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1 3 The main settlement within the parish is that of Ocle Pychard which is a small settlement. located on the south eastern fringes of the parish and is largely covered by two Conservation. Areas There is a cluster of listed building within these Conservation Areas including the. Church of St James It is noted that there are no Scheduled Ancient Monuments within the. parish however there are 6 ancient woodlands and a total of 2 Local Wildlife Sites The. application is supported by a Heritage Impact Statement. 1 4 The majority of the parish is identified as a principle settled farmlands which is a landscape. type described in the Herefordshire Councils Landscape Character Assessment 2004 as areas. of mixed farming land use found in the rolling lowland area of central Herefordshire These. areas are settled landscapes of dispersed scattered farms with small villages and hamlets and. a network of small winding lanes nestled within a matrix of hedged fields. 1 5 The application site as identified on the drawing below edged in red covers an area of 64 40ha. of agricultural land located to the south of the A465 west of the settlement of Ocle Pychard. Bridle path 0P8 and Public footpath OP9 cross the application site from the A465 in a southerly. direction The Three Choirs Way a long distance regional route between Gloucester. Herefordshire and Worcestershire passes along the southern boundary of the site The land. edged in blue is land in the applicant s ownership. Site Plan PL 03, 1 6 The surrounding area is generally characterised by a patchwork of enclosed pasture land with. some arable all following the topography of the land enclosed by hedged fields Highways Farm. has until recently been used in conjunction with a livestock farm whilst Lodge Farm was a dairy. farm Along this stretch of the A465 there are sporadic clusters of dwellings and small. businesses, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Aerial Image of application site and surroundign area. 1 7 There are no main rivers within the vicinity of the application site with a tributary watercourse. The Withington Marsh Brook to the River Lugg flowing along the southern boundary of the. application site Review of the EA s Flood Mapping shows that the vast majority of the site is. located in Flood Zone 1 The area along the watercourse in the south western part of the site in. located in Flood Zone 2 and Flood Zone 3 and is shown on the drawing above The EA risk of. flooding from Surface Water indicates isolated areas within the site boundary as being at risk of. flooding from surface water, 1 8 Levels across the application site vary with the land generally sloping down in a south westerly. direction from the A465 towards the tributary watercourse to the River Lugg on the southern. boundary of the site The highest level of the site is on the northern site boundary adjacent to. the A465 which is identified as 80m AOD The south west corner of the site for comparison is. identified as being 58m AOD Based on these levels the site has a drop of 22m from the. northern site boundary to the south west corner of the site The land rises again on the other. side of the tributary water course There are currently no formal drainage arrangements in place. on the existing agricultural land with all water currently infiltrating into the ground or on sub. surface pathways to the tributary of watercourse, 1 9 The fields on the northern boundaries of the site which adjoin the A465 have recently been. planted with apple trees These have been identified on the submitted plans. 1 10 There are a number of residential properties in close proximity to the site and its boundaries. There are a total of 4 dwellings 1 Old Monkton 2 Old Monkton Monkton Court and Monkton. Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. House which are located at the end of the unclassified no through road which serves Lodge. Farm and all within 150m of the proposed seasonal workers accommodation There is also. North Monkton which is located immediate to the north of Lodge Farm The Lodge Farmhouse. is located to the north of the farm buildings On the northern boundary of the site is Highway. House located to the east of the access to Highway Farm and shares an access with the site. This property is within the ownership of the applicant and will be occupied by a family member. To the west of the access is Highcroft Farm which is in separate ownership The residential. housing estate Holme Oaks is located around 50m to the east of the application site. The proposal, 1 11 This application seeks full planning permission for the erection of polytunnels and the necessary.
