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is my hardware engineer litmus test any HW engineer that
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About Circuit Cellar, 2 012 marks a milestone for Circuit Cellar magazine 25 years of delivering. readers with the information they need to thrive and excel in the ever evolving world. of embedded design, While the content owners and staff may have evolved over the years the. Est 1988 Vernon CT USA, mission remains the same Deliver a publication that helps each reader become. Published 12x year monthly, a well rounded multidisciplinary practitioner who can confidently bring innovative in print and digital format. engineering ideas to bear on any number of relevant tasks problems and Distribution 24 000. technologies All while connecting them directly with qualified software and. hardware vendors to help them achieve these goals, Circuit Cellar maintains a business model and editorial policy that delivers.
advertisers with one of the most focused and engaged audiences in the embedded. systems industry At a time where the publishing industry is rapidly evolving CC Quick Stats. Circuit Cellar s commitment to excellence has catapulted its success with its print 78 of readers have. contacted an advertiser after, and digital editions sampling programs and design challenges seeing ads in Circuit Cellar. Circuit Cellar continues to break barriers by succeeding with a paid circulation. 97 of readers have visited, model editorial that s 100 focused on workbench level tools and techniques the websites of Circuit Cellar. and a venue where it s expected that all of the design details are published Pair advertisers. that with a sampling program that delivers thousands of hardware and software 98 of readers say Circuit. Cellar in uences their design, products to engineers around the globe and you can see why Circuit Cellar has. become a recognized standard that is never far from an engineer s workbench. Reader Profiles, Equally Split Hardware Software Design Academic Software Design Hardware Design. 36 Management Research Development,job function, Less than 100 Academic 500 999 1 000 9 999 10 000 or more.
5 12 employee count,Over 65 56 65 46 55 36 45 25 35 Under 25. education 11 29, Doctorate Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Associates Degree High School Diploma. Reader Profiles,Products Specified,Products Specified. Products Specified,Products Specified,Products Specified. Products Specified Products,Actuators relays and motors 39 Products Specified.
ASIC mask programmed 5 Products Specified,Desktop computer peripherals CRT 46. Desktop computers workstations 51, Development tools hardware emulators PROM PLD programmers 59. Development tools software C compilers debuggers etc 68. Displays 52,Enclosures 41,MCU MPU 8 bit 56,MCU MPU 16 bit 49. MCU MPU 32 bit 53,Memory SRAM and DRAM 44,Memory EPROM 56. PCBs design services 48,PCBs manufacturing services 42.
PLD FGA field programmed 34,Products Specified,Sensors temperatures pressure and optical 65. Single board computers PC104 VME and ISA PCI CompactPCI 30. Test and measurement devices oscilloscopes and logic analyzers 67. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80,End Products Designed,End Products Designed. End Products Designed,End Products Designed End,End Products Designed. Automotive components subassembly 19 End Products Designed. Consultant engineering services 32 End Products Designed. Consumer products 24 End Products Designed, Electronic components or subassemly 33 End Products Designed. Embedded computer hardware 55,Embedded computer software 58.
Industrial automation robotics 32 End Products Designed. Medical electronics 12 End Products Designed,Military avionics 11 End Products Designed. Wired communications 21 End Products Designed,Wireless communications 36. Test equipment 25,0 10 20 30 40 50 60,2012 Advertising Calendar. Issue Theme Space Close,Bonus Distribution Material Close. Mailing Date,258 January Embedded Applications Nov 11 2011.
