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with A A and was designed with a full understanding. Box 4 5 9 is published quarterly by the General Service. of our Traditions and Concepts says Beau B a Class B. Office of Alcoholics Anonymous 475 Riverside Drive alcoholic general service trustee and a director on the. New York NY 10115 copyright 2019 by Alcoholics A A W S board It s a great example of the right use of. Anonymous World Services Inc new technology not walking away from who we are as. Mail address P O Box 459 Grand Central Station a Fellowship while allowing us to do so much more . New York NY 10163, Clement C agrees and also sees another benefit of. G S O s A A Website www aa org Meeting Guide Having licensed the app G S O is now. Subscriptions Individual 3 50 per year group 6 00 for seeking to collaborate with intergroup central offices . each unit of 10 per year Check made payable to A A W S . Inc should accompany order To have issues delivered. the places where the meeting information resides after. directly to your inbox register your email on the A A all to keep it fully updated and make sure it contin . Digital Subscription Service on G S O s Website ues to be a vital Twelfth Step tool It s a true program . Note on anonymity From time to time in this publication wide effort . full names and or pictures of G S O employees Class A trust I would hope that people are inspired by this and see. ees and other nonalcoholics are used The anonymity of A A . it as a kind of service model that you can create some. members is maintained as they are identified throughout by. first name and last initial only technology on your own and then perhaps give it to the. Fellowship Josh says I hope there are people out there. who want to create for instance a Twelfth Step volun . and a professional digital strategist and user experience. teer database to get out to groups who might need it . UX consultant she also advises G S O on digital mat . There s a lot that we can do , ters and technical strategy She says What A A W S has. Beau B personally feels that A A is at a tipping, done by acquiring and updating the app is to enable this. point when it comes to the use of technology of which. vital piece of technology to live on forever to be contin . Meeting Guide is only the first example to come to full. ually updated and improved upon Providing the app is. fruition Within a year G S O will have a new website. what G S O is supposed to do which is to disseminate. to replace the 2014 version it currently has one in which. public information on a national level for all A A s It s. the search function is notoriously balky The new site . also important to point out that although the app is pro . Clement says will speak directly to people in a conver . vided to the end user for free it costs money and time to. sational way and make it easier for members and people. maintain and update money that comes from member, coming to A A for the first time to find what they want . donations to intergroup central offices and G S O itself . Julie Gonzalez nonalcoholic Communications Services. Meeting Guide has multiple benefits says Clement, staff assistant says that A A is trying to do every .
C staff member on the Communication Services desk at. thing with current best practices We re,the General Service Office Professionals. listening to industry professionals and,such as therapists and probation officers. user feedback and participating in the,are able to use it to steer people to meet . NAATW and Regional Forums ,ings very easily Anytime anyone is trav . If so it s somehow fitting that people,eling they find the app extremely useful .
like Josh R and those A A s who gath ,One aspect I love is being able to text my. er at NAATW conferences and online,favorite meetings to sponsees and to give. at the TIAA forum may be the ones,them all the information they need to. whose service at the local level can lead,find them . to effectiveness for carrying A A s mes , Developed for iOS and Android .
sage to anyone anywhere who reaches,Meeting Guide is easily recognizable on. out or clicks for help ,G S O s website by its logo a white fold . After five years of attending,ing chair on a blue background The. NAATW conferences Lois L says you,app clearly tells the user the name and. start to see what people all over are,address of a particular meeting the time.
doing and thinking about on their own ,it is being held how far it is from the. Much of what people are doing is exper ,user s current location and what type of. imental Which is fine The Traditions,meeting it is There are almost 110 000. and Concepts support that Let s try,meetings currently available on the app . and it currently has 186 000 month new things and if they don t work we ll. ly active users increased from 84 000 try something else . in 2018 Part Two of this series will continue in, Meeting Guide is completely aligned the Winter 2019 edition .
2 Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019, n Raising the Limit on Gratitude. One of the first mentions of a bequest one that A A Tradition of self support no contributions or bequests. actually accepted appeared in the January 1951 AA are accepted from non A A members If a check is. Grapevine In it Bill W writes a farewell to his friend received Mary s job is to ensure that the money is from. A A s co founder and recalls how he saw Dr Bob the an A A I ll first make an informal phone call to speak. Sunday before he died Just a month before Bill writes with someone If the check is from an admirer a grate . Dr Bob had aided him in framing a proposal to create ful family member or another nonmember even if it. the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous is in memory of an A A who has passed the check. A A s Third Legacy In the 1950 Third Legacy pamphlet is returned with thanks and an explanation of A A s. now out of print Bill continues This bequest in pam Seventh Tradition . phlet form was actually at the printers when,he took his final departure the following. Thursday As his last act and desire respect ,ing A A this document will be sure to carry. a great and special meaning for us all , Like kitchen table meetings and laugh . ter at A A gatherings legacies are still very,much a part of the fabric of A A Today .
