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PASTOR S LETTER, The King of Hearts along the way The town is reoccupied and the. townspeople take up their normal places again Private. When I was a teenager I saw a comic, Plumpick the sole survivor of the massacre is awarded a. film made in France in 1966 called, medal and sent back into ac on immediately The Germans. The King of Hearts Starring Alan,are holding another village he is told by a new. Bates it is set in a small French town, commanding officer and they are going to blow it sky high.
during the closing days of World War I, The Germans who had occupied the Plumpick has had enough He jumps out of his troop truck. town are about to retreat from it in sheds his uniform and rings for admission at the gates of. the face of the approaching Allied soldiers in this case the insane asylum He stands bare naked wearing only his. Scots Before they leave they booby trap the town with a humility as the nuns who staff the asylum prepare to. large hidden cache of explosives set to blow up at admit him Between the gentle insani es of the residents. midnight set off by a wire a ached to a clock in a tower within and the horrifyingly real insani es of war without. hoping to kill the approaching Scotsmen The Scots find out Plumpick prefers the former. about the plot and send a soldier Private Plumpick to find. To those outside the Church we Catholic Chris ans o en. and defuse the bomb, appear to be insane Our beliefs that marriage is about one. As Plumpick approaches the village it is nearly empty the man and one woman that sexual ac vity is meant just for. townspeople having fled to avoid being blown up Carrying marriage and is meant to be open to new life that abor on. his cage with two carrier pigeons he is spo ed by a few is always wrong that Christ calls only men to be ordained. remaining German soldiers and chased to an insane priests that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ that there really. asylum There he disguises himself as one of the inmates is a Heaven Hell Purgatory and devil that Jesus Christ is. who have been le behind by the villagers Taking refuge the sole Savior of the world and that the true meaning of. behind a magnificent house of cards built by two pa ents life is most fully revealed in His life death and. who iden fy themselves as Bishop Hollyhocks and the Resurrec on seem from their perspec ve to make the. Duke of Clubs Plumpick tells the Germans that he is the Catholic Church like one big world wide insane asylum. King of Hearts The inmates instantly accept his word and. The Church is an asylum Asylum means a place of refuge. proclaim to the others that the King has returned When. and safety Admi edly the Church has fallen short of this. the Germans leave Plumpick exits the asylum leaving the. ideal many mes through the sins of us her members But. door unlocked The residents leave the asylum and joyfully. at her best just like the asylum in the movie the Church is. take the place of the absent sane residents of the town. a place of refuge from the lies violence and madness. Plumpick communicates with his commanders via his outside But unlike the movie the Church is not an insane. carrier pigeons One of his messages is intercepted by the asylum It s a very sane asylum Because the Church is the. Germans who return to see what is going on As they do Body of Christ who is Truth Itself. Plumpick is being crowned King of Hearts in the town. Also like the move we Chris ans have our King of Hearts. Cathedral by Bishop Hollyhocks and the other escapees. But unlike the movie our King of Hearts really is just that. from the asylum Fearing for their safety he tries to lead. His name is Jesus Christ He rules not with force soldiers. them out of town They resist and urge their King to stay. police or prisons He rules in hearts that let Him in that. with them warning him that the countryside is full of wild. stand naked before him free from pride May Jesus Christ. beasts and that there is murder in their hearts Plumpick. reign in our hearts forever, tries to reason with one of them the Duke He says to. him My poor friend you were all in the nuthouse only a Yours in Our King s Service Father Rudolph. few hours ago Jealous the Duke inquires And where,were you yesterday Plumpick stays and at the last. minute finds the explosive wire and prevents the intended. Another disaster happens however A er midnight the. German and Sco sh soldiers both come into the village. and begin killing each other un l none are le alive except. Plumpick With more Allied forces approaching the, inmates return to the asylum shedding their costumes.
PARISH INFORMATION,PARISH DIRECTORY FAITH FORMATION PASTORAL COUNCIL. Parish Office 763 537 8401 Family Discipleship Director. Jacob Nelson Sharon Hedman Mike,Josh Stegman x211,PRIESTS Vecellio Roselyn Lawrence Be y. Youth Ministry,Pastor Kreuter Rose Pis lli Sco Gregory. Confirma on Coordinator,Fr Michael Rudolph x205 Mario Chavez. Anna Scherber x211,Parochial Vicar,RCIA Coordinator.
