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R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600,Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955. R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. More Advanced Selection Concerns, 1 The data calculated and reported in the Airflow Resistance Chart is based on a louver without. a bird or insect screen Most bird screens have a nominal pressure drop but there are. circumstances when their effects should not be overlooked Insect screens have very high. pressure drops clog with dirt quickly and are rarely cleaned We recommend insect screens. only be used when required by the FDA or for other special applications. 2 The data calculated and reported in the Free Area chart is based on a 48 x 48 louver As. the louver height decreases the percentage of free area to total outside dimension area. decreases That is because the shorter the overall louver the more the louver blades get in. 3 For louvers greater than 48 high performance data in the columns can be taken as linear in. between the reported points Therefore using interpolation is an accurate way to obtain a. free area for a louver height other than one listed For louvers between 24 and 48 high the. data is somewhat linear in between the reported data points For louvers less than 24 high. the data is not linear in between the reported data points because of blade spacing issues. Interpolation is not accurate for small sizes We strongly recommend either using the lower. published data point shown in the chart or contact us for the exact free area Interpolation is. accurate for all louver width data points, 4 The data shown in the Water Penetration table is based on an AMCA test standard The. standard requires a 48 x 48 louver and a certain amount of simulated rain drops which fall. straight down Several real world factors are not included in this laboratory test They are. wind driven rain the effects of a louver installed low on a high wall wind pressure against a. large wall and rates of rain greater than the AMCA dripping test. The AMCA test is similar to a nice and gentle springtime rain that lulls a person to sleep. Unfortunately many rainstorms are more aggressive than the conditions found in the test. laboratory For example an average beginning point of water penetration for an average. louver might be 1 000 fpm Although 1 000 seems like a big number when converted to the. more recognizable measurement of 11 3 mph it becomes plausible that rain will enter the. louver even though it was selected properly, 5 Rain and snow will pass through most if not all standard louvers We recommend some. means of trapping holding containing or draining the water be incorporated into the design. of every louver installation Depending on the application it can be as simple as sloping the. duct back to the louver sealing joints water tight including weep holes in the louver frames. etc Larger installations may require drain pans or mist eliminators. 6 For critical water penetration applications we recommend using louvers which are AMCA. Certified for Wind Driven rains These louvers are tested at 29 mph 3 hr rain fall rate and. 50 mph 8 hr rain fall rate They are usually 99 to 100 effective Their drawback is. because they have a lower free area percentage a larger louver is required to prevent. excessive intake velocity and pressure drop,R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600.
Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955, R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. 7 For critical structural integrity and water penetration applications we recommend using. louvers which are Miami Dade Enhanced Hurricane Qualified With the amount of high. winds tornados and heavy rains we experience in Kentucky and Southern Indiana this type. of louver has become a valuable problem solving option. 8 When adding a motorized damper or gravity damper to the back side of the louver take the. extra time to specify the damper by model number and detail it accurately This will prevent. guessing and field problems later Some louvers are provided with factory installed dampers. or with a louver blade which rotates like a damper blade There are many options and. variations, 9 When a louver is used with a fan size the louver for air performance not as required to. match the physical size of the fan This usually results in the louver being about twice the. size of the fan and the need for a plenum box on the back side of the louver Also a certain. distance must be maintained between the fan discharge and the louver or damper for proper. fan performance For a typical wall prop fan the distance should be about one fan diameter. Contact us for a separate technical paper we have prepared which addresses this topic. Getting Down to the Details, 1 The majority of louvers are fabricated from extruded aluminum For special applications. sometimes galvanized steel or stainless steel construction is required The industry standard. thickness of the aluminum is 0 081 approx 14 gauge for the blades and 0 081 for the. frame This is satisfactory for medium and small louvers which will not endure any physical. abuse or high air velocities As an option the blades the frame or both blades and frame can. be provided as 0 125 thickness about 11 gauge, The industry standard for assembly is mechanical fastened which means screwed together. This is acceptable for medium and small louvers which will not endure any physical abuse or. high air velocities For stronger construction the louvers can be welded together. Obviously the heavier gauge materials and welding will add some cost If these upgrades. are desired please clearly specify them Also check submittals and actual products shipped. to the jobsite to ensure the end user gets the louver they need and the one you specified. 2 The most common louver is 4 deep Louvers are also made 6 deep 2 deep and 1 5 deep. Sometimes the 6 deep louver will have better water resistance and pressure drop properties. than a 4 deep louver Louvers with 2 or 1 5 depth are normally used when a 4 will not fit. or for other aesthetic reasons, 3 The industry standard practice is to specify nominal dimensions with width first and height.
second To allow for proper fit in the wall opening the actual dimension of the louver is. normally less For example a 36 x 24 louver will be fabricated as 35 75 wide x. 23 75 high If the words nominal or actual are not used next to the specified louver size it is. understood the louver is described in nominal dimensions. R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600,Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955. R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. 4 The manufacturer can make most louver sizes with a few exceptions and comments First of. all the louver sizes shown in the Free Area Chart are only performance points for area data. Any size from the smallest number to the largest number on this chart is available. Louvers that are 4 deep are generally not available smaller than 12 high Louvers that are. 6 deep can have a minimum size of 12 to 16 high, Louvers over a certain size must be made in sections because of handling and shipping. constraints The sections are field assembled by the contractor with visible or non visible. mullions Refer to the model specific submittals for exact minimum and maximum sizes. Also ask the architect if they want visible or non visible mullions on the large louvers. 5 Louvers can be provided with a flanged frame or a channel sometimes called box frame A. channel framed louver is intended to slide into a finished wall opening Flange framed. louvers can be used in finished opening or where a rough hole was cut in the wall because the. flange hides the edges Louvers can also be provided with special frames to fit into. architectural framing and window elements, Flanges are generally offered as 1 5 wide but are available in other widths upon request An. extended sill is available but must be specified or it will not be provided for channel louvers. to help redirect water from the face of the louver to the outside surface of the adjacent wall. Manufacturers have standard mounting details which are available to the architect and. engineer Including details and specifying the type of frame required will prevent inevitable. field coordination problems, 6 Blade shape drives the performance They are many too many available louver models and. blade shapes The most common best performing is usually a 4 deep mounted between 35. and 45 with a drainable blade J and K blades are terms which describe the kicks and. hooks in a blade they have similar performance Storm proof is an old term that should no. longer be used If rain and storms are an issue specify AMCA Certified Wind Driven Rain. The drain in a drainable blade louver catches water and moves it to the edges of the louver. This prevents a cascade or waterfall effect which can happen as water drops from blade to. blade on a standard louver For intake louvers cascading water is a sure bet for water. penetration problems, If the louver is mounted on a wall and there is a lot of wall above it for example louver is.