bequests are still made by members who,have like Dr Bob passed out of our. sight and hearing Unlike the legacy writ ,ten about by Bill W the bequests made. by today s A A s are financial But just like,that bequest in pamphlet form today s. bequests entrust that our General Service,Office can and will provide the services to. carry A A s message and make sure the hand of A A is She also shares how to properly address the check . there for anyone who reaches for it The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous . Up until 1967 the amount of money an A A We also stress that no bequest can be accepted that. could will to the General Service Board of Alcoholics is earmarked or otherwise designated to be spent with. Anonymous was limited to 100 At that year s stipulations All money received by the General Service. Conference it was raised to 200 Over the years that Board is grouped into contributions and goes into the. amount has increased As Zenaida Medina nonalcohol General Service Fund . ic Assistant Director of Finance at the General Service Mary continues I speak with many attorneys about. Office and Conference Finance Committee secretary the amount of a bequest I tell them that there is a. reports The maximum dollar amount of individual limit on how much we can accept though every dollar. bequests by A A s is reviewed every two years at the is precious Often there is a baffled silence and then a. General Service Conference In 2019 at the 69th General question Why So I explain about A A s principle of. Service Conference the maximum amount of an individ self support and why we do not accept any contribu . ual bequest by members to A A was raised from 5 000 tions great or small from non A A members It turns. to 10 000 This is a one time contribution and is not into a great public information opportunity . in perpetuity Finally Mary says Each of those calls is rooted in. At the General Service Office the A A Staff the joy of sobriety They are uplifting and happy calls. Coordinator is responsible for coordinating cor from people who are grateful for their sobriety and have. respondence legal documents and checks related to thought about how they want to contribute for some. bequests or wills Mary C the current Staff Coordinator people this is what being a responsible citizen looks like . takes calls from A A members who are drafting their There is also the spiritual value of honoring your sobriety. wills and need more information as well as from attor in this manner . neys and executors with questions related to bequests For more information about bequests to the General. and or wills Service Board please contact the Staff Coordinator at the. Mary says one of the suggestions she makes is to General Service Office at staffcoord aa org For infor . include a note indicating that the person making mation about bequests to your intergroup central office . the bequest is a member of A A In keeping with our please contact them directly . Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019 3, n The General Service Board Welcomes Two New Class A Trustees.
Following the 69th General Service Conference the the wards with a group of people trailing her She was. General Service Board officially selected two new Class what we would today call high maintenance but that. A nonalcoholic trustees to serve the Fellowship over the was because she was so fervent about taking care of her. next six years Sister Judith Ann Karam Congregational patients Sister Judith Ann says . Leader of the Sisters of Charity of St Augustine of This same fervor has become a central part of Sister. Cleveland Ohio and Dr Al J Mooney a pioneer in the Judith Ann s life and career She started as a pharma . field of addiction medicine of Cary North Carolina cy technician and then a pharmacist working with. They will replace rotating Class A trustees David M patients at Rosary Hall Throughout her career as a. Morris and the Honorable Ivan Lemelle who have served health administrator she served as president and CEO. the Fellowship since 2013 of the Sisters of Charity Health System from 1998 to 2013. Chosen for their professional or business backgrounds she has believed in Alcoholics Anonymous A A has. and the unique personal experience they can bring to always been a part of my journey she says Alcoholism. A A the seven Class A trustees on the General Service is a disease for which there is no cure but A A provides. Board remain a rich source of wisdom and perspective a continuum of service in keeping alcoholics sober and. and since they need not maintain their personal ano it has been concerned from the beginning with fami . nymity are available to appear in public on behalf of ly members a very important element in recovery . A A Says A A co founder Bill W in a January 1966 arti Sister Judith Ann personally believes that the Twelve. cle for Grapevine In the days when A A was unknown Steps function not only as a path to recovery of all kinds. it was the nonalcoholic trustees who held up our hands but also as a beautiful spiritual life journey . before the general public Their very presence on our In A A Sister Ignatia s service to Alcoholics. board was quite able to command full confidence and Anonymous has never been forgotten When G S O . the respect of many faraway groups Meanwhile they archivist Michelle Mirza nonalcoholic made a presen . assured the world around us of A A s worth tation at the 2015 International Convention about Sister. Sister Judith Ann Ignatia s work Sister Judith Ann could see tears in the. Karam first considered eyes of the Sisters of Charity in attendance for the pre . the idea of becoming a sentation because she says They were so proud of their. Class A trustee at the 80th legacy Sister Judith Ann will now carry on that legacy. International Convention as a Class A trustee working with what she calls the. in Atlanta in 2015 when tremendous and caring community of A A . then General Service The story of Dr Al J Mooney s association with A A . Board chair Terry Bedient reads like a nonalcoholic s drunkalog Born in 1948 in. presented her order Statesboro Georgia the oldest of three boys Mooney is. the Sisters of Charity of the son of a physician and surgeon whose wounding in. St Augustine with the World War II led to excessive use of alcohol and opiates . 