Fr Robert Al er x206 Pastoral Council Mee ngs,Mary Jo Smith x511. If you would like a par cular item on, PARISH ADMINISTRATION the next Parish Council agenda please. Business Administrator contact Fr Rudolph,Prayer Line x528. Ginny Metzger x202,Bulle n Prayers for the Sick,Part Time Administra ve. Sue Kubovec x201 Adora on Coordinator STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE. Be y Kreuter 763 537 1399 NOVEMBER 10 2019,Administra ve Assistant.
Bulle n Editor SCHOOL Contribu ons 19 186 55, Marie Nachtsheim x222 School Office 763 504 9450 Budget 16 623 00. Social Needs Coordinator School Principal Building Fund 869 00. Bunny Arseneau x214 Cheryl Avi a x352 Budget 1 419 00. Crisis Pregnancy Hotline x500 Mr J Scholarship Fund 107 00. PARISH CALENDAR OF EVENTS, Sunday November 24 Thursday November 28 The Parish Office. 8 00 AM Respect Life Bake Sale THANKSGIVING DAY OFFICE CLOSED will be closed on. Upper East Gathering 9 00 AM Thanksgiving Day Mass Thursday Nov. Space Friday November 29 28 and Friday, 9 30 AM Sunday Fellowship PARISH OFFICE CLOSED Nov 29 in. Marian Hall No Scheduled Events observance of,the Thanksgiving. Monday November 25 Saturday November 30,5 00 PM Youth Ministry.
7 00 PM Schola Prac ce,Church Caramel Sales and,7 00 PM Adult Choir Choir Rm Reaching for Faith. Sunday December 1 con nued,7 00 PM Smith Book Club Upper East Gathering. 3 00 PM Advent Confessions,St Raphael Room Space,5 30 PM Cantor. Tuesday November 26 3 00 PM Parish Holy Hour, 9 00 AM Cana Family Sunday December 1 Holy Spirit Chapel. Holy Spirit Chapel 7 45 AM Advent Confessions, 9 45 AM Navarre Bible Study Church EARLY BULLETIN DEADLINES.
Fr Fenelon Room 8 00 AM Youth Ministry,Bulle n announcements must be. 12 00 PM Cana Family Caramel Sales and,submi ed to Marie Nachtsheim at. St Th r se Room Reaching for Faith mnachtsheim straphaelcrystal org. 7 00 PM Bell Choir Church Upper East Gathering,Space December 8th bulle n must be submi ed. Wednesday November 27 8 30 AM Schola Choir by Wednesday November 27th. 9 00 AM Cana Family 9 45 AM Catholic Q A December 15th bulle n must be. Fr Fenelon Room Marian Hall submi ed by Friday December 6th. 10 30 AM Adult Choir Thank you,PRAYER WORSHIP,MASS INTENTIONS PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC ADORATION. Monday November 25,In all circumstances give thanks for this.
8 00 AM Mary Boisvert,is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Tuesday November 26 1 Thessalonians 5 18,8 00 AM Dolores Boyle. Wednesday November 27,Eucharis c Adora on,6 30 AM Agnes Chlebeck. 8 00 AM Karen Lorraine Coyne,Contact Be y Kreuter at. 763 537 1399,Thursday November 28, 9 00 AM St Raphael Parishioners As we take me to celebrate and thank.
Living and Deceased God for the gi of our country and its. Friday November 29 freedoms this coming week we also. 8 00 AM Edward Bebo thank God for the gi of Perpetual. Adora on here at the Church of St,Saturday November 30. Raphael Perpetual Adora on would not,8 00 AM Thanksgiving Gra tude. be possible without your help It has,For Blessings Received. been all our very special people,By Luann Condon,adorers visitors subs tutes. 5 30 PM St Raphael Parishioners,housekeepers parish staff our priests.
Sunday December 1, and spiritual directors who through sacrifices you make to keep your holy. 8 30 AM Anthony Croal, their commitment make this possible hours of adora on and that God will. 10 30 AM Isabelle Reinert,bless you and your loved ones Have a. Thank you faithful Adorers for making,very blessed and happy Thanksgiving. WEEKLY READINGS the decision to spend one hour a week. with Jesus in our Adora on Chapel Your For informa on regarding Adora on or. Readings for the week of, gi of me spent crea ng a loving and to add your name to our subs tute list.
