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2 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016, description of the authorities associated with the Tier numbers T 0 through T3 Submit. requests for waivers through the chain of command to the appropriate Tier waiver approval. authority or alternately to the Publication OPR for non tiered compliance items. SUMMARY OF CHANGES, Revises AFI 32 1021 31 October 2014 to incorporate the Compliance Statements recommended. for edit rewrite and reduction This was due to the AF publication Assessment for Reform All. the changes accepted has been incorporated in this Revision In addition the designations. AF A7C AF A7CF and AF A7CFC have been changed to the new designation AF A4C. AF A4CF and AF A4CFC respectively This change is due to the Air Force reorganization. This document is substantially revised Revisions include updated and expanded sections on. MILCON planning and programming processes host and tenant responsibilities MILCON. submittal procedures cost estimating DLA fuels UMMC relocatable and temporary facilities. and the DAR construction program New project compliance certification demolition policy. sustainable design and antiterrorism AT requirements for MILCON projects are also included. Chapter 1 PRINCIPLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 5, 1 1 Facility Project Planning and Programming Objective 5. 1 2 Principles 5,1 3 Responsibilities 5, Table 1 1 Joint Base MILCON Programming and Budgeting Responsibilities 8. Chapter 2 MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT PLANNING 10. 2 1 Planning 10,2 2 Planning Actions 10, 2 3 Certificate of Compliance for Critical Planning Actions 10.
Chapter 3 MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMMING 17,3 1 MILCON Programming 17. 3 2 MILCON Definition 17,3 3 MILCON Project Development 17. Table 3 1 Supervision Inspection and Overhead SIOH Percentage by Location 19. 3 4 MILCON Program Development 19, 3 5 MILCON and Program Objective Memorandum Schedules 20. AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 3,3 6 Advertising Construction Projects 21. 3 7 Project Files 21,Table 3 2 Suggested Source Documentation 22.
3 8 Special Military Construction Authorities 22,3 9 Demolition Policy 25. 3 10 Emergency and Standby Power Authorization 25, Chapter 4 UNSPECIFIED MINOR MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMMING 26. 4 1 Unspecified Minor Construction 26,4 2 Minor Construction Project Funding 26. 4 3 Associated Projects 26,4 4 Project Submittal Process 26. 4 5 Project Justification 27,4 6 Project Execution 27.
Figure 4 1 Certificate of Compliance for Unspecified Minor Military Construction Projects. Carried out Under Authority of 10 U S C 2805 28, Figure 4 1 Certificate of Compliance for Unspecified Minor Military Construction Projects. Carried out Under Authority of 10 U S C 2805 29, Chapter 5 EMERGENCY DAMAGED OR DESTROYED AND CONTINGENCY. CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMS 30,5 1 Purpose of Chapter 30. 5 2 Special Construction Programs 30,Chapter 6 RELOCATABLE TEMPORARY FACILITIES 33. 6 1 Relocatable Temporary Use Facilities Background 33. 6 2 Interim Facilities 33,6 3 Temporary Facilities Incident to MILCON 35.
4 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016, Attachment 1 GLOSSARY OF REFERENCES AND SUPPORTING INFORMATION 37. Attachment 2 CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE 46,AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 5. PRINCIPLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES, 1 1 Facility Project Planning and Programming Objective The objective of facility project. planning and programming is to provide adequate facilities needed to perform the Air Force. mission All commanders and civilian directors shall support this objective by ensuring project. requests meet validated requirements are in compliance with all applicable standards are. programmed at the lowest life cycle cost achieve optimum resource efficiency and minimize. damage to the natural and human environments T 3, 1 2 Principles Planning and programming facilities follows these principles. 1 2 1 Facility Project Planning Facility project planning identifies facilities needed to. satisfy current and known or planned future mission requirements determines the most. economical means of providing those facilities and identifies the year in which they are. required This determination should always begin with an evaluation of existing facilities for. their suitability to satisfy mission requirements, 1 2 2 Military Construction MILCON Programming MILCON programming is the.