35 millionth copy of the His successful practice destroyed Mooney s father was. Big Book In her role as ultimately sentenced to prison for writing illegal pre . Congregational Leader scriptions for narcotics leaving his wife herself a very. Sister Judith Ann Karam, of the order Sister Judith active alcoholic also addicted to the sodium pentothal. Ann was there to accept it and found the energy at the injections that accompa . Convention an incredible thing When Bedient suggest nied her electric shock. ed she might think about becoming a trustee she said therapy in charge of. she would the three children , Sister Judith Ann was at the Convention to represent But when his father. her order the same one to which early A A friend Sister returned from prison . Mary Ignatia belonged In A A s pioneering time Sister Mooney says It was like. Ignatia worked in tandem with Dr Bob caring for thou a different person inhab . sands of alcoholics at St Thomas Hospital in Akron and iting the body of the. later at Cleveland s Saint Vincent Charity Hospital in dad I knew The rea . the ward she called Rosary Hall Solarium A Cleveland son was that his father. native Sister Judith Ann entered the Sisters of Charity had gotten sober in. of St Augustine as a novice in 1964 and knew Sister Alcoholics Anonymous . Ignatia slightly in the years before her death in 1966 The 11 year old Mooney. She describes her as a diminutive figure striding through became curious about Dr Al J Mooney. 4 Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019, what type of program could make a new person move Traveling around Canada isn t new to Trish She. into an old body He would soon learn a great deal describes herself as a Navy brat moving from city to. more about A A His mother got sober and she and his city with her father a functioning alcoholic and mili . father opened their home to alcoholics At one point tary man Trish worked in performing arts administra . there were as many as 25 people living there some of tion for the early part of her career but found that her. them detoxing His parents paid Mooney minimum heavy drinking was beginning to impact her jobs to the. wage to keep an eye on them Mooney joined Alateen extent that it seemed advisable to work as a freelancer. and began to travel with his parents to A A meetings because it was easier for me to drink that way Just. conferences and forums Alcoholics Anonymous sim as she was beginning to get sober in the winter of 1994 . ply became a part of the way I looked at the world she got word that her father was dying of alcoholism . Mooney says she rushed to his bedside but he died without regaining. It s no wonder that Mooney has devoted his suc consciousness Trish was consoled by the unexpected gift. cessful career to addiction treatment and recovery An of her uncle arriving with a big A A hug He and her. addiction specialist and family practitioner in Cary father were estranged but her uncle had gotten sober . North Carolina he has served as director of Willingway and he said to her Yes your dad died But did you. Hospital in Statesboro founded by his parents to help drink today You don t have to drink ever again And you. alcoholics and addicts to recover and is still on its board don t have to do it alone She later discovered that her. He was one of the first physicians in the U S to be cer paternal grandmother had also gotten sober in A A . tified in addiction medicine and is also co author of a My big worry when I sobered up was that I would be. book on addiction and recovery The Recovery Book bored Trish says Twenty five years later I have never. I m extremely grateful to have been given this honor been bored Joyful maybe or despairing but not bored . of serving as a trustee Mooney says My parents Trish began following twin paths in her career and her. always used to tell me that they were sorry that I was A A service She retired in 2015 as executive director of. not qualified to be a member of this program because I Charlford House Society for Women a nonprofit chari . couldn t experience all the gifts A A has to offer I think table organization operating a 15 bed support recovery. they would laugh now to see that I finally found a way facility for women She took on service positions at her. to get inside this Fellowship I have always loved the Vancouver home group Reflections also the first meet . term friend of A A I ve called myself that for years and ing she ever attended and also did general service . I hope during my time as trustee I can reach out to other She has served as intergroup rep and GSR BC Yukon. friends of A A who are as passionate about Alcoholics Area 79 alternate DCM and DCM secretary Area 79. Anonymous as I am General Service Committee and Area 79 delegate Panel. 57 2007 08 among other positions , It s an incredible honor and privilege to be selected. n Three New Class B Trustees as Class B trustee Trish says I m looking forward to. this service as a way to help in whatever fashion I can . Join the General Service Board I think it s our vital responsibility to pick up that thread. Following their election in May at the 69th General and make sure it is as strong as possible . Service Conference the General Service Board of A A Born in Brooklyn and growing up on Long Island . welcomed three new Class B alcoholic trustees Trish L Francis G became a CPA first then gradually an. of Vancouver B C trustee at large Canada Francis G alcoholic The disease is cunning baffling and power . of Chelmsford Massachusetts Northeast regional trust ful he says I tried to control it My rule was two or. ee and Jimmy D of Dallas Texas Southwest regional three drinks the first hour then one drink an hour after. trustee While all trustees represent the Fellowship as a that I was able to do that once . whole and no trustee can be said to represent a geo Francis tried other stratagems familiar to most alco . graphical section these newly elected A A members holics taking a limited amount of money out to the. bring extensive service experience to the board s deliber bar with him for instance but nothing worked He. ations and an invaluable regional A A point of view was functioning in that he was hanging on to his job . Patricia Trish L spent five months in 2018 travel But I was drifting My life was being wasted No direc . ing across her native Canada from west to east and then tion No goals Finally inspired by a brother and an. back again by a different route and attending A A uncle who had gotten sober he ended up in rehab at. meetings wherever she found them She was accompa Smithers Hospital in New York City Although initially. nied by her now husband Arnie and two dogs She calls he mistook A A for a 90 day only program They. the experience revelatory and says Most of Canada is kept talking about doing 90 meetings in 90 days and I. quite rural and remote and A A is bound together by a thought that s all there was the program took hold . thread rather than a rope and he has a sobriety date of September 8 1989 . Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019 5, Early in his sobriety Francis was inspired by the He has also served as Area 65 alternate chair Area 65.