November 24 2019 abiding rela onship with Jesus makes please call or leave a message with Be y. Sunday 2 Sm 5 1 3 Ps 122 1 2 3 4 4 5 your fellow adorers rejoice Be assured Kreuter 763 537 1399 h 763 354 4796. cf 1 Col 1 12 20 Lk 23 35 43 the Lord is very pleased with the many c. Monday Dn 1 1 6 8 20 Dn 3 52 53 54,55 56 52b Lk 21 1 4 Welcome Newly Bap zed. Tuesday Dn 2 31 45 Dn 3 57 58 59 60,61 59b Lk 21 5 11 Kemuel Jared Amakoue. Wednesday Dn 5 1 6 13 14 16 17 23,28 Dn 3 62 63 64 65 66 67 59b. Lk 21 12 19,Rest In Peace, Thursday Dn 6 12 28 Dn 3 68 69 70 71 Clarence Mar n. 72 73 74 59b Lk 21 20 28 Elizabeth Wikstrom,Friday Dn 7 2 14 Dn 3 75 76 77 78 79.
80 81 Lk 21 29 33 Men s Silent Retreat January 16 19 2020. Saturday Rom 10 9 18 Ps 19 8 9 10 11 Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Elmo MN. 10 or Jn 6 63 Mt 4 18 22 There will be a men s silent retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Elmo MN The. Next Sunday Is 2 1 5 Ps 122 1 2 3 4 4 5 retreat begins at 6 00 pm on Thursday January 16th and ends at 7 00 pm on Sunday. 6 7 8 9 1 Rom 13 11 14 Mt 24 37 44 January 19th Please contact Jim McGuire at 612 804 0482 or by email. LPi jim mcguire genmills com for more informa on,PARISH HOLY HOUR PLEASE PRAY FOR. Please join us for our monthly, Parish Holy Hour on Ellie B Andrew Eisenzimmer Kathy Osga. December 1st at 3 00 pm in David Eleanor Bjornquist Nichole Iverson Bridge e O Brien. the Holy Spirit Chapel The hour includes Tom Bohlinger Helen Lilley Stephanie. the Rosary the Chaplet of Divine Mercy Mary Edlund David McMillen Mary Lou Wensman. and silent prayer J P Ehlenz John Noe Jeff Woodruff. Please contact Peggy Diedrich at, 763 536 7803 with ques ons To add a name for a six week period please call 763 537 8401 x 523. NEWS EVENTS,ADVENT CONFESSION OPPORTUNITIES SENIORS LUNCHEON. This Advent at St Raphael s we will be offering some GIFT EXCHANGE. extra opportuni es for the Sacrament of Reconcilia on December 11th Noon. The Lookout Maple Grove,On Sundays December 1st through December 22nd.
The Senior Luncheon at The Lookout will, confessions will be heard from 7 45 am to 8 15 am and be Wednesday December 11th Cost of. again from 3 00 pm to 4 00 pm 15 includes buffet meal dessert. The first Sunday a ernoon 3 4 pm one priest will be beverage tax and p. hearing confessions in the crying room to be accessible to those in wheel Reminder the RSVP form with 15 00. chairs check payable to St Raphael s Church, Because of these added confession mes we will not be having an must be turned into the parish office. by WEDNESDAY November 27th,Advent Parish Penance Service. Fr Rudolph,CATHOLIC Q A,CHRISTMAS VILLAGE December 1st. SATURDAY DECEMBER 7 9 45 am in Marian Hall, 8 30 am 2 00 pm The next session of Catholic Q A with.
Fr Al er will be held on December 1st, Christmas Village is coming soon in Marian Hall at 9 45 am. A en on all bakers in the parish We are looking for. FIRST SATURDAY,dona ons of baked goods for the Christmas Village. Sweet Shop Please bring your dona ons of,All are invited to. Christmas Cookies Bars Sweet a end the First, Breads and Christmas Candy to the Parish Office on Saturday Devo on. Thursday December 5th or to the Marian Hall Friday to Our Lady of. December 6th Please iden fy whether or not your Fa ma a er. baked goods contain nuts 8 00 am Mass on the first Saturday of. each month in the Holy Spirit Chapel, We are also looking for dona ons of items for the The next first Saturday is December 7.
General Store These items should be new or gently used Our Lady of Fa ma promised Sister. Lucia that she would assist at the hour,of death with graces necessary for. salva on all those who on the first,CHRISTMAS Saturdays of five consecu ve months. confess receive Holy Communion pray,GIVING TREE a Rosary and keep me company for a. quarter of an hour medita ng on the,fi een mysteries with the inten on of. offering me repara on, We invite you to remember those less fortunate by taking a Star from.
one of the trees located in the East Gathering Space or the West Alcove. THANK YOU from,and purchasing the gi wri en on the Star. Center for Mission, A er purchasing the gi please place the NEW unwrapped gi under. one of the trees with the Star a ached by Sunday December 15th Thank you for your gi of 1 737 to The. Your dona ons go to local chari es Thank you Society for the Propaga on of the Faith. for World Mission Sunday These monies, If you have ques ons please contact either benefit over 1 100 struggling dioceses. Mary Lacina at 763 566 4346 or Kathy Williams at 763 339 3961 worldwide. YOUTH MINISTRY,Ques ons Contact Anna Scherber at,ascherber straphaelcrystal org. Register for any youth events on the St Raphael youth website. www straphaelyouth com,OPEN YOUTH ROOM,Open youth room is a me of fellowship fun games.