process of acquiring both the authority and resources necessary to meet facility requirements. identified by the planning process A construction project with an estimated cost greater than. 1 000 000 is normally funded through the MILCON Program. 1 3 Responsibilities, 1 3 1 Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Environmental Safety and. Infrastructure SAF IEE Provides Air Force policy development and oversight and. advocates for the MILCON program through the Office of the Secretary of Defense OSD. Office of Management and Budget OMB and Congress, 1 3 2 Secretary of the Air Force Administrative Assistant SAF AA Acts as a Major. Command MAJCOM representative for Field Operating Agencies FOA that report to. elements of the Headquarters Air Force HAF in accordance with the Program Objective. Memorandum Preparation Instruction PPI guidance, 1 3 3 The Director of Civil Engineers AF A4C Formulates guidance governing the Air. Force MILCON program overseas development of Air Force capital investment strategies. and advocates for resources through the Air Force Corporate Structure OSD OMB and. 1 3 4 The Facility Management Division AF A4CF Formulates guidance and. procedures governing the Air Force MILCON program develops Air Force capital. investment strategies reviews MILCON programs and integrates Total Force Active Air. Force Air National Guard Air Force Reserve MILCON projects into a single prioritized list. based on a pre approved MILCON Model and presents the MILCON program to the Air. Force Corporate Structure for approval Advocates for MILCON resources through the Air. Force Corporate Structure OSD OMB and Congress Coordinates construction programs. requiring interagency approvals such as DAR medical facilities defense fuels and energy. conservation,6 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016, 1 3 5 Air Force Civil Engineer Center AFCEC Consults with MAJCOM DRU FOA. and the Base Civil Engineer BCE during the planning and planning charrette phases Refer. to Section 1 5 1 3 of AFI 32 1023 Designing and Constructing Military Construction. Projects for definition of Planning and Planning Charrette Responsible for executing the. planning charrette and developing the initial planning documents for MILCON projects. Facilitates Project Definition Rating Index PDRI assessment during the planning charrette. process to evaluate and mitigate project risk Follow Engineering and Construction Bulletin. ECB 2010 17 Implementation of Project Definition Rating Index or the most current. guidance for PDRI development AFCEC does not execute ANG MILCON program. 1 3 6 US Air Force Reserve AF RE Issues guidance to Air Force Reserve Command. AFRC for submitting its MILCON program reviews and validates the cost estimate and. scope of each project and submits a prioritized list of projects to AF A4CF for developing the. Total Force prioritized MILCON list Assists Air Staff in determining size and content of. their MILCON program Prepares and submits the AFR MILCON portion of the President s. Budget Advocates for the AFRC MILCON program through OSD and Congress AFRC in. coordination with Air Force Civil Engineer Center AFCEC United States Army Corps of. Engineers USACE or United States Naval Facilities Engineering Command NAVFAC. will continue to accomplish AFRC MILCON programming design and execution. 1 3 7 Air National Guard NGB A7 Provides instructions to ANG installation. commanders for planning and preparing construction programs reviews and validates cost. estimate and scope of each MILCON project and submits the prioritized list of projects to. AF A4CF for developing the Total Force MILCON list Assists Air Staff in determining size. and content of their MILCON program Prepares and submits the ANG MILCON portion of. the President s Budget Advocates for the ANG MILCON program through National Guard. Bureau OSD and Congress ANG will continue to accomplish ANG MILCON. programming design and execution T 2, 1 3 8 Major Commands MAJCOM Field Operating Agencies FOA and Direct.
