of these and many additional arguments people pray All over the.
world people pray, One reason they pray is that they are scared just plain scared Mankind has reached. its zenith exulted the announcer reporting the first atom bomb Zenith The words. have a strange hollow ring The word power ought to be spoken with bated reduced. breath all over the world Atomic fission has released all peoples from old securities. Uncertain as little children in the dark people cry Teach us to pray. As individuals people need to pray too No matter how self sufficient we may count. ourselves there come times when as Abraham Lincoln said The soul is driven to its. knees because there is nowhere else to go Let the conversation in a group get around. to life s difficult experiences you tell yours the other fellow tells his you ll find you ve. both prayed or tried to Your own powers were not enough You found you couldn t. cram for a crisis You needed God, Some have been led to pray because of the radiant witness of the power of prayer in. another person s life The number of prayer filled God lit lives today is growing They. have something, Hundreds are yearning secretly for a way of laying hold on spiritual resources they half. believe are there, Others want to learn more about prayer because they have tasted a little There was a. time when they felt God s heart of love yearning over them as a parent over a hurt child. They felt contact Something broke through their crust of selfishness and made them. depend upon God They want more, Others will say with earnestness born of desperation If prayer can be a counter active.
against forces now unleashed let s have more of it They believe the fellows must be. right who say that it must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh They agree with. Einstein and others that the next advances must be in the realm of the spirit They want. to be there with the advance guard, A young person wants to give his life in Christian service But he wants to be able when. a person looks him in the eye and asks for help to lead him to God. I don t believe mere human ingenuity alone can make the grade at the peace tables. remarks a thoughtful youth We need to pray, Is the case for or against prayer What is your personal verdict. Questions and More Questions, Persons who are in earnest about learning how to pray ask questions They want to. know about real prayer not the now I lay me formula outgrown or thoughtlessly. repeated phrases, Would God be more likely to help me with this exam if I promised Him I d give up. When my brother was in the hospital and I prayed so hard that his life would be. spared did my prayer make any difference Wouldn t the surgeon s skill have. been the same anyway, When I pray for someone far away can my prayer possibly affect his life if he.
doesn t know that I prayed for him, My days at school slide into routine and prayer usually gets left out except when. I get a better grade than I expected and something inside me says Thank you. or when I need to ask divine intervention that the house mother of the fraternity. house hasn t locked the door Would you call these experiences prayer. Does God wait until somebody prays before releasing good gifts to people. This person lives a good life This one does not Both pray or try to Which. prayer counts for more, I don t want to start something I m not sure I can keep up How do I know I. wouldn t be like the disciples that couldn t watch with Jesus one hour. What questions have perplexed you about prayer Bring them out into the open There. may be faith in honest doubt Prepare to think giving all your powers full play Jesus. said Love God with all thy mind Matt 22 37 But don t forget to pray. It All Grew Out of the Life of One Man, There is no other way to explain Christianity Because Jesus was what He was the. Christian fellowship began and grew Track Christianity down to its source and you find. Jesus the Christ, It would seem then that the important thing to do would be to find the source of Jesus. life power If we could do that we would be at the heart of the most powerful movement. in history In a power age we who search for power would have found the source of real. power power that shapes life and rules death This is the greatest challenge that can be. put to mankind, And yet there is no secret or mystery to it all The source of His power He laid bare for.
all to see He pleaded with men to use the same source He said it was the simplest and. most natural way in the world for that power to be attained But men had been trained. for generations to look for something mysterious and out of reach They could not. believe except in small part that such a wonderful thing could be true Nor can we. make ourselves believe it today Jesus says the greatest thing is the simplest we say it. is hidden It is time now that we take Him at His word start on the plain facts that are. obvious and build a simple life like His that will move from the same source and in the. same direction, Would anything please God more than for us to live as Jesus did. Is there any trick to it, Is God trying to make it difficult for us to live that kind of life. Would God make a world in which it is not possible to live completely His way of life. If it is possible then why can t we do it,What are your answers. If your answer is that God is not trying to play a joke on us if your answer is that we can. live as God says we must then the question has to come Why don t we. You say This all sounds so simple it scares me Men have always tried to make a. mystery of the plain fact Jesus illustrated and preached Why can t we be the people. who have simple enough faith to accept Him at His word Must we refuse Him too. Are you ready then All right let s do first what we said we should do first Let s look at. His life and see where the source of power for Him was. Here it is in two words He prayed,Oh yes you say but. but what Don t try to add anything don t make it complicated Keep your finger and. your mind right here This is the spot This is the source prayer See if that is not true. The Gospel accounts of Jesus are full of records of His taking time to pray Reading. those accounts you will say Above all else Jesus was a man of prayer He was. He grew up in an atmosphere of prayer,He was praying when John baptized Him.