Ninth Step Promises on pages 83 84 of the Big Book alternate delegate Panel 57 2007 2008 Area 65 dele . especially where it says That feeling of uselessness and gate Panel 59 2009 2010 and chair of the Conference. self pity will disappear His home group in Merrick Grapevine Committee and Dallas Intergroup board. Long Island was Sobriety with Hope and he became trustee among many other positions . group treasurer As a CPA he says I understood Jimmy adds In every area of my life the principles. fiduciary responsibility I was taught to follow the of A A apply He tells this story During my first 30. money So instead of mailing our checks off to G S O days in A A I came back to work at a job where I had. and Nassau intergroup and Area 49 I went there in per alienated a lot of people I can remember walking down. son with check in hand to see if they were worthy of our the long hallway of my office and people would get up. group s money Once I got there I was fascinated by all and just shut their doors because they thought I should. of the workings of A A beyond the group level and I got have been fired But my sponsor said to me Show up. deeper into service at 8 30 every day stay all day and do your job I prayed. Francis advanced in his career which took him to and held my head high and gradually things turned. Chelmsford Massachusetts Area 30 where he retired around He has continued to work for the same com . after 32 years with the same company Service is a large pany for 25 years Jimmy says this about his service as. part of his life He will serve as Northeast Regional Class B trustee It makes me feel humility and also an. Forum hotel liaison 2021 and has been ICYPAA mem appreciation of the fact that I have this great opportunity. ber at large 2018 NERASSA hotel liaison Area 30 to help people and be of service . delegate Panel 57 2007 2008 and Conference Archives. Committee chair and Conference Finance Committee, alternate chair among many other positions His nat . ural talent is behind the scenes planning but there is Seventh Tradition Corner . a great deal more he can offer as a trustee he feels . Francis is a kidney transplant survivor and has other n Meeting Our Obligations. medical issues I wasn t supposed to live this long and. I can impart that to people who have been told the Fiscal responsibility is not a term too many active. same thing or who have accessibility setbacks and other alcoholics would have been able to apply to themselves. types of issues they are dealing with When I got into before finding recovery Yet once sober and in A A . Alcoholics Anonymous I found out like a lot of people many have undergone a transformation where money. that you don t have to be alone and responsibility are concerned and have come to rec . Trying to fight his way out of trouble after his second ognize the importance of self support in providing ongo . DUI Jimmy D of Dallas Texas entered a treatment ing Twelfth Step services particularly at the group level . center which brought him and all his fellow struggling Rents must be paid literature purchased local meet . alcoholics to an A A meeting just what he had been ing lists published Without some money these basic. trying to avoid There he met a man with six months services and others would go unfulfilled and alco . sobriety who gave me everything Alcoholics Anonymous holics searching for recovery might never make their. needed to give me in five minutes He shook my hand way to A A . welcomed me to A A gave me his phone number and As Bill W put it Our spiritual way of life is safe for. said he would be back the next night And he was future generations if as a Society we resist the tempta . Not that it all worked out immediately Jimmy tion to receive money from the outside world But this. describes taking on a commitment of putting out signs for leaves us with a responsibility one that every member. his home group meeting on Thursdays He was faithful to ought to understand We cannot skimp when the trea . this job except that he would stay drunk every other day surer of our group passes the hat Our groups our areas . of the week The conscience of the group was that when and A A as a whole will not function unless our services. I lost my sobriety I lost my commitment And every week are sufficient and their bills are paid The Language of. they d take it away only to give it back again the Heart p 221 . Jimmy got sober for good in August 1997 He believes Says Cathy B Southeast regional trustee and cur . firmly in service as sweat equity On the group level he rent chairperson of the A A W S Board it s important. started making coffee and working as the set up person for members to make the spiritual connection between. when he had four months sober he was asked to go to their contributed dollars and helping the alcoholic they. his area assembly where he checked people in and got might never meet When you give that money you give. a look at the larger arena of service in the program In it on faith she notes It s based on the principle of. his current home group Chicago Group Dallas which self support of accepting responsibility and giving. he helped found he has been GSR and intergroup rep back beyond the commitment of time . 6 Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019, It all takes money she adds I was concerned with gation that rests squarely upon all of us Our support of. having enough money to go to the bar and buy a drink services actually amounts to a recognition on our part. Now in order to give back I want to provide access to that A A must everywhere function in full strength . another alcoholic and that under our Tradition of self support we are all. Every single A A service is designed to make more going to foot the bill . and better Twelfth Step work possible wrote Bill W Many questions related to A A finances are cov . The Language of the Heart p 350 whether it be a ered in the pamphlet Self Support Where Money. group meeting place a central or intergroup office to and Spirituality Mix F 3 The A A Guidelines on. arrange hospitalization and sponsorship or the world Finance MG 15 and the service piece The A A Group. service Headquarters to maintain unity and effectiveness Treasurer F 96 provide detailed information on group. all over the globe financial matters such as opening bank accounts pro . Though not costly these service agencies are abso curing tax I D numbers and obtaining insurance cov . lutely essential to our continued expansion to our erage for the group These items are all available from. survival as a Fellowship Their costs are a collective obli G S O at www aa org . n Service Animals and A A Meetings,For many A A s a dog eared Big Book is a welcome. sight on meeting night But if those dog ears belong to. anything other than our basic text unrest and diver . sity of opinion within the group sometimes follow In. recent years the General Service Office has received. many calls from members asking for sharing about,service animals at meetings Unlike guide dogs for. those who are blind service dogs that are trained to. assist with or perform other tasks are not as well. understood or as easily identified Though service dogs. do assist people who are blind they are also trained. to perform tasks for people with other accessibility. issues such as pulling a wheelchair alerting and, protecting a person who is having a seizure or allevi .