Reporting Units DRU Plan program review validate prioritize and submits MILCON. programs in accordance with guidance issued by AF A4CF and all applicable Air Force. Instructions Coordinates with all applicable functions to verify all requirements are. documented and cost estimates are accurate FOAs that report to MAJCOMs will provide. instructions and guidance to installation commanders for planning and submitting MILCON. programs to include review and validation of scope cost estimates as well as validation and. prioritization of all facility requirements T 2 FOAs will submit their MILCON. requirements in accordance with the latest PPI guidance T 2. 1 3 9 Installation Commander Identifies plans and programs facilities to support their. assigned missions T 1 Determines whether existing facilities are available to meet the. mission requirement refer to AFI 32 9001 Acquisition of Real Property ensures existing. facilities are used economically and efficiently and that excess space is evaluated for. demolition Reviews validates prioritizes and submits MILCON programs to their assigned. MAJCOM Installation Commander will ensures all requirements necessary to make the. MILCON a complete and usable facility are identified T 1. 1 3 10 Installation Base Civil Engineer BCE Ensures all required certifications and. environmental actions are complete or well underway prior to project submission to. AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 7, MAJCOM for programming consideration Accomplishes required planning actions. compliance items and certificates for every MILCON project and retains for future reference. and project management Develops initial planning documents to support the installation s. MILCON projects in accordance with AFI 32 1023 Designing and Constructing Military. Construction Projects Submits the planning documents for each prioritized MILCON. project to their assigned MAJCOM, 1 3 11 Host Tenant and Supported Unit Responsibilities The host installation provides. services to tenant and supported units IAW AFI 25 201 Intra Service Intra Agency and. Inter Agency Support Agreements Procedures and AFI 65 601 Vol 1 Budget Guidance and. Procedures, 1 3 11 1 Projects for On Base Tenants and Supported Units Commanders will. ensure that host installations provide facilities and or space needed by on base tenants or. supported units from existing assets if available T 2 If adequate existing facilities. are not available or if the tenant requires construction or renovation of facilities for its. sole use Commanders will ensure that the host installation will prepare program related. project documentation on behalf of the tenant or supported unit s mission T 3. Commanders will that the host installation will then forward documentation concurrently. to the host MAJCOM DRU or supported MAJCOM Civil Engineers HAF representatives. and the tenant T 2 Any MILCON requirements programmed or planned by other. organizations must be coordinated by the host base MAJCOM CV Commanders will. ensure that this level of authority will not be delegated below the host MAJCOM CV T. 2 Additionally for mission bed down MILCON the host base MAJCOM DRU and. supported MAJCOM Civil Engineers HAF representatives must participate in the bed. down planning and the host MAJCOM CV should coordinate on the bed down plan IAW. AFI 10 503 Strategic Basing The tenant or supported unit s command will validate the. project establish its priority and submit the project as part of its MILCON submittal to. AF A4CF T 1 AFR ANG should reference AFI 32 1012 Reserve Component. Facilities Programs, 1 3 11 2 Air Force Reserve Components Units Commanders will ensure that host. Installations will follow AFI 25 201 Support Agreements Procedures on host tenant. relationships when reserve component units are tenants on Air Force installations T 0. 1 3 11 3 Joint Basing At joint bases refer to Department of Defense Initial Guidance. for BRAC 2005 Joint Basing Implementation dated January 22 2008 Department of. Defense Facilities Investment Supplemental Guidance for Implementing and Operating a. Joint Base dated April 15 2008 Table 1 1 summarizes the programming and budgeting. responsibilities highlighted in the DoD Initial Guidance for BRAC 2005. 8 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016, Table 1 1 Joint Base MILCON Programming and Budgeting Responsibilities.
JOINT BASE MILCON PROGRAMMING AND BUDGETING RESPONSIBILITIES. Component Responsible for,DoD Financial Management Programming Budgeting. Facilities Regulation Volume 2B Chapter,8 Work Definition Supporting Supported. Component Component,Installation Support Facilities and. Common Infrastructure for which the, Supporting Component is generating New Construction2 X. the requirement,Mission Facilities for which the,Supporting Component is generating.
the requirement New Construction2 X,Installation Support Facilities and. Common Infrastructure for which the, Supported Component is generating New Construction2 X. the requirement1,Mission Facilities for which the,Supported Component is generating. the requirement,New Construction2 X, 1 For example the Component generating an increase to the Joint Base population is responsible for. any new construction needed to expand installation support facilities to accommodate the population. increase See DUSD IE memorandum 15 Apr 08 for examples of Installation Support Facilities. 2 New construction encompasses activities that provide new or expanded facilities New construction. adds footprint and increases the real property inventory. General Note The following guidance applies to projects carried out under Title 10 U S C 2854. Restoration or Replacement of Damaged or Destroyed Facilities Programming and budgeting for. Installation Support Facilities and Common Infrastructure are the responsibility of the Supporting. Component Programming and budgeting for Mission Facilities are the responsibility of the. component owning the mission, 1 3 11 4 Joint Use of Installations with Other Agencies Commanders will ensure.