infrastructure including internal farm tracks a sustainable drainage scheme with attenuation. ponds seasonal workers accommodation and landscaping The proposed polytunnels are. broken down into 11 blocks and will all be used for the growing of table top strawberries. covering an area of 37 02 ha in total In addition 18 51 ha of apples as will be grown across the. site which are largely located on the northern boundary adjacent to the A465. 1 12 The overall land owned by the applicant in Ocle Pychard amounts to 145ha The applicant. operates a similar established operation to that being proposed at Withers Farm near Ledbury. It is intended that the proposed fruit growing enterprise will operate in conjunction with Withers. Fruit Farm and will supply fruit to Wye Fruit Ltd that is proposed to run along side the existing. 1 13 The proposal is for a mix of year round polytunnels covering an area of approximately 19 7ha. on the lower slopes The tunnels will all run in a north to south orientation and seasonal. polytunnels covering an area of approximately 17 31ha on the upper slopes The year round. tunnels are proposed at 8 2m wide and 5 2m high and constructed using galvanized gothic. arched hoops covered permanently with semi translucent rain covers The seasonal tunnels are. proposed to be 8 2m wide with a height of 4 5m again constructed using galvanised semi. circular hoops with coverage from 1st February to 15th November. 1 14 The plan below shows the layout of the proposed polytunnels The proposed tunnels are to be. arranged as multi span tunnels of various lengths to fit the field they are located on The. tunnels are to follow the contours of the ground and are to be anchored by screw legs. approximately every 2m intervals The covers are to be a translucent plastic sheet secured over. the tubular framework and tied or clipped in place. Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Proposed layout of polytunnels PL 04 Rev 2, 1 15 The proposal includes the use of the existing farm buildings at Highway Farm with a proposed. infill between the existing buildings to accommodate a blast chiller cold store and loading bay. These will be used to chill and store harvested fruit for a short period before being transported. to the Wye Fruit grading and packing facility in Ledbury. 1 16 As well as the polytunnels proposed the application proposes the installation of 72 static. caravans to be located south of Lodge Farm The supporting documentation advises that the. caravans will be capable of accommodating 6 workers which will enable families or friendship. groups to live together There is also a requirement for seasonal workers facilities to be. provided and theses are proposed within the existing buildings at Lodge Farm and will include a. meeting room office gymnasium and laundry room The internal arrangement of theses. facilities have not been submitted with this application. 1 17 The conversion of two of the existing buildings into permeant manager dwellings is being. considered under a separate application reference P182347 The static caravans and other. facilities are to be served by two large package treatment plants which are to be located at the. southern end of the field, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Proposed layout of seasonal workers accommodation PL 15. 1 18 The proposal does not necessitate any new access from the highway The existing farm access. point from Highway Farm on to the A465 will be utilised for all collections and deliveries of the. soft fruit produced at the site The existing access into Lodge Farm from Monkton Farm Lane. will be utilised for all traffic connected with the seasonal workers accommodation Harvested. fruit will be moved via internal farm access tracks to the cold store and chiller at Highway Farm. Fruit will then be moved by articulated lorries of which there will be no more than 2 a day in. peak season to the Wye Fruit packhouse in Ledbury The work force will access the site direct. from the seasonal workers accommodation also proposed as part of this application. 1 19 The application also proposes the strategic use of french drains and two surface water. attenuation ponds and an underground drainage system to convey the water with final. discharge to wetland areas The aim of the drainage scheme is to ensure all rainwater is. managed through the drainage system and to annually undertake a risk assessment and. actively manage the run off from the Polytunnels, 1 20 In addition to the rainwater surface water scheme a separated sealed drainage system to. capture water from the table top strawberry areas within the polytunnels is included as part of. the scheme Any surplus water that could contain fertilizers and pesticides coming from the. table top strawberry production will be segregated from rainwater and conveyed in a separate. sealed system to two underground chambers where it will be re used via the irrigation system. The system proposed include PVC sealed pipework which will deliver irrigation water injected. with fertiliser to the proposed table top growing beds and collects unused water for recycling. back through the system Unused water is pumped from the two underground 4 000 litre. collection chambers to a storage reservoir from where it is re supplied to the crops The. reservoir was subject to a separate planning application which was granted prior approval in. March 2018 under application 180712 PA7, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. 1 21 The treated foul water on the site will be used to irrigate the apple trees The applicant proposes. to pump treated effluent into two existing 17 1m diameter tanks at Lodge Farm and then use a. trickle irrigation system to irrigate the trees via soakaways A bespoke Environmental Permit. from the EA would be required for this, 1 22 The scheme also proposes additional landscaping across the site aimed to mitigate against any.
visual harm whilst also providing enhancement measures The landscaping proposed includes. retaining and reinforcing existing tree belts along the watercourse and hedgerow boundaries. maintaining existing field patterns the planting of new orchards to the north and east of the. development and indigenous tree planting around the seasonal workers accommodation. 1 23 Once production is fully developed at Ocle Pychard it is envisaged that the site will employ 23. full time workers and 330 seasonal workers Seasonal workers will not be allowed to bring. private motor vehicles to the site Minibuses will be used to transport workers to and from the. site as well take them into Hereford for shopping and leisure days out The number of seasonal. workers varies at different times of the year and the applicant has provided the table below. which identified the number of seasonal workers needed on the site in each calendar month. 1 24 The proposal is Schedule 2 development under the Town Country Planning Environmental. Impact Assessment Regulations 2017 To this end a screening exercise has been undertaken. by the Council which concluded that due to the projects size nature and location the proposal. does not represent development for which an Environmental Statement would be required The. application is however supported by a number of documents. Design Access Statement,Planning Statement,Archaeology Report. Noise Management Plan, Flood Risk Assessment Surface Water Drainage Management Plan. Ecological Assessment,Landscape Character Visual Assessment. Detailed Landscape Plan, Heritage Impact Statement for Polytunnel Development. 2 Policies,2 1 National Planning Policy Framework,Section 1 Introduction.