ating anxiety for someone with PTSD Without service. animals many A A s could not safely attend meetings to wolfhounds Our meeting is open to the public and. However some members report being blocked from we welcome trained service dogs According to our. meetings because they are accompanied by service ani research we may ask if the dog is a service animal. mals Some insist that such groups are in violation of laws required because of a disability as well as what type of. such as the Americans with Disabilities Act Of course work or task the dog has been trained to perform We. A A s Twelve Traditions do not transcend the law and may not ask for documentation Comfort animals may. G S O neither offers compliance advice nor interprets law be asked to leave . for members In these cases G S O may suggest asking I volunteered because I wanted to serve as a buffer. the group to have an informed group conscience discus between the members who bring the animals and the. sion on how to extend the hand of A A across any bar members who are disturbed by it My approach was. riers Therefore in the interest of being informed some to introduce myself ask the names of the person and. groups have decided to look into local and federal laws animal explain my role and ask if the animal has been. related to service animals This way they can ensure that trained to perform a task that supports a disability If. they are not only complying with the law but are also yes I respond Thank you It s nice to meet you If no . remaining helpful to their fellow members and sharing I welcome them to stay for the meeting but ask them to. A A s message of hope and recovery please leave the pet at home when they return Although. Although shared group experience about service ani some members are indignant that I have not effectively. mals is not as plentiful as concerns and questions a prevented an overrun of animals and some owners are. group member in California shared her experience hostile it has worked I have made new friends and I ask. In our meeting I had the pet patrol commitment about the pets at home . We average four dogs per meeting from chihuahuas This member also related personal experience about. Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019 7, surprising dogs being service animals A sponsee of line While working patrol and after graduating to detec . mine was in a car accident As a result of her injuries tive in the 70s Ray was a regular at choir practice . she experienced seizures She had a tiny little dog like getting together after work debriefing in the most inap . a teacup dog that she trained to detect when she had propriate of ways and drinking to oblivion Although. a seizure coming If I hadn t seen it I wouldn t have L A bars close at 2 a m the officers were allowed to. believed it but it was true stay until 5 and were never charged for drinks after offi . The pamphlet The A A Group reassures us that cial closing time It was the best of all possible worlds to. group problems are by no means uncommon and that Ray and so it became a nightly affair The critical cir . they are often evidence of a healthy desirable diversity cumstances he witnessed and coped with during the day. of opinion among the group members They give us a faded in the glow of the identification and acceptance he. chance to practice these principles in all our affairs felt from his peers he was a cop and a hero . As with other group issues A A s have often found that But in fact before getting sober Ray often found. a good sense of humor cooling off periods patience himself on the other side of police calls thanks to his. courtesy willingness to listen and to wait plus a sense involvement in numerous bar fights and other melees . of fairness and trust in a Power greater than ourselves He remembers how uncomfortable it was to receive the. have been found far more effective than legalistic very help he so often gave and those moments stood out. arguments or personal accusations And although a pointedly when he was getting sober It s still difficult to. specific issue may not be printed in black and white ask for help Ray maintains but because of the program. alcoholics are a resourceful crowd and an informed I ve learned to accept it and for that I am very glad . group conscience can yield abundant solutions Ray s first sponsor Bob was a cop on a mission . When arrestees were brought in and placed in the book . ing cage Bob would walk up to the cage take stock of. those under the influence and start Twelfth Stepping. First Responders in Recovery anyone who looked as if they needed it Bob s audacious. efforts made quite an impression on Ray and years. n Trauma and A A later after making detective and nearing his bottom Ray. reached out to Bob who took him to his first meeting . Ray T estimates that 80 percent of all police calls are Since then Ray has in turn helped fellow detectives. alcohol or drug related and that when it comes to fam and like his sponsor is always open about his sobriety . ily disturbances the most common call of all the feeling it is important to let people know Ray went. percentage rises to 100 He should know having spent so far as to tell his captain to fire him if he ever drank. 34 years before and after getting sober with the Los again During the five years he worked on sex crimes . Angeles Sheriff s Department a 14 000 person opera Ray often dealt with the spouses of victims There were. tion contracted to serve 30 cities Ray certainly saw more many conversations about alcoholism and he tried to. than his fair share of the destruction and chaos caused get the message across whenever he could . by alcohol infused accidents and conflagrations In retirement Ray still goes to a recovery center once a. When asked if dealing with so much trauma contrib month to share his story When he reveals he is a retired. uted to his alcoholism Ray was adamant that it had not cop there are audible gasps from those who do not yet. even after his involvement in a 1968 fatal altercation in realize the indiscriminate nature of the disease Ray also. which he shot and killed a member of a motorcycle gang spent three years working with the Employee Assistance. Ray had always been a spiritual man even before he got Program anyone with an alcohol problem was required. sober and the taking of a life disturbed him a great deal to see him He says that because of his own experience . Still Ray does not feel this was a primary contributing he could tell in the first few minutes if the candidate was. factor to his condition and believes that claiming his job serious or not whether they would uphold or breach. as the reason for his drinking even one as saturated their EAP contract . with violence dysfunction and crime as his was would Once at a funeral a man came up to Ray and told him. be just one more excuse He admits having drunk heavily that he was the one who had many years before the man. after a rough day at work but also after a great day at actually got sober instilled in him the idea that sobriety. work and like so many alcoholics after a day when was a real possibility The man said he hadn t believed. nothing of any consequence happened at all this at first but he trusted Ray for some reason and never. Ray attributes the gradual increase in his drinking to gave up trying Humbled by the man s profuse gratitude . something entirely different something seemingly harm Ray mused When I tossed my pebble in the water the. less the sense of camaraderie and belonging he shared ripple did have an effect it just took some time . with his fellow responders He suspects that that frater David C worked as an EMT for 20 years in. nity might have been what nudged him over the invisible Pennsylvania and New Jersey Prior to that he had vol . 