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involvement The PEIS a Tier 1 NEPA methodology because the risk increased to identify project risks evaluate the severity. process determined that a multimodal proportionately with the aggressive schedule of the risk in terms of cost schedule or other. transportation solution was required to The project was delivered using the CM suitable metric and assign specific risks to the. meet mobility needs Subsequent Tier 2 GC alternative delivery process with contrac party best able to mitigate it The risk register. NEPA processes identified specific projects tor Edward Kraemer Sons Obayashi Joint document was contractually binding on all. with their own purpose and need statement Venture KOJV retained to work in parallel parties The CM GC arrangement allowed. which would be developed consistently with the design team to provide real time both the contractor and designer to focus on. within the framework of the Tier 1 PEIS pricing and constructability advice Project project outcomes that not only could be built. The Twin Tunnels project was the first risk management was handled formally with in a cost effective manner but more impor. major improvement Tier 2 process of the the owner contractor and engineering team tantly could be implemented successfully. I 70 Mountain Corridor following the ROD holding workshops early on in the process under the demanding construction schedule. for the I 70 PEIS The goal of this project was,to improve safety and mobility in the corridor. in the vicinity of the Twin Tunnels just east,LOOK WHAT S. of Idaho Springs Colo The project extended,from milepost 241 4 at the east Idaho Springs. Interchange on the west side of the tunnel to,milepost 244 5 at the bottom of Floyd Hill on. the east side of the tunnel where it tied into,an existing three lane section The eastbound.
tunnel bore and highway was widened to,include a third lane for enhanced mobility. The westbound tunnel bore widening and AT GILSON,adjacent rock cuts were added to the project. when additional funding materialized,However westbound capacity improvements. in the corridor have been deferred to future,projects pending further determination of. a corridor wide design speed The original,Twin Tunnels contribute significantly to the.
reduction in roadway capacity because of the,black hole phenomenon on driver behavior. whereby drivers slow due to the narrow width 8in 12in Sieve Shaker. of the existing tunnel the blunt headwall,configuration of the portals and the poor. lighting contrast inside the tunnel,A single season for each. Planning for this corridor improvement,was based first and foremost on maintain. ing existing traffic capacity and minimizing, disruption to the travelling public Detouring Stainless Steel.
eastbound travel onto adjacent County Road Wet Wash Sieves. CR 314 was required in order to take the,eastbound tunnel out of service while it was. widened For the westbound tunnel east,bound traffic was again detoured onto CR 314. Gilson Silent Sifter II,while westbound traffic was detoured through. the newly widened eastbound tunnel 16 18dB Quieter Than. LOW PRICES, The construction duration was selected to Standard Rotary Sifters. be a single season for each of the eastbound, and westbound tunnels with work occurring t PXFS 4UBJOMFTT 4UFFM.
on site between April and mid December to 4JFWF 1SJDFT. minimize the impact of the project on travel t 4BNF JHI 2VBMJUZ. demands in the corridor Such an aggressive t O 4UPDL 3FBEZ UP 4IJQ. construction schedule required intense logisti,cal planning by the design and construction. teams as well as a formal risk sharing,t t XXX HMPCBMHJMTPO DPN. Write in 776,ROADSBRIDGES com 49, The original Twin Tunnels on the I 70 Mountain Corridor were completed in The new Twins offer three 12 ft driving lanes a 4 ft inside shoulder and a. 1961 The tunnel portals were never subsequently augmented to prevent 10 ft outside shoulder as well as portal extensions beyond the rock face. falling rock or debris from reaching the roadway, Addressing the twins total roadway clear width of 53 ft including existing tunnel liner that had to be removed. The centerpiece of the project was the the half barriers and placed all of the excavation for widening. widening of the original Twin Tunnels The new eastbound tunnel cross section on the south edge of the existing tunnel. completed in 1961 The existing tunnel was positioned such that the left when For the westbound tunnel KOJV proposed. cross section in each direction consisted of a looking east exterior face of the new liner lowering the profile grade of the roadway. 32 ft wide opening accommodating two 12 ft cross section was poured against the inside approximately 2 ft to retain even more of the. travel lanes and 2 5 ft shoulders adjacent to face of the existing liner The existing tunnel existing tunnel liner as temporary excavation. half barriers The new roadway typical section liner along the left edge from footing to support providing a cost savings for the proj. includes three 12 ft travel lanes a 4 ft inside springline remained in place This benefited ect The center rock pillar between eastbound. shoulder and a 10 ft outside shoulder for a the project by minimizing the amount of the and westbound tunnel bores was investigated. www reinforcedearth com,REINFORCED EARTH,800 446 5700.