Section 2 Achieving Sustainable Development, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Section 4 Decision Making,Section 6 Building a Strong Competitive Community. Section 9 Promoting Sustainable Transport, Section 14 Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change Flooding and Coastal Change. Section 15 Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment. Section 16 Conserving and enhancing the Historic environment. 2 2 Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy, SS1 Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development. SS4 Movement and Transportation,SS5 Employment Provision.
SS6 Environmental Quality and Local Distinctiveness. SS7 Addressing Climate Change,RA3 Herefordshires Countryside. RA4 Agricultural forestry and rural enterprise dwelling. RA6 Rural economy, MT1 Traffic Management Highway Safety and Promoting Active Travel. E1 Employment Provision,LD1 Landscape and Townscape. LD2 Biodiversity and Geodiversity,LD3 Green Infrastructure. LD4 Historic Environment and Heritage Assets,SD1 Sustainable Design and Energy Efficiency.
SD2 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy, SD3 Sustainable Water Management and Water Resources. SD4 Waste Water Treatment and River Water Quality,2 3 Ocle Pychard Neighbourhood Development Plan. A Neighbourhood Development Plan has been drafted and was sent for examination on the. 22nd May 2018 The examiners report was received on the 17th December 2018 and. recommended that the NDP progresses to referendum which is scheduled for the 14th. February 2018, As the NDP has progressed this far officers consider it should be given significant weight in. the determination of this planning application Submission objectives and policies of particular. relevance to this proposal are summarised below,Objectives for economic and social development. The Neighbourhood Development Plan will guide economic and social development by. Supporting rural diversification and other forms of economic development which are. appropriate to their location and setting,Working to improve electronic communications.
Supporting renewable energy particularly community led proposals. Supporting the retention of existing community facilities and new provision. Identifying Community Actions in respect of matters outside the formal scope of the. Neighbourhood Development Plan,Objectives for the environment. The Neighbourhood Development Plan will ensure that the local environment is protected and. enhanced by, Providing for the protection conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic. environments in accordance with Local Plan Core Strategy policies. Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Ensuring that new development is in keeping with its surroundings and appropriately. designed and accessed, Supporting modern design approaches that make a positive contribution to local character. and distinctiveness,Policy OPG1 Sustainable development. In considering the overall contribution of development proposals to the sustainable. development of the Ocle Pychard Group Neighbourhood Area the following principles will be. sought and balanced, 1 Enabling new housing to meet strategic requirements and the needs of local communities.
2 Supporting proposals for new and diversified employment opportunities which are. compatible and in scale with the rural nature of the area and. 3 Retaining and enhancing community infrastructure and promoting and enabling new. provision to meet a range of needs and promote quality of life and Ocle Pychard Group. Neighbourhood Development Plan, 4 Taking all opportunities to protect and enhance the distinctive natural and historic. environments with development avoiding undue loss of visual amenity or impacts on. landscape character and biodiversity, Policy OPG7 Economic development in Ocle Pychard Group. Proposals to generate employment and to support and diversify the rural economy will be. supported where they are of a scale type and nature appropriate to their countryside location. and setting This includes, 1 The re use of redundant rural buildings for business use and for the provision of live work. 2 The small scale extension of existing business premises and commercial facilities. 3 Extensions to existing dwellings needed to enable home working. 4 The development and diversification of farm forestry and other land based rural. businesses, 5 Rural tourism and leisure proposals particularly those which serve to sustain enhance and. promote a better understanding of the local natural historic and cultural environment. Policy OPG11 Natural environment, Proposals should be able to demonstrate that they protect conserve and enhance the natural.