International CES Nov 17 2011,Dec 20 2011,Contact Strategic Media. Marketing Inc to obtain the 259 February Wireless Communications Dec 12 2011. APEC DesignCon IPC APEX Expo Dec 19 2011,most up to date distribution Jan 20 2012. schedule or to receive Circuit, Cellar s Advertiser s Broadcast 260 March Robotics Jan 13 2012. Trinity College Jan 20 2012,which contains valuable details. Robotics Contest DESIGN West Feb 21 2012,about articles components to.
be featured bonus distributions 261 April Embedded Programming Feb 12 2012. Feb 22 2012,Mar 21 2012,262 May Measurement Sensors Mar 12 2012. CTIA Wireless Mar 19 2012,Apr 20 2012,Bonus Distributions are added. throughout the year and are subject 263 June Communications Apr 16 2012. to change SID Symposium Sensors Expo Apr 23 2012,May 22 2012. 264 July Internet Connectivity May 14 2012,Great Plains Super Launch May 21 2012. Theme related content amounts June 21 2012, to 20 of editorial and is subject 265 August Embedded Development June 11 2012.
to change Hot Chips Flash Memory Summit June 18 2012. July 20 2012,266 September Data Acquisition July 16 2012. Strategic Media Marketing Inc DESIGN East PCB West July 23 2012. 2 Main Street Aug 21 2012,Gloucester MA 01930,267 October Signal Processing Aug 13 2012. 978 281 7708 Sensors Tech Forum ARM TechCon Aug 20 2012. AES Convention Sept 20 2012,sales smmarketing us,268 November Analog Techniques Sept 13 2012. SoC Conference RoboBusiness Sept 20 2012,electronica Oct 19 2012. 269 December Programmable Logic Oct 15 2012,Oct 22 2012.
Nov 20 2012, Formerly known as ESC Silicon Valley and ESC Boston. 2012 Print Advertising Rates Artwork Guidelines,Black White Rates. 2 PG Spread FULL PG 1 2 PG 1 3 PG 1 4 PG 2 9 PG 1 9 PG. 1x 6 480 3 250 2 030 1 350 1 140 860 450, 3x 6 150 3 090 1 930 1 280 1 080 820 430 Color Rates. Four Color, 6x 5 830 2 930 1 830 1 220 1 030 770 410 Add 400 to B W rates. 12x 5 180 2 600 1 620 1 080 910 690 360 175 for 1 9 pg. Second Color CYAN,Add 175 to B W rates,75 for 1 9 pg.
Premium Positions Second Color other, Premium positions are available at the publisher s discretion Billed at the four color. Add 10 to the Net Rate process rate, Any ad designed to be positioned ONLY at a right or left hand page will be charged for. premium position,Cover Rates,Includes four color,Size Specifications. processing Frequency,All elements must fit within the live copy area. discounts do not apply, Two page spread 16 50 11 125 bleed size 15 25 10 live copy area with 1 gutter.
Full page covers 8 375 11 125 bleed size 7 10 live copy area. Cover II 3 950, All elements must fit within the border size Please specify ad shape when reserving space Cover III 3 610. 1 2 horizontal 7 4 75 Cover IV 4 240,1 2 island 4 50 7. 1 3 vertical 2 25 10,1 3 square 4 625 4 75,1 4 page 3 375 4 75. 1 Prepay U S 3 11 months receive 5,1 9 page 2 3,off net price discount Prepay 12. 2 9 page vertical 2 6 25,months receive 10 discount off.
2 9 page horizontal 4 25 3,net ad price Please confirm. prepayment plans with your SMM,sales representative when reserving. advertising space,2 U S Advertiser Credit Terms,Artwork Guidelines. Net 30 New Advertisers First ad, Advertisements submitted to Circuit Cellar should be. prepaid then Net 30 on approved, submitted in printer ready PDF format Artwork should.
be in vector based format to ensure similar presentation. 3 O utside U S Terms, in Circuit Cellar s digital edition at various onscreen sizes. Ads must be prepaid prior to space, However advertisements posted with the digital edition. closing date, may still exhibit subtle unavoidable differences in apparent. 4 All payment must be made in U S,resolution from that of press optimized files. dollars and drawn on a U S bank,PDF Checklist Funds may be wired Contact Circuit.
4 color ads should be in CMYK format Cellar s Advertising Department. Black and white ads should be in grayscale,Special Billing Charges. Fonts should be embedded,Digital ads are required, Graphics need to be high resolution 300 DPI or higher. Corrections changes to existing ads,and manipulation of digital files will. Ad materials questions may be sent to Kim Hopkins,incur additional production charges. e mail adcopy circuitcellar com and will be reflected on the invoice for. Use Winzip Stuffit for large files or send to that issue month. Circuit Cellar s YouSendIt Dropbox yousend it gVL3XO. Production charges apply for the,conversion of files from RGB into either.