Write in 777,50 March 2015 ROADS BRIDGES, to determine if it could handle the additional eliminate the visual mass and clutter associ into various wall types concluded that. load imposed from the widened tunnel ated with a traditional mutlicolumn bent with cast in place concrete cantilever semi gravity. sections and fortunately these investigations drop pier cap This opened up the riverbank walls on spread footing foundations was the. concluded that adequate load capacity existed areas for recreational access most cost effective wall type and method of. Rock bolts were installed in the center pillar construction Global stability was investigated. to minimize the potential for deformation Forming a wall extensively for wall sections adjacent to Clear. of the existing westbound tunnel liner while Over 4 400 linear ft of retaining walls were Creek Excavation of the existing highway fill. eastbound bore construction progressed used to support the roadway widening Most for eastbound I 70 was limited in some places. The excavation scheme for construction retaining walls were fill walls but a couple of in order to provide a minimum clear width. of the new tunnels consisted of drilling and cut walls with top down construction using for construction equipment traveling within. blasting methods typical for mined tunnels soil nails were required as well Investigations the project site. The in situ rock quality varied along the,length of the tunnel so the length of the. excavation occurring in a single blast varied,based on the rock s ability to stand on its own. while temporary ground support measures,were installed Temporary ground support. within the tunnel consisted primarily of steel,channels arch dowels spiles and shotcrete.
Temporary ground support at the portals,consisted of W section steel sets. The proposed tunnel cross section shape, was selected based upon pre existing steel Premium Surface Coating. forms used to cast ConSpan concrete arches,Precast concrete liner construction was. considered early in the process of tunnel,design but ultimately the most cost effective. alternative was to cast in place the tunnel,liner using a rolling tunnel form mounted on.
rails Rebar cages were prefabricated outside,the tunnel using a stationary rebar gantry and. rolled into place with the tunnel form,Clear answer. Very tight horizontal curvature and a history,of accidents necessitated the replacement of the. I 70 eastbound Clear Creek Bridge The difficult,site presented many design challenges which. required consideration of multiple unique,features The resulting three span bridge.
incorporates integral abutment and pier fixity,post tensioned pier caps uplift considerations. due to poor span balance and skew erection CHOICE FOR. sequence considerations micropile and drilled,shaft foundations and mass concrete. Precast prestressed concrete girders were,PRESERVATION. used in a chorded layout for the structural sealmaster net. framing Structural steel girders were not con,sidered due to the schedule risk of fabricating. and delivering steel girders under the aggres, sive single season construction deadline Be sure to visit us at.
for eastbound I 70 Erection of the bridge Booth 3403. girders for the middle 155 ft span required,two cranes with one positioned immediately. behind one of the piers to minimize the CALL TODAY. required reach Integral pier caps were used 800 395 7325. in combination with single column bents to,Write in 778. ROADSBRIDGES com 51, What makes it beautiful A secondary function of the portals is the bulk of the effort to integrate all disciplines. The tunnel portal extensions comprise the to provide a visual transition between the into a visually pleasing configuration. longitudinal extension of the tunnel structural open roadway cross section and the confined Functional considerations for roadway. cross section beyond the rock face known cross section within the tunnel particularly mobility rockfall mitigation noise attenua. as a turn under point out to the free edge of as it relates to driver perception Lack of this tion and access for maintenance equipment. the structural cross section at each end of the transition with the existing blunt portals causes drove the design for the portal configuration. tunnel The tunnel portals form an important drivers to hesitate when entering the tunnels culminating in the spiral transition runout. multidiscipline interface encompassing which results in a slowing of traffic through the walls visible to drivers noted Kevin Shanks. geotechnical structural aesthetic traffic and tunnel and a reduction in highway capacity with THK Associates lead landscape architect. lighting considerations Traffic backups are common because of this for the project. The primary function of the tunnel portal phenomenon Lighting of the tunnel entrance It has taken 17 years to produce a measur. extensions is to shield tunnel users from rock is an integral component of this transition as it able benefit to individual mobility on the I 70. fall potential Rockfall potential at the east can greatly affect driver perception and there Mountain Corridor The widening of the Twin. portals was minimal due to favorable proper fore behavior when approaching and entering Tunnels has relieved the corridor of its worst. ties of the rock mass above the tunnels Rock the tunnel A state of the art LED lighting bottleneck From all perspectives the project. potential at the west portals was substantial system was included in the new tunnels to was quite challenging but also very rewarding. due to the geometry of the mountainside and further mitigate the black hole effect resulting in a public asset that benefits the. unfavorable properties of the rock mass The The portals serve as a significant visual ele entire traveling public The enhancements to. length of the tunnel portals was determined ment of the landscape They are the only visual safety and mobility will serve the traveling. based upon the probability of capture of element to define the aesthetics of the tunnel public for many decades resulting in low. rockfall from all potential sources The length since all other elements are hidden within life cycle cost and a high level of satisfaction. of the westbound west portal was set at 110 ft the structural lining of the tunnel The overall for corridor users R B. and the eastbound west portal at 82 ft with project development process included consid. a rock catchment basin situated atop the two eration of aesthetics in every element of the Saindon is a principle bridge engineer with Atkins. portals to further attenuate a rockfall incident construction but the tunnel portals received Denver Colo.

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