environment in accordance with the principles in Local Plan Core Strategy policies LD1 LD2. and LD3 This includes the following as is relevant to the proposal. 1 The protection and recovery of European and nationally protected species and. 2 Ensuring that development avoids adverse effects on the River Wye Special Area of. Conservation and the Rivers Wye and Lugg Sites of Special Scientific Interest and. 3 Conserving restoring and enhancing sites and features of biodiversity interest in. accordance with their status including those identified in the Priority Habitats Inventory. Local Wildlife Sites woodland veteran trees hedgerows ponds and watercourses and. 4 Maintaining restoring and where possible enhancing the contribution of habitats to the. coherence and connectivity of the Herefordshire Ecological Network and taking into. account their role as green infrastructure and, 5 Ensuring that proposals respect the prevailing landscape character as defined in the. County Landscape Character Assessment including associated views trees and. hedgerows and local features of interest, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Policy OPG12 Historic Environment, Proposals should be able to demonstrate that they protect conserve and enhance the historic. environment and heritage assets in accordance with the principles in Local Plan Core Strategy. LD4 This includes the following as relevant to the proposal. 1 Protecting conserving and where possible enhancing listed buildings in a manner. appropriate to their significance and, 2 Preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the Ocle Pychard and Ullingswick. Conservation Areas and, 3 Taking due account of other undesignated heritage assets including archaeological sites.
and the historic route of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal and associated. features and, 4 Ensuring that proposals for the redevelopment alteration or extension of historic. farmsteads and agricultural buildings are sensitive to their distinctive character materials. Policy OPG13 Design and Access,Development proposals should. 1 Respect the character of adjoining development and the wider landscape having regard to. siting scale height massing detailing means of enclosure and the use of traditional. materials and, 2 Incorporate relevant sustainability measures to include building orientation and design. energy and water conservation the use of sustainable construction methods and materials. provision for the recycling of waste cycle storage communications and broadband. technologies and the generation of renewable energy and. 3 In the case of proposals for new housing be sited and designed to avoid adverse impacts. on the amenity of future occupants from the operation of existing uses including agricultural. and business operations and, 4 Be capable of being safely accessed from the local road network without undue local. environmental impacts which cannot be mitigated The arrangements for access should. include provisions for pedestrians and cyclists to encourage active travel wherever. practicable and, 5 Avoid creating unacceptable impacts on residential amenity and the tranquillity of the.
countryside from noise volume and nature of traffic generated dust or odour Where. external lighting is proposed avoid adverse amenity and environmental impacts occurring. through light spillage and, 6 Retain and incorporate existing site features of amenity and biodiversity value such as. trees ponds and hedgerows as far as practicable and. 7 Provide for new landscaping which is in keeping with the prevailing landscape character to. integrate new buildings in their surroundings and to support green infrastructure and the. Herefordshire Ecological Network, 2 4 The Core Strategy policies together with any relevant supplementary planning documentation. can be viewed on the Council s website by using the following link. https www herefordshire gov uk info 200185 local plan 137 adopted core strategy. Other relevant guidance, 2 5 Polytunnel Planning advice guide 2018 replacement of the Polytunnels Supplementary. Planning Document Adopted 5th December 2008,2 6 National Planning Practice Guidance. 3 Planning History, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961.
3 1 182276 EIA EIA Screening Opinion for the proposed erection of polytunnels for strawberry. table top production and the necessary infrastructure Issued 25th July 2018 EIA not. 3 2 180712 PA7 Prior approval for the proposed construction of an irrigated reservoir with. approximately 200 000m3 water capacity Approved 22nd March 2018. 3 3 102161 F Proposal to cover two concrete areas and erect one feed livestock building. Approved 2nd November 2018, 3 4 DCNC091405 F Installation of above ground slurry store Approved 5th August 2018. 4 Consultation Summary,Statutory Consultations,4 1 Welsh Water No objection. We refer to your planning consultation relating to the above site and we can provide the. following comments in respect to the proposed development. As the applicant intends utilising a private treatment works we would advise that the applicant. contacts The Environment Agency Herefordshire Council Land Drainage Department who may. have an input in the regulation of this method of drainage disposal. However should circumstances change and a connection to the public sewerage system public. sewerage treatment works is preferred we must be re consulted on this application Our. response is based on the information provided by your application Should the proposal alter. during the course of the application process we kindly request that we are re consulted and. reserve the right to make new representation,4 2 Historic England No comments to make. Thank you for your letter of 20 June 2018 regarding the above application for planning. permission On the basis of the information available to date we do not wish to offer any. comments We suggest that you seek the views of your specialist conservation and. archaeological advisers as relevant, It is not necessary for us to be consulted on this application again unless there are material. changes to the proposals However if you would like detailed advice from us please contact us. to explain your request, 4 3 Natural England No objection subject to conditions.