CMYK for color ads or to grayscale for,2 Color and B W ads Note Photos. and graphics found on websites are,usually in RGB mode and are often of. poor quality for printing,E Newsletter Advertising CC News Notes. CC News Notes hits the inboxes of more than 18 000 opt in subscribers every month Deliver your messages directly to Circuit Cellar s targeted. markets in a quick and easy to read e newsletter Surround your promotions with technical content contest announcements and special offers. that keep CC News Notes opt in subscribers coming back for more. 74 of subscribers read CC News Notes monthly, CC News Notes is published the third week of the month to. correlate with issue mailing dates Materials are due by the. 15th each month See advertising calendar or contact Circuit. Cellar s advertising coordinator for details,Main Body 468 60 Banner 50 words of text 1 830.
Side Panel 100 100 Button 15 words of text 800,Banner 120 240 Banner 600. Web Advertising, Circuit Cellar s website www circuitcellar com is the world s portal to hands on embedded design projects. For advertisers Circuit Cellar s website is an ideal location to offer exclusive discounts and special offers to Circuit Cellar s sprawling subscription. base Multiple banners running in strategic high traffic areas of the website deliver your advertising to readers who are visiting the site for. Instant access to issue article PDFs Subscriber reserved specials that s you Need to know news product announcements. Web Banner Rates,Banner Type Dimensions Material Max Size Rate. Large Rectangle 300 250 JPG GIF or Flash 40kb 650 month. Half Banner 300 100 JPG GIF or Flash 40kb 300 month. Button 125 125 JPG GIF or Flash 40kb 125 month, Lower Banner 728 90 JPG GIF or Flash 40kb 500 month. Vendor Directory Listing, Circuit Cellar s Vendor Directory is a virtual yellow pages for.
engineering products and services Secure your listing at www circuitcellar com vendor today. Listing Type Dimensions Material Max Size Rate,Vendor Directory Listing Company name URL 50 word. 300 100 Banner 40kb 250 annual,Premium description logo graphic JPG GIF. Vendor Directory Listing Free Company name w URL No Charge. Introductory Rates Subject to Change Unless noted web banners rotate throughout entire site. www circuitcellar com,Circuit Cellar and Elektor Design Contests. Bank on more than two decades of design contest, experience with Circuit Cellar magazine An ever evolving. model enables your company to customize a program for. your target market deliver samples straight to engineers. in the field and interact with them through a variety of print. and web advertising social media and editorial coverage. Find out why dozens of sponsors are calling Circuit. Cellar s Design Contests some of the best avenues for. market penetration and successful build ins By join. ing forces with Elektor International Media in 2009 Thanks to your contests. Circuit Cellar has taken the meaning of global contest. I now have serious, to new levels Ask how your company can target markets.
documented experience,in the U S Germany Netherlands France Spain and. with Renesas Zilog, England among others with one comprehensive contest. Atmel and now PIC,microcontrollers, Circuit Cellar and Elektor s contest management team is. here to help guide you through a process where success. is as crucial to our editorial product as it is to you the. contest sponsor, Why contact Circuit Cellar for your next design contest. After my participation, Ready made audience Proven doers decision makers and.
in these contests I have, hands on design engineers who actively participate in CC s. design community often contributing full length feature been inundated with a lot. articles for print of design work and I also, Proven track record 81 of our readers claim Circuit became a consultant for. Cellar contests are the best or are better than average. Cypress PSoC family,Powerhouse publishing Contest sponsorship guaran. tees the best projects become a part of Circuit Cellar s. publishing experience both in print and online, Ongoing benefits 85 of those receiving Circuit Cellar. contest samples are also using them in commercial designs. or in the workplace, Turn key management Circuit Cellar takes care of all the.
grunt work from promotion and sample qualification to. distribution judging and postcontest presentation,.

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