mounted 12 ft AFF but the building is two or three stories high include a drainable head. This will catch the water running down the wall and stop it from running across the face of. the louver and decrease the chance of water penetration issues. Sometimes louver models are picked for their appearance on the face and how they blend in. with adjacent surfaces That s okay but if air is moving through them performance should. take precedence over looks,R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600. Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955, R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. 7 Bird screens are a common accessory A typical screen is an expanded flattened aluminum. diamond pattern Depending on the pattern size and wire size their free area can range from. 58 to 77 They can be made from aluminum stainless steel or galvanized steel They. can be attached to the back of the louver in a shoddy fashion or be attached via a stout. removable frame, Other screen types are wire mesh and wire cloth Because of the need for constant cleaning. and excessive pressure drop we recommend insect screens only for FDA or other critical. applications, Not all standard bird screens meet the opening size requirements described in the. International Mechanical Code section 401 There are building code inspectors who know. this and will check screens, Remember to include the pressure drop across the screens when determining the static.
pressure required for your duct system, 8 Standard construction for louvers is mill finish which means not cleaned not prepped and. not painted This is acceptable for some applications but not for others If something other. than mill finish is required please clearly describe what is needed There can be large price. differences and for competitively bid projects we are driven to quote the least expensive. option allowed, Mill Finish This is a natural aluminum or galvanized surface Some scratches and or. inconsistencies caused during manufacturing or assembly may be visible. Clear Anodized The aluminum is dipped in an acid bath which removes imperfections. gives the surface a uniform appearance and leaves an oxidized protective layer This offers a. modest resistance to scratching and fading over time. Clear Anodize 204 R 1 AA M10C22A31 is dipped in the tank for an amount of. time to result in a 0 4 0 7 mil thick oxidized layer and it has a 1 year warranty Color. is a flat aluminum, Clear Anodize 215 R 1 AA M10C22A41 is in the tank for a longer amount of time. to result in an oxidized layer of 0 7 mil or greater and it has a warranty of 5 years. Color is flat aluminum, Color Anodize AA M10C22A42 is dipped in an acid tank with dye Colors and. shades of colors are somewhat limited and can be expensive Thickness is 0 7 mil or. greater and it has a warranty of 5 years, Paint Factory applied paint finishes are the most common coating They are durable.
uniform and can be touched up in the field if scratched during handling Louver. manufactures offer a standard paint color chart but can provide any nationally recognized. paint company s color if provided the color code Also color matching is available but an. R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600,Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955. R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. original sample must be provided and the match sample must be approved in writing before. the order is processed, Baked Enamel AAMA 2603 provides good adhesion and resistance to weathering. corrosion and chemical stains Warranty of 1 year, Two Coat 50 KYNAR 500 HYLAR 5000 AAMA 2604 provides a tough long. lasting coating with excellent color retention and abrasive properties It resists. chalking fading chemical abrasion and weathering Warranty of 5 years. Two Coat 70 KYNAR 500 HYLAR 5000 AAMA 2604 is the premier finish. for extruded aluminum It provides a tough long lasting coating with superior color. retention and abrasive properties It resists chalking fading chemical abrasion and. weathering Standard warranty of 10 years but an extended warranty is available for. additional cost, Two Coat Mica is similar to the above KYNAR 500 HYLAR 5000 but it includes. crushed pearlescent powder This combines the appearance of a color anodized. surface with the protective property of KYNAR, Industrial Coatings such as epoxy polyester heresite phenolic polyurethane and.
others are available to meet specific requirements The coating should be matched. according to the chemicals and fumes moving through the louver Color options are. very limited, 9 Louvered penthouses are efficient rain catchers We encourage engineers and contractors to. instead utilize hoods for bringing in or exhausting air on the roof If a louvered penthouse. must be used for aesthetic reasons we recommend the associated ductwork be sealed. watertight and a drain be provided If this is not possible AMCA Certified Wind Driven. Rain louvers should be used to build the penthouse. 10 Brick vents are in the louver family and are normally used when small amounts of air are. being exhausted Performance data on brick vents is not AMCA certified and sometimes not. available They are available in standard brick or block sizes and are made from aluminum. Hopefully this has been a good introduction and overview of louvers and their application There are. many topics and applications barely addressed in this paper and many others which have not even. been mentioned in an effort to keep it somewhat brief Please feel free to contact us to discuss your. specific questions and selections, For information on Greenheck louvers go to http www greenheck com products category 5. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with your projects. R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600,Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955. R L Craig Company Inc LOUVERS SELECTION DESIGN DETAILS. R L Craig Company Inc 502 244 1600,Serving the HVAC Industry Since 1955.

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