host installations will follow AFI 25 201 Support Agreements Procedures in cases. where units of other government agencies departments or military services use facilities. or portions of an Air Force installation Commanders will ensure that each MILCON. project must be reviewed for joint use potential and certified in the certificate of. compliance and stated on DD Form 1391 See Chapter 2 T 0. AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 9, 1 3 11 5 Installations in Foreign Countries In foreign countries Commanders will. ensure that installations follow guidelines outlined in the Status of Forces Agreement. SOFA or country to country agreements during the planning design and construction. of the project T 0 In addition Installations can follow their MAJCOMs unique. supplemental guidance to the AFIs for MILCON projects Refer to AFI 25 201. Support Agreements Procedures,10 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016. MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT PLANNING, 2 1 Planning Effective planning establishes facility and infrastructure requirements critical for. mission accomplishment and proposes the most effective and economical means of satisfying. those requirements,2 2 Planning Actions, 2 2 1 Determine Requirements Installations identify facility needs 3 5 years in the future. and determine which needs cannot be met with existing facilities Installation commanders. review validate and prioritize installation MILCON facility requirements. MAJCOM FOA DRUs review and submit their programs as outlined in paragraph 3 3 5. Commanders will ensure that requirements are based on AFMAN 32 1084 Facility. Requirements which provides typical requirements for a given facility type Reference to. other Air Force or DoD publications or a detailed study of unique user requirements may also. be necessary to determine complete needs The ANG and AFR have unique facility. requirements that can be different from active duty installations ANG unique facility. requirements are published by NGB A7 AFR unique facility requirements are contained in. AFRCH 32 1001 Standard Facility Requirements, 2 2 2 Evaluate Alternative Solutions Installations evaluate existing assets and determine.
the most economical and effective means of satisfying facility needs T 2 Consideration. should be made for consolidating requirements into existing or right sized facilities to. reduce the Air Force physical plant New construction greater than 2M requires. justification based on an economic analysis performed in accordance with AFI 65 501. Economic Analysis, 2 2 3 Initiate Programming Actions When it is determined that a facility should be. constructed or upgraded the BCE will initiate the construction programming process and. complete the initial planning documents including a DD Form 1391 facility siting. documentation EIAP review and all other applicable documents T 0 The BCE shall. enter the DD Form 1391 information in the Civil Engineer CE electronic programming. database T 1, 2 3 Certificate of Compliance for Critical Planning Actions Commanders will ensure that. installations shall complete several planning actions for every MILCON project T 3. Commanders will ensure that these planning results should be approved by the Installation. Facilities Board before obtaining the Certificate of Compliance for Critical Planning Actions as. shown in Attachment 2 signed by the installation commander documenting completion of these. actions T 1 MAJCOM FOA DRUs review these certificates to ensure installations have. fulfilled all compliance requirements and BCE shall retain them in the project folder at the. installation for future reference and use T 3 Although this certificate is only completed once. MAJCOM FOA DRUs shall ensure required actions take place when and as needed T 1 The. following paragraphs listed in the same order on the certificate briefly describe the actions. being certified If more detailed information is necessary to ensure compliance referenced. documents should be reviewed,AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 11. 2 3 1 Environmental Impact Analysis Process EIAP Attachment 2 Item 1. Commanders will ensure that the EIAP is complete before initiating MILCON projects for. both CONUS and OCONUS T 0 Refer to AFI 32 7061 The Environmental Impact. Analysis Process EIAP as promulgated at 32 CFR Part 989 Environmental Impact Analysis. Process EIAP Commanders will ensure that projects outside the United States its. territories and possessions shall comply with DODI 4715 5 Environmental Compliance at. Installations Outside the United States T 0, 2 3 2 Wetlands and Floodplains Attachment 2 Items 2 and 3 Before MILCON. projects are submitted to the MAJCOM DRU Commanders will ensure that they comply. with Executive Order 11990 Protection of Wetlands Executive Order 11988 Floodplain. Management and Executive Order 13653 Preparing the United States for the Impacts of. Climate Change T 2 Refer to AFI 32 7064 Integrated Natural Resources Management. and 32 CFR Part 989 14g When any of these Executive Orders apply Commanders will. ensure that a Finding of No Practical Alternative FONPA must be completed and submitted. to the MAJCOM DRU Environmental Planning Function EPF before action is taken T. 0 Compliance with these Executive Orders may be accomplished as part of the EIAP. documentation Projects with potential impact to wetlands and or floodplains may require. special permits and authorizations Consult with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Regulatory District Office or the Naval Facilities Engineering Command prior to initiating. any actions affecting wetlands or floodplains, 2 3 3 Coastal Zone Management Attachment 2 Item 4 Refer to AFI 32 7064.