8 Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019, unteered for the fire department and it was during his the violence trauma and dysfunction he witnessed in his. tenure there that he became a full fledged alcoholic As early years By 1969 after five years on the job he knew. an ambulance attendant he too saw his fair share of he was in trouble His work was intensifying his alcohol . distress cardiac arrests automobile accidents street ism and he felt he had nowhere to turn as few behavior . fights domestic violence The local university generated al health resources were available to him at the time The. the lion s share of the calls David received and alcohol only way to cope with the disturbing things he witnessed. and drugs were almost always a factor He agrees with was to go to the bar with his mates to commiserate . Ray that what contributed to his alcoholism was not so and to drink And the tougher his job got the harder he. much the nature of his work but the fellowship with drank and the more likely were the consequences . other EMTs before and after calls Once David got sober Richard meanwhile knew nothing about A A before. alcohol related emergencies never threatened his sobri he got sober In fact at the height of his drinking he. ety rather they strengthened it as he witnessed first had seen a psychologist who never even mentioned the. hand the wreckage and mayhem caused by the disease life saving program Jack D a member of the Peace. Every episode reinforced the path he had chosen and Officer Fellowship A A group started in 1974 and now. deepened his gratitude for being graced with a new life worldwide came to a supervisors meeting at Richard s. Something that disturbed David though was that precinct and introduced himself as an alcoholic Jack. hospitals sometimes treated intoxicated victims as low made it a habit to visit all the watches and tell every . priorities not giving them the care he felt they deserved one who thought they might have a problem to give. The staff would pump stomachs and flush out systems him a call Eight years after that supervisors meeting . and then quickly discharge the patients without refer Richard did just that Jack recommended the Peace. ring them to counseling or specialists in the field David Officer Fellowship meeting in Arcadia and it was there. believed that some healthcare professionals not only that Richard heard what he needed to hear . lacked compassion but even seemed to resent the EMTs Richard has Twelfth Stepped other officers as well. for bringing these individuals in and done a lot of outreach He remembers one incident. The last three months of David s drinking were horri when he was booking someone pretty far gone and. ble His life was falling apart and even though he didn t he involuntarily blurted out You don t have to drink. want to drink anymore he couldn t stop Although he had if you don t want to Richard said he got the look . no DUIs or trouble with the law his marriage was fail which was a solid reminder of where he had once been. ing Suicide was looking like a viable option Fortunately when he didn t believe that he could actually live a. David s wife worked with a woman whose husband was successful happy and alcohol free life . in A A and he agreed to meet with David He took David The American Addictions Center states there are. to his first meeting and there he found hope unusually high rates of substance abuse PTSD and sui . After getting sober and while still working as an EMT cide among first responders They recommend Twelve. David broke his anonymity on a personal level when he Step programs in which people surround themselves. felt it might help someone who had the same problem with others who have been through the same thing as. and who seemed to have reached a turning point His the most effective way to manage symptoms related to. only regret was that there was rarely an opportunity to trauma and the best method for finding a solid footing in. follow through he could only plant the seed Once recovery A number of special interest A A meetings . you dropped them off he says you had no more con including those for law enforcement EMS workers and. tact with them unless they tried to find you firefighters provide a safe and supportive atmosphere. Richard P started working as a beat cop for the that is critical for first responders In addition to the trau . L A P D in 1964 and has been retired for 23 years Unlike matic aspects of their work sober first responders tend. Ray and David he feels he was profoundly affected by to have erratic schedules that preclude the convenience. Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019 9, of scheduled treatment options and so meetings of any holic G S O decided to combine its existing operations. kind can provide a readily available oasis of relief under one new enterprise resource planning platform . Although Ray David and Richard may have varying or ERP What an ERP does is integrate a compa . opinions on how the intensity of their careers affected ny s different operating systems which may have been. their drinking they all seem to agree that it was the developed separately and sometimes don t speak to. sense of belonging of being able to relate to their each other into one fluid system in which all users have. peers that on one side of the line intensified their access to the same data In the case of G S O the new. drinking and on the other steeled their sobriety They system replaces the Fellowship New Vision FNV system. demonstrate how this very human propensity want many members had become familiar with . ing to belong can either harm or heal an individual Even though as we know alcoholics don t always. depending on the choices one makes readily embrace change there will be a learning curve. But perhaps the most notable thing that alcoholic first both for G S O employees and for the A A s who con . responders share is the frequent interaction they have tact them as they implement this process But with the. with active alcoholics While they witness the ravages of new system finally in place members interacting with. alcoholism directly they are often in a strategic position G S O will enjoy a much improved experience includ . to reach out the hand of A A in a time of crisis when ing an easier ordering process a new self service portal. the gift of desperation might allow a problem drinker to for updating group records and more complete cus . listen and accept help And recovering alcoholics know tomer service . all too well how helping someone else or at the very This is an exciting major project to modernize our. least trying to is how we help ourselves office business systems and consolidate nearly all of our. business functions onto a single platform says Greg T . G S O general manager We are taking these measures. n A Streamlined Way with the goal of providing increased efficiencies security. and enhanced overall support of the A A community . to Serve the Fellowship The project was finalized in late July and went live. in early August Please let us know if you are still expe . riencing difficulties with any aspect of the new system . To contact the Contributions department call 212 870 . 4700 or email contributions info aa org to contact. the Records department call 212 870 3132 or email. records aa org to contact the Order Entry depart . ment call 212 870 3312 or email orders aa org , n 34th Annual Central Office . Intergroup A A W S AAGV Seminar, The 34th Annual Central Office Intergroup AAWS AAGV.