JUNIOR HIGH Tuesday Nov 26th from 2 20 5 00 PM,SENIOR HIGH Wednesday Dec 4th from 5 00 6 45 PM. ALL GRADES December 20th from 6 00 10 00 PM,RITE OF CONFIRMATION ROC. These nights are required for all 8th 9th graders, Thanksgiving Break There will be no Youth Ministry or. Confirma on on Wednesday November 27th,Happy Thanksgiving. ROC Classes for 8th 9th Graders December 4th from, 7 00 8 15 PM All classes are located in the church.
Life Night Youth Group December 11th from 7 00 8 15 PM. in Marian Hall These nights are open to all high school. students not just Confirma on Candidates Come join us. CORE TEAM UPDATE, ST RAPHAEL CATHOLIC SCHOOL Core Team Mee ng December 8th from 6 00 9 00 PM. See you there,AMERICAN RED CROSS BLOOD, Please consider using SCRIP gi cards to make your online. Church of St Raphael, Christmas purchases Using gi cards makes your online Fr Fenelon Conference Room. shopping safer while earning money back for our school Monday December 2 2019. Thank you for your support 11 00 am 5 00 pm,SCRIP Desk Volunteers. December 7th 5 30 pm Mass Chris ne P Please visit Redcrossblood org. December 8th 8 30 am Mass Gina L and enter Sponsor Code STRAPHAEL or call Bri any. 10 30 am Mass Sharon J at 651 792 6268,SPOTLIGHT EVENTS.
REACHING FOR FAITH, General Mee ng Saint Paul Street Evangeliza on Ministry. Thursday December 5 7 00 pm,Fr Fenelon Conference Room. The Reaching For Faith Group will have a general mee ng on Thursday December. 5th at 7 00 pm in the Fr Fenelon Conference Room This will be a business mee ng. with a li le social me, If you have a desire to either know more about your faith or help others to take. their next step forward in faith and friendship with God please join us. In addi on to talking over our upcoming events Christmas Book Handout February. 23 Donut Sunday and Easter Miraculous Medal Giveaway we will also discuss our. partnership with SPSE Saint Paul Street Evangeliza on SPSE is an Evangeliza on. Ministry that helps anyone who wants to know how to evangelize not only in our. every day life but also as a sidewalk ministry, Parishioner Shawn Horn who recently hosted a 13 week presenta on of The Wild. Goose series about the Holy Spirit will give a short talk on evangeliza on. If you have any ques ons please contact Phil Rief at 612 280 4565 or. fdccondesa outlook com, GOODNESS RADIATES Cana Advent Morning of Reflec on for.
Mothers of Young Children,Saturday December 14 2019 8 30 am 12 00 pm. Church of St Raphael Crystal Cost 20 00, Mothers of young children a special morning just for you Slow down smell the. coffee and reflect on the goodness of God this Advent Be inspired to trust in. God s goodness and merciful love gain prac cal ideas on mentoring your children. to grow in virtue and find prac cal ways to invite the Holy Spirit to enliven your. marriage Guest speakers include Kristen Soley Ka e Danielson and Deacon Alan. Anne Nicklaus The morning concludes with the celebra on of the Mass at 11 30. am Nursing moms always welcome Register at www canafamilyins tute com. events and invite your friends Scholarships available Ques ons Contact Cathy. Carson 763 391 0205 or cathy canafamilyins tute com. Brought to you by the Archdiocese of St Paul Minneapolis Office of Marriage. Family and Life and The Cana Experience,SAINT OF THE DAY SAINT MOSES OF ROME. Moses was a priest in Rome who was among the first Chris ans to die for their faith during the persecu on of. the Emperor Decius which occurred in the years 249 251 Moses and his fellow priests exchanged le ers of. encouragement with other Chris ans who were undergoing persecu on in North Africa including the bishop. Saint Cyprian and his clergy in Carthage These men also joined together in opposing the claims and views of a. priest name Nova an who had himself consecrated in Rome as Pope in opposi on to the righXul Pope. Cornelius when the la er began readmi ng to Holy Communion people who had aposta zed under pressure. during the persecu on a er they had completed a period of penance Nova an took the erroneous view that. the Church had no authority to give sacramental absolu on in such cases A er Moses and his companions had. been in prison for almost a year he died Saint Moses of Rome pray for us Excerpted and adapted with. permission of the Publisher from Butler s Lives of the Saints New Full Edi on Paul Burns 2003 Published by. Liturgical Press Collegeville MN,Funeral Chapels Cemeteries. www washburn mcreavy com,Cremation Services, Edina 952 920 3996 Robbinsdale 763 537 2333 Glen Haven 763 533 8643 Hopkins 952 938 9020.