2 3 4 Coastal Barrier Resources Attachment 2 Item 5 Refer to AFI 32 7064. 2 3 5 Threatened and Endangered Species Attachment 2 Item 6 Installation. Commanders shall consult with the US Fish and Wildlife Service USFWS and National. Marine Fisheries Service NMFS according to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act for. MILCON actions potentially affecting threatened or endangered species T 0 These. consultations should be completed before the FONSI or ROD is signed Refer to AFI 32. 2 3 6 Cultural Resources Management Attachment 2 Item 7 Commanders will. ensure that areas of potential effect shall be surveyed to identify historic buildings. archaeological sites and other cultural resources T 0 Installation Commander shall. report survey results regardless of the findings to the State Historic Preservation Officer. SHPO for consultation in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic. Preservation Act T 0 Commanders will ensure that consultation is also conducted with. any Native American tribe or Native Hawaiian organization that attaches religious and. cultural significance to historic properties in the area of potential effect T 0 Further. consultation with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ACHP is necessary when a. National Historic Landmark is affected or when adverse effects cannot be resolved with the. SHPO This process shall be completed prior to project award or obligation of funds Refer. to AFI 32 7065 Cultural Resources Management and 36 CFR Part 800 Protection of. Historic Properties Installations should be aware of the requirement to stop work after. inadvertent discovery of cultural items as defined in Title 25 United States Code section. 3001 3013 the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Installations. should includes provisions in construction contract for possible delays in areas where. 12 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016, inadvertent discovery is possible The discovery should be protected in accordance with. federal law regulation and any existing executed agreements. 2 3 7 Interagency and Intergovernmental Coordination Attachment 2 Item 8. Installation Commanders shall submit data to state and local review agencies on proposed. construction projects and real property acquisition plans that may affect local regional area. wide and state community plans programs and projects in accordance with applicable laws. and regulations T 0,2 3 8 Environmental Permits Attachment 2 Item 9. 2 3 8 1 Environmental Compliance Commanders will ensure that Permits required by. applicable federal state interstate or local regulations shall be obtained before. constructing or operating a facility that emits or generates pollutants T 0 Permits may. be required for construction or modification of wastewater drinking water storm water. runoff systems and underground storage tanks Applicable federal laws include 42. U S C 9601 9675 Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and. Liability Act 42 U S C 7401 7671q Clean Air Act 33 U S C 1251 1387. Federal Water Pollution Control Act 42 U S C 6901 6992k Resource Conservation. and Recovery Act and 42 U S C 300f 300j 26 Safe Drinking Water Act. 2 3 8 2 Permits Base Civil Engineer shall obtain environmental permits required for. MILCON projects or make certain the appropriate government contractor has obtained. the required permits T 0 For MILCON projects the Base Civil Engineer BCE shall. ensure funds are included in the project to meet all environmental requirements Base. Civil Engineer BCE shall forward electronic copies of required permits to AFCEC at. earliest completion but no later than requesting Authority to Advertise T 1. 2 3 9 Potentially Regulated Substances at Existing Sites Attachment 2 Item 10. During project planning and design and preparation of EIAP documentation installations. Commanders shall survey the site structures and soil where soil disturbance is anticipated to. find out whether hazardous and toxic substances are present T 1 These substances. include but are not limited to pesticides asbestos lead based paint polychlorinated. biphenyls PCBs ozone depleting substances petroleum oils and lubricants POL and. radon If these materials are present Commanders will ensure that they are removed. quantified reported handled and disposed in accordance with applicable environmental. regulations as part of MILCON project T 3 The base bioenvironmental engineer and an. environmental representative must coordinate and approve design plans before alterations. can begin T 3, 2 3 10 Radon at New Construction Sites Attachment 2 Item 11 Installation. Commander shall determine if a proposed construction site is likely to generate radon gas. and include appropriate mitigation measures in design T 1. 2 3 11 Environmental Restoration Program ERP Including Installation Restoration. Program IRP Military Munitions Response Program MMRP and Other Historic. Releases of Hazardous Substances Attachment 2 Item 12 Installation Commanders. shall ensure project siting and construction should not adversely affect ERP IRP or MMRP. activities and there are no land use constraints impacting siting and construction T 1. AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 13, 2 3 11 1 Historic Release of Hazardous Substances Within MILCON Project. Footprints Installations are responsible for funding all necessary assessments to. identify existing site conditions and their associated impact costs Refer to AFI 32. 7020 The Environmental Restoration Program for guidance on funding and remediation. of historic release of a hazardous substance, 2 3 11 1 1 Project Sited at the Location of a Known Hazardous.