Seminar will be held in Mesa Arizona September 27 . Although it will not come as news to most A A s the 28 and 29 2019 with the theme Local. General Service Office G S O is a busy place Page S77 Service with Mutual Cooperation and. of The A A Service Manual captures the essence of it Harmony . G S O serves as a clearinghouse and exchange point The seminar is a weekend of. for the wealth of A A experience accumulated over the sharing and learning about prob . years coordinates a wide array of activities and services lems and solutions common to. and oversees the publication all translations of and most central offices intergroups . distribution of A A Conference approved literature and a wonderful opportunity to benefit. service materials from the experience strength and hope. More specifically every day 14 000 booklets pam of those who serve in similar positions throughout the. phlets and miscellaneous items get shipped nearly 5 000 United States Canada and Mexico A A World Services. Big Books and other A A materials are distributed 40 and Grapevine staff from the General Service Office in. phone calls from members or others interested in A A New York will be available during the weekend so that. are answered and more than 250 emails get a response you can get acquainted and share information . Recently in order to better serve the Fellowship and to For additional information contact Kim at 480 827 . continue with the goal of helping the still suffering alco 1905 or Mike at ICOAA2019 gmail com . 10 Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019, BULLETIN BOARD, Items and Ideas on Area Gatherings for A A s Via G S O Fall 2019. Calendar of Events 20 22 Bellingham Washington Mt . Baker Roundup Write Ch 910 14th St , 11 13 Lewiston Michigan Michigan. Women s Conf Write Ch 4700 N Red Oak, Events listed here are presented solely as Bellingham WA 98225 Rd Lewiston MI 49756 www miwcaa com. a service to readers not as an endorse www mtbakerroundup org. ment by the General Service Office For 11 13 Houston Texas Southwest Reg . any additional information please use 26 29 Myrtle Beach South Carolina Forum Write Forum Coord Box 459 . the addresses provided Please note Fellowship by the Sea Write Ch Box 860 Grand Central Station New York NY. that we cannot attest to the accu Murrells Inlet SC 29576 10163 . racy relevancy timeliness or com www fellowshipbythesea org regionalforums aa org www aa org. pleteness of information provided by, any linked site 27 29 Mesa Arizona ICOAA Seminar 16 20 Tossa de Mar Costa Brava Spain . Write Ch 1320 E Broadway Rd Suite 105 Costa Brava Internat l EN Speaking Conv . Mesa Arizona icoaa2019 gmail com Write Ch Box 8542 La Crescenta CA. September 2019 91011 www costabravaconvention com. 27 29 Crescent City California Sobriety by, 5 8 Detroit Michigan 23 rd National the Sea Write Ch Box 871 Crescent City 18 19 London Ontario Canada 66 th.
Archives Workshop Write Ch Box 66125 CA 95531 www sobrietybythesea com Western ON Conf Info www wocaa ca. Detroit MI 48066 , www aanationalarchivesworkshop com 27 29 Cromwell Connecticut 61st Area 11 18 19 Ottawa Ontario Canada Eastern. Conv Info www ct aa org ON Conf Write Ch Intergroup 211. 6 7 L vis Qu bec Canada Congr s de L vis Bronson Ave Rm 108 Ottawa ON K1R. Write Ch CP 46059 L vis QC G6V 8S3 27 29 Wakefield Rhode Island Rhody 6H5 www ottawaaa org. www aa89 org Recovery Write Ch 10 High St Wakefield . RI 02880 www rhodyrecovery com 18 20 Milwaukee Wisconsin Area 75 Conf . 6 8 Sacramento California Bridging the Write Ch Box 70438 Milwaukee WI. Gap Workshop Wknd Write Ch 782 River 27 29 Richland Washington Three Rivers 53207 www eventbrite com. Rd 153 St George UT 84790 Big Book Weekend Write Ch 3019. www btgww org Duportail St 108 Richland WA 99352 18 20 Puerto Pe asco Sonora Mexico . www threeriversbigbookweekend org Rocky Point Roundup Write Ch Box. 6 8 Dunnville Ontario Canada 53 rd, Cut along dotted line and post this page on your group s bulletin board. 10756 Glendale AZ 85318 , Dunnville Conv Campout Write Ch www rockypointroundup org. Box 76 Smithville ON L0R 2A0 October, dunnvilleconvention outlook com 25 26 St Cloud Minnesota St Cloud. 4 5 Duluth Minnesota 74 th Duluth, Roundup Write Ch Box 125 St Cloud .
13 14 Sainte Ursule Quebec Canada 39e Roundup Write Ch Box 16771 Duluth . MN 56302 www stcloudroundup org, Congr s District 89 17 Write Ch 215 rue MN 55816 www duluthroundup org. Lessard Ste Ursule QC J0K 3M0 25 27 Bossier City Louisiana 74th Tri State. 4 5 Sherbrooke Quebec Canada Tends, Conv Write Ch 2800 Youree Dr Ste 362 . 13 15 Laughlin Nevada AZ State Conv Les Mains Write Ch 150 Ozias Leduc . Shreveport LA 71104 , Info www area03 org Sherbrooke QC J1H 1M7 . www aa shreveport org, www aa quebec org, 13 15 Newbury Ohio 104th Punderson Pk 25 27 Branson Missouri Colors of Fall . Conf Write Ch Box 844 Chardon OH 4 6 Parsippany New Jersey 31st Woman to. Write Ch 5229 Fuller Drive Kansas City , 44024 Woman NE Conf Write Ch Box 548 E .