He charted His life s course in forty days of prayer in the wilderness. He spent the night in prayer before choosing His inner circle of twelve. After hard days of work and travel He went into the hills alone to pray. Often He rose before dawn and went out to pray by Himself. He was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane the evening He was betrayed. He prayed as He was being nailed to the cross and He prayed while He was on the. His teachings and His authority to proclaim God s will resulted from these hours He. spent in trying to find the purposes of God and to be led by Him. Here then is the source of His tremendous power He said we could have it in the. same way and that it does not come in any other way. The early Christian fellowship took the cue from Jesus The first Christians found time. for prayer as He had done All these with one accord devoted themselves to prayer. together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brothers Acts. 1 14 The early church built the whole practice of the Christian life around regular. prayer They felt as did Paul that they lived in Christ in His spirit 2 Cor 5 17 They. found the strength to change the world order Why were so few able to do so much. Was theirs a secret power we cannot have No They simply centered their life in God. and were confident that His spirit in them could conquer the world Through the. centuries since that time many forms and techniques of prayer have been developed. But the power the tremendous world saving power has slipped away from many. Christians We ask Has God changed, Why cannot prayer today become as of old a source of power of wonder working. world changing power,Preparing to Grow in Our Prayer Life. The blinding realization that by letting Him use us we can help save the world presses upon. our time every moment of it as the air presses every moment against the wings of a plane. holding it to its high course Laubach, Misunderstanding and problems about prayer usually stem from one of three sources. 1 An inadequate view of the God to whom we pray,2 An inadequate view of ourselves as the pray ers. 3 An inadequate understanding of prayer as contact between God and ourselves. As a first step in preparation for growth in prayer life let these three lines come. together Start just where you are Reach trustfully towards Him believing that. Who takes one step towards God through doubtings dim. God comes a thousand miles in blazing light to him. Is it more faith you need Don t wait to become logically convinced as to the foundations. for faith before venturing forth upon it An old man and a younger one were working on. a roof Ladders with sharp spikes on their undersides were thrown down on the roof. and the boy was told to step out on one of them He hesitated Let your weight down on. it my lad the old man said See how it holds The heavier the load it carries the more. secure it is, You will find your faith growing through experiencing the way it holds you up You will.
find your understanding of the nature of God growing as you commune with Him in. prayer as friend to friend You will find your understanding of yourself becoming clearer. so that you will know better how to rid yourself of hindrances and develop the talents. God has given you for fellowship with Himself, In the brief scope of this book attention cannot be given to all the theological questions. that may perplex some on their pathway of prayer References are suggested. Discussions of difficult points with trusted Christian leaders should help. However because progress in prayer depends so much upon the way we think of God. a few brief suggestions will be in order here, A God Who Reveals Orderliness and Purpose through His Created World. We take a walk along a country road and meet thousands of evidences of God s. ongoing creation each evidence a drama of orderly laws at work We bend back a. blade of grass and see myriads of tiny moving things each living out his cycle according. to a Plan We look through a microscope at cells intricate infinitesimal yet each. fulfilling its peculiar destiny We chart the movements of the stars 2 000 years ago and. 2 000 years from now Astronomers have learned to trust the regularity of their orbits. The mechanism of the human body adds evidence of God s care in creation Implanted. there is the urge for growth and forces that make for health and healing The surgeon. but removes the lesion The body heals itself, This Power that set all worlds in motion and that gives us life is beyond the scope of our. farthest imagination Chemistry physics astronomy and biology but reveal glimpses as. to how He works The why back of it all is not explained except in a Power that has. As we bend our ears to hear God speak through his creation including ourselves we. marvel to discover that He is continuing to create He is not static His strength and. power and laws are moving through the universe even through our bodies Changes. are taking place every minute throughout the earth God has not wound up His world. and left it to run by itself He is busy at work within it My Father worketh John 5 17. A God Whose Nature is to Love and Care for His Children. If all we had to rely upon to tell us about God was His revelation through His creation. we would probably cower in awe and fear at such Intelligence beyond our. comprehension and forces of nature beyond our control. But Jesus revealed to us a God Who is personal and loving No word appears so often. in Jesus vocabulary as the word Father Because Jesus lived so true to the nature. God had implanted in Him we see more of God in Him than in anyone who ever lived. And what we see there is loving, Jesus often used illustrations of normal family relationships with which men are. acquainted He called this our Father s world He spoke of persons as God s children. He suggested that in prayer we may go as confidently to God as a child goes to its. father As wise parents cannot always grant their children s requests neither can. the Divine Wisdom answer all prayers as we would have them answered When. children disobey fathers are hurt yet ready to forgive them For the children s sake. fathers demand repentance and correction of wrong acts When children leave the. father looks longingly for their return No matter how much they quarrel the children are. still brothers and sisters They still have the same father enjoy the same love live in the. same world, Does God know each of us individually Read Matthew 10 29 31.
Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing and one of them shall not fall on the ground. without your Father But the very hairs of your head are all numbered Fear ye not. therefore ye are of more value than many sparrows, The more efficient a librarian is in his job the less he sees books in the mass the more. he knows them one by one Each volume has its special significance He knows what. edition it is its value its contents its author its purpose Only ignorance sees things. in mass Knowledge breaks up all masses into units recognizes and knows each unit. for what it is, God in His knowledge and love knows understands and cares for every individual He. calls us by name The Shepherd knows His sheep John 10 14 Within each of us He. has implanted a part of Himself Centuries before Jesus day the psalmist cried Thou. knowest my goings out and my comings in I will keep thy precepts and testimonies. For all my ways are ever before Thee Psa 119 168, Yet despite Jesus witness that God is loving some fail to pray in that spirit There are. those who prefer to think of God as vengeful in order to rationalize their own vengeful. attitudes There are those who prefer to think of God as King in order to rationalize. their own selfish attitudes of commanding service rather than giving it. We are unwilling to rely on the instruments of love justice forgiveness and cooperative effort. for the good of all We do not believe that the supreme power in the universe is Love though we. cling to the hope that God will be merciful to us at the last Tittle 1942 p 18. The closer we come into fellowship with God through prayer the more he lets us sense. His yearning for the world A wise man once said If I were God the sorrows of the. world would break my heart A wiser one replied They did break the Heart of Hearts.

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