Substance Costs for anticipated removal and disposal of contamination within the. MILCON project footprint should be included as part of the MILCON project and. identified on the DD Form 1391 Additionally if contamination is unexpectedly. encountered during project execution costs for removing and disposing of. contamination within the project footprint can be paid by the MILCON project. 2 3 11 1 2 DLA Fuels MILCON Projects All POL facilities should be assumed to. have had contaminant releases DLA Energy should fund the identification. assessment and remediation cost for POL releases that occurred after 1 October 1992. at POL facilities Additionally DLA should fund site assessment during DLA funded. Fuels MILCON Project verification phase Costs for anticipated removal and. disposal of POL contamination within the MILCON project footprint should be. identified in the DD Form 1391 either as a project cost or as an AF funded O M. cost depending on the date of the POL release If contamination is unexpectedly. encountered during project execution costs for removing and disposing of. contamination within the project footprint should be paid by the MILCON project. 2 3 12 Air Pollutants Attachment 2 Item 13 Installation Commanders shall obtain. construction and operating permits for air pollution sources according to paragraph 2 3 8. T 0 Installation Commanders shall ensure facility designs incorporate appropriate. pollution control technology and perform a conformity determination if required according. to AFI 32 7040 Air Quality Compliance and AFI 32 7061 as promulgated by 32 CFR Part. 2 3 13 Water Pollutants Attachment 2 Item 14 Installation Commanders shall obtain. construction and operating permits for water pollution sources according to paragraph 2 3 8. T 0 Installation Commanders shall also ensure facility designs incorporate appropriate. pollution and erosion control technologies and plans are consistent with local state and. national environmental requirements T 0, 2 3 14 Solid and Hazardous Wastes Attachment 2 Item 15 Installation Commanders. shall apply for and obtain construction and operating permits for facilities to be used for. managing solid and hazardous wastes to include treatment storage and disposal facilities. according to paragraph 2 3 8 T 0 Reference AFI 32 7042 Waste Management for. additional information on sustainable management of construction and demolition debris. diversion in all phases of a project life cycle and to comply with EO 13514 Federal. Leadership in Environmental Energy and Economic Performance DoD Strategic. Sustainability Performance Plan and Air Force solid waste diversion goals. 2 3 15 Underground Storage Tanks UST Attachment 2 Item 16 Installation. Commanders shall apply for and obtain construction and operating permits for installing. upgrading or removing underground storage tanks according to paragraph 2 3 8 if required. 14 AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016, by federal state or local regulatory agencies T 3 NGB A7 approval is required for UST. installation in ANG, 2 3 16 Air Installation Compatible Use Zone AICUZ Attachment 2 Item 17 When. applicable installation Commanders shall ensure siting and design of all facility projects. conform to AFI 32 7063 Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Program and Land Use. Compatibility tables in AFH 32 7084 AICUZ Program Manager s Guide T 0. 2 3 17 Installation Development Plan IDP Attachment 2 Item 18 Installations shall. comply with their IDP recommendations changes when siting MILCON projects T 2. The Installation Facilities Board will approve MILCON siting and ensure conformance with. the installation strategic vision T 2 Further guidance on base comprehensive planning is. contained in AFI 32 7062 Air Force Comprehensive Planning and AFPAM 32 1010 Land. Use Planning, 2 3 18 Airfield Clearance Criteria Attachment 2 Item 19 Installation Commanders. shall ensure all facilities and structures conform to the airfield and airspace clearance criteria. and airfield frangibility requirements in UFC 03 260 01 Airfield and Heliport Planning and. Design T 0 Prior to submitting projects installation Commanders shall obtain a waiver. from their MAJCOM DRU for any proposed project creating an obstruction or intrusion that. may violate airfield and airspace criteria T 1 Installation Commanders shall coordinate. on projects affecting terminal instrument procedures TERPS with the installation s TERPS. authority AFMAN 11 226 United States Standard for Terminal Instrument Procedures. 2 3 19 Air Space Use Attachment 2 Item 20 Commanders shall ensure that. Installations located within the US and its territories file FAA Form 7460 1 Notice of. Proposed Construction or Alterations T 0 Coordinate projects affecting navigable air. space refer to Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 77 Safe efficient use and Preservation of. the Navigable Airspace with the proper Federal Aviation Administration FAA region. through the regional Air Force representative Refer to UFC 03 260 01 paragraph 1 2 2 and. Attachment 6 and AFI 13 201 US Air Force Airspace Management for procedures T. 0 Installations outside the US and its territories shall refer to the SOFA for specific. procedures, 2 3 20 Explosives Quantity Distance Siting and Safety Clearance Criteria Attachment.