MO 64113 www wamo aa org, www pundersonparkconference com Orange NJ 07019 . www newomantowoman org 25 27 Buffalo New York Buffalo Fall Conv . 13 15 Gatineau Quebec Canada 21 e Write Ch 17 Gierlach St Sloan NY 14212 . Congr s de Gatineau 4 6 Independence Ohio 36 st Midwest. Woman to Woman Seminar Write Ch www buffaloaany org. Info congres22 aa 90 org, Box 181393 Cleveland Heights OH 44118 25 27 Greensburg Pennsylvania 79th Laurel. 20 22 Wichita Kansas 62nd Area 25 State www midwestwtw org Highlands Conf Write Ch Box 6 Bovard . Conf Write Ch Box 82 Palmer KS 66962 PA 15619 apollos22 comcast net. www kansas aa org 4 5 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Keystone. Conf Write Ch 1856 Portage Ave 31 3 Honolulu Hawaii Hawaii Conv Write . 20 22 Bowling Green Kentucky Nat l Winnipeg MB R3J 0G9 aambco mts net Ch Box 23434 Honolulu HI 96823 . Tech Workshop Write Ch Box 356 www annualhawaiiconvention com. Munfordville KY 42765 www naatw org 10 13 Biarritz France Third Biarritz. Internat l EN Speaking Conv , 20 22 Taos New Mexico 36 th Taos Mtn Info www aaconventionbiarritz com November. Fiesta Write Ch Box 417 El Prado NM, 87529 www taosmountainfiesta org 11 12 Louisville Kentucky 28th Falls City 1 3 Fort Smith Arkansas Border City. Conv Write Ch Box 37137 Louisville KY Roundup Write Ch Box 5800 Ft Smith . 20 22 Memphis Tennessee Soberpalooza 40233 www louisvillehostcommittee com AR 72913. Write Ch 1829 Horseshoe Circle Hughes , AK 72348 .
soberpaloozamemphis gmail com, Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019 11. 1 3 Rehoboth Beach Delaware Bill and December 24 26 Galveston Texas SETA Conv Write . Bob s Book on the Beach Write Ch Box Ch Box 301 Pearland TX 77588 . 293 Rehoboth Beach DE 19971 6 8 St Michaels Maryland Bill and Bob s www aa seta org. wearenotsaints gmail com Book Into Action Write Ch Box 112 . Crownsville MD 21032 24 26 Cambridge Massachusetts Freedom. 1 3 Lancaster Pennsylvania E PA Gen Svc wearenotsaints gmail com Trail Conf . Conv Info convention area59 org Info bgbbwknd gmail com. 28 31 S dert lje Stockholm Sweden , 1 3 Warwick Rhode Island NE Woman to SCANCYPAA Info www scancypaa org. Woman Conf Write Ch 3 N Howard Ave February, Unit 8 N Providence RI 02911 . www womantowomannewengland com January 2020 21 23 Nashua New Hampshire NE Reg . Svc Assembly Info www neraasa org, 1 3 Houston Texas 3rd Nat l Corrections 17 19 Christchurch New Zealand 57 th. National Conv Write Ch Box 10139 28 1 Honolulu Hawaii 27 th Aloha. Conf Write Ch Box 16393 Houston TX, Christchurch NZ 8145 Roundup Write Ch 404 Kapahulu Ave .
77088 , www aaconvention org nz Honolulu HI , www nationalcorrectionsconference org www aloharoundup com. 1 3 Repentigny Qu bec Canada 37 ieme 24 26 Springfield Illinois 15 th Journey. Congr s de Repentigny Write Ch 415 739 Continues Conf Write Ch Box 10244 . Rue Norte Dame Repentigny QC J5Y 1N1 Springfield IL 62791 . www journeycontinues org,8 9 Houma Louisiana 39 th Bayouland. Jamboree Write Ch Box 2251 Houma , LA 70361 www thebayoulandjamboree org. 8 10 Alexandria Louisiana CENLA, PPORT YOUR GRAPEVINE. HOW TO SU, Sobermania Write Ch 3416 Mac Lee Dr , Alexandria LA 71303 .
www sobermania org, Renew,8 10 Framingham Massachusetts MA State. Conv Write Ch Box 1085 Mansfield MA, 02048 www aaemass org. 8 10 Lake Junaluska North Carolina , Southern States Svc Assembly Write Ch . Subscribe, Box 1368 Knightdale NC 27545 , www area62 org. 8 10 Medford Oregon OSYPAA Write Ch , Box 5296 Central Point OR 97502 .
Give a gift, www aa oregon org,8 10 Montreal Quebec Canada Area 87. Conv Write Ch 3920 rue Rachel Est , Montreal QC H1X 1Z3 congres aa87 org. Record your story,15 17 Asunci n Paraguay Primera Conven . ci n Sudamericana Info , convencionsudamericanaaa gmail com. 22 24 Ardmore Oklahoma 36 th Red, River Valley Rally Write 14192 Little Rd .
Use GV in meetings, Kingston OK 73439 , www redrivervalleyrally com. 29 1 Bloomington Minnesota Founder s, Day Wknd Write Ch Box 8327 . Minneapolis MN 55408 , www foundersdaymn org,29 1 Gulfport Mississippi Gratitude. Roundup Info www aagulfcoast org, Submit your story or art. 29 1 Wilmington North Carolina Conv , Estatal Hispana de NC Escribir 8138.
Turkey Hwy Turkey NC 28328, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT . Visit us at AAGrapevine org, Grapevine strives to be self supporting through the. sale of Grapevine items and subscriptions , F 304. CTM Support postcard indd 7 2 6 17 11 38 AM,12 Box 4 5 9 Fall 2019.

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