50th at Hwy 100 4239 W Broadway 5125 W Broadway 1400 Mainstreet. Annie Sparrow,Free Estimates References Available Fully Insured. DENNIS THE PAINTER,DENNIS HEIGL PAINTING LLC Realtor for Life. Interior Painting Staining Water Damage 612 940 8776. Wallpaper Texture Removal, Exterior Painting Staining Each Keller Williams office is independently owned and operated. AnnieSparrow KW com,AnnieSparrowHomes com,DENNIS HEIGL. Cell 612 819 2438 Serving the Local Real Estate Community for 34 Years. JOE S BARBER SHOP BROADWAY PIZZA Robbinsdale Are You Looking for a New Dentist. Senior Discount 4106 Lakeland Ave N,Custom Short Haircuts.
ROBBINSDALE,SAME DAY CROWNS, 5707 W Broadway 763 533 0800 phone 651 203 0020 Family Cosmetic Dentistry. Crystal fax 651 641 0241 Emergencies Welcome, Off www fairconservicecompany com State of the Art Technology. 763 536 9879 ANY LARGE PIZZA smart heat cool solutions Digital Imaging. Laser Dentistry,Kapala Glodek Malone Most Insurance Accepted. Funeral Home Family Owned Operated,Cremation Services. Senior Living,Advance Planning, 5237 Douglas Drive Crystal Near Broadway Ave on Douglas Drive.
between 52nd Ave 53rd Ave,Meaningful Appropriate,763 200 5766 AlpineDentalOffice com. Affordable,763 535 4112 Complete Eye Care,MECHANICAL CONTRACTING CO. Serving Crystal for 30 Years Plumbing Heating Service. Personalized Comfortable 47 Years of Experience,Caring Professional. Kimberlee M Murphy dds 7800 Bass Lake Rd 763 533 2218. 763 537 3655 763 543 9000 flourishhome com New Hope. 673 537 3213 4629 41st ave No Robbinsdale MN, 5640 West Broadway Crystal MN CrystalVisionClinic com 5200 Douglas Dr Crystal www pdmechanical net. 8200 42nd Ave North New Hope MN Mini Storage,Robbinsdale Ace Hardware.
763 531 7460 Crystal 763 235 4800,4140 W Broadway Ave N. 763 533 2758, 24 Hour Grocery Store www douglasstorage com Mark Cathy Welna Owner. Bob Cronin 763 780 0844 Rich in opportunity,www action heating com for physical spiritual. and social wellness,Fresh meat INDEPENDENT LIVING,counter ASSISTED LIVING. Fresh cut TRANSITIONAL CARE,daily MEMORY CARE,LONG TERM CARE.
Fresh sausage, Homemade Visit us today Contact John Kirchner to place an ad today. smoked sausage,763 537 4811 hacksmeats com,jkirchner 4LPi com or 800 950 9952 x2458. 4159 WEST BROADWAY ROBBINSDALE MN, Breakfast Lunch Dinners Cappuccinos Lattes Espressos Compliments of. Owned Operated by,Kevin Tiffany Archer,No install too big A Place Like Home. No repair too small Serving the Community Since 1977. 763 586 0109, Mention ad for 10 off 42nd Winnetka 763 537 2062 Clayton Archer.
BRUCE BECK PAINTING ETC Sharon Bill Cassen,Parishioner Parishioners Realtor. Interior Exterior Drywall Repair 30 years,Taping Staining Enameling. Ceramic Tile Texturing 612 581 7202 PLUMBING 3888 West Broadway 15800 37th Ave North. Wallpaper Removal Decks scassen cbburnet com Water Heater Replacement. Robbinsdale MN 55422 Plymouth MN 55446,Reasonable Rates Bathroom Kitchen Faucets. 612 801 3767 Coldwell Banker Burnet 763 537 4511 www gearty delmore com 763 553 1411. Drain Cleaning 763 786 7777, For ad info call 1 800 950 9952 www 4lpi com St Raphael Crystal MN A 4C 02 1060.

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