2 Item 21 All projects to construct facilities used for storage handling testing and. maintenance of explosives or related items require explosive safety siting approval by the. Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board DDESB prior to award Other facilities. located within an identified explosive quantity distance zone may also require DDESB site. plan approval Installations shall obtain DDESB siting approval before their. MAJCOM DRU submits the project to HQ USAF Refer to AFMAN 91 201 Explosive. Safety Standards For projects at locations deemed to have a medium to high risk for. Munitions and Explosives of Concern as approved by the DDESB investigation and. mitigation costs should be included in the DD Form 1391 under Supporting Costs T 1. 2 3 21 Air Base Survivability Conventional Hardening Chemical Protection Levels. and Priorities Camouflage Concealment and Deception Attachment 2 Item 22. When constructing substantially altering or renovating facilities installation Commanders. shall follow the air base survivability criteria contained in War Mobilization Plan 1 WMP. 1 Annexes J and L T 3 Per AFI 10 401 Air Force Operations Planning and Execution. AFI32 1021 25 FEBRUARY 2016 15, paragraph 2 14 1 the WMP volumes access instructions and restrictions are available. electronically using either the GCCS or the A5XW SIPRNet homepage at. http c2www af pentagon smil mil xoxw, 2 3 22 Allowance for the Physically Handicapped Attachment 2 Item 23 Installation. Commanders shall ensure all new facilities are planned to be readily accessible to and usable. by handicapped persons and comply with the Architectural Barriers Act ABA chapters 1. through 10 T 0 Installation Commanders shall ensure that alterations to existing facilities. are readily accessible to and usable by handicapped persons T 0 When accessibility. cannot be achieved without causing a substantial impairment of significant historic features. forward a request for modification or waiver of access standards to AF A4CF AF RE for. Reserve facilities or NGB A7 for Air National Guard facilities For further guidance refer. to AFI 36 2707 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs and Activities. Conducted by the Department of the Air Force, 2 3 23 Real Estate Requirements Attachment 2 Item 24 Installation Commanders. shall determine whether any proposed construction project requires acquisition of real estate. interests and what such interests would cost T 1 Refer to AFI 32 9001 Acquisition of. Real Property for additional information, 2 3 24 Antiterrorism AT Attachment 2 Item 25 Commanders will ensure that all. military construction shall comply with DoD Antiterrorism Construction Standards UFC 4. 010 01 DoD Minimum Anti Terrorism Standards for Building except when the local. Commander sets more stringent standards to meet specific AT threats T 0 Installation. Commanders shall coordinate antiterrorism force protection facility requirements through the. Installation Security Council and or the Antiterrorism Force Protection Officer T 1. Analysis conducted during the project planning and programming phases should assess. potential threats and vulnerabilities review design opportunities and constraints and. integrate protective strategies into the facility and its surroundings Refer to AFI 10 245. Antiterrorism AT UFC 4 020 01 Security Engineering Facility Planning Manual other. applicable publications and annual AF A4CF MILCON program call letters for additional. information Document on the Certificate of Compliance for Critical Planning Actions and. DD Form 1391 when protective measures provided under paragraph 2 3 20 also satisfy AT. requirements, 2 3 25 Excess Space Attachment 2 Item 26 Installation commanders shall certify.
existing excess space cannot be used to satisfy a new requirement in lieu of a MILCON. project T 2, 2 3 26 Temporary Facilities Incident to Construction Attachment 2 Item 27. Installation commanders shall certify temporary facilities required incident to MILCON. should be demolished or otherwise removed upon completion of the project T 2 Refer to. Chapter 6 of this AFI for more information, 2 3 27 Communications and Information Systems Attachment 2 Item 28 Installation. commanders shall certify common user communications equipment information systems. and other pre wiring requirements were identified and their costs included in MILCON. project documentation and base communications budgets as required by AFI 65 601 Vol 1. This includes all MILCON funded communication items and communications items funded.

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