Initial response received on 19th July 2018, Summary of Natural England s advice further information required to determine impacts on. designated sites, As submitted the application could have potential significant effects on River Wye SAC Special. Area of Conservation SAC Natural England requires further information in order to determine. the significance of these impacts and the scope for mitigation. The following information is required, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Further details on how sewage will be treated,Clarification of water use extraction. Clarification of what is happening to the irrigation water. Further details on the wetland, Without this information Natural England may need to object to the proposal.
Further response received on 6th December 2018, Thank you for your consultation dated 20 November 2018 sent from Juliet Moxon regarding. the Appropriate Assessment for the above proposal, Natural England is a non departmental public body Our statutory purpose is to ensure that the. natural environment is conserved enhanced and managed for the benefit of present and future. generations thereby contributing to sustainable development. In our previous response 19 July 2018 regarding this site Natural England advised that as part. of the Habitats Regulations Assessment HRA the Local Planning Authority should ensure that. there would be no harmful discharges of foul or surface water from the application site into the. River Lugg which is part of the River Wye Special Area of Conservation SAC which is a. European designated site We specifically requested further details as follows. How sewage will be treated,Clarification of water use extraction. Clarification of what is happening to the irrigation water. Further details on the wetland, We note that additional details have now been submitted within the amended Flood Risk. Assessment and Surface Water Drainage Management Plan and correspondence regarding. the sewage treatment specification use of effluent and the sealed pipework system Natural. England can therefore agree with the Appropriate Assessment submitted by your authority that. sufficient information has now been submitted to rule out the likelihood of significant effects on. the River Wye SAC We also agree with the requirement for suitably worded conditions. regarding foul and surface water management,Internal Council Consultations.
4 4 Historic Buildings Officer No objection,Comments received 9 10 2018. Recommendations, It is not felt that the proposals would cause adverse harm to the setting of heritage assets. Background to Recommendations, The proposals are for polytunnels in an area to the West of Olce Pychard a small. conservation area with a Grade 2 listed Church, The setting of the following assets have been considered and the site visited. Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. It is not felt that those aspects of the setting of these heritage assets which contribute to their. significance would be adversely affected by the proposals. Quicksets Farm Grade 2 200m to the North of the site boundary. Ocle Pychard Conservation Area and Church of St James the Great grade 2. Upper Castleton Grade 2 650m to South East of site boundary. Lower Castleton Grade 2 including barns 780m to South East of site boundary. Further comments received on the 19th October following objections from members of the. public in relation to the setting of the Ocle Pychard Conservation Area. These comments relate to a query about the setting of the Conservation Area CA at Ocle. Whilst there is no statutory protection for the setting of a Conservation Area however it can be. a planning consideration and it is considered a Heritage Asset for the purposes of the NPPF. From the submission there may be areas within the CA where the proposed polytunnels could. be experienced, When looking at setting it is not just how the heritage asset is experienced but those aspects.
of that experience which relate to its significance or importance. With the Conservation Area at Ocle Pychard it is not felt that the enjoyment or experience of. the Church would be adversely affected by the proposals however there may be areas where. the polytunnels are visible, It is not felt that this change to the experience is sufficient to meet the bar for less than. substantial harm to the significance or character of the Conservation Area however it is noted. as is the concern raised, Given the concern raised by the member of the public and that we are duty bound to show due. diligence I would request more information The application looks at heritage in part in various. documents it would be beneficial for the avoidance of doubt to submit a unified document. drawing on information within the LVIA planning statement etc which examines the setting of. heritage assets in relation to s 189 of the NPPF and the Historic England Guidance Note 3 on. the Setting of Heritage Assets We would be grateful for a further consultation once this. information has been submitted,Comments received on 11 01 2019. In terms of the heritage statement this would meet the requirements of para 189 of the NPPF as. it would describe the significance of the heritage assets and the contribution made by setting. We would query whether it would meet the additional guidance from Historic England GPA3. as the structure doesn t necessarily follow the staged approach in order it does have the. necessary information, The setting of a Conservation Area is referred to in the NPPF This is not a statutory protection. It is not felt that the setting of the Conservation Area would be affected in such a way that less. than substantial harm would occur In terms of the setting of the Church it is not felt that those. aspects of the setting of the church which contribute to its significance would be harmed by the. proposals It is not strongly visible within the Landscape from the North and only glimpsed. views would be possible from the Church, 4 5 Planning Ecologist No objection subject to conditions.
Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Initial response 9 10 2018, I have responded to the requirement for HRA screening for this application and will comment on. the ecological survey documents in due course, Thank you for forwarding the updated ecological assessment which I have read This appears. to be in order and a follow up statement by the ecologists with which I would also concur. addresses issues raised by local members of the public. With regard to site ecology I would suggest that if given approval the following non standard. condition is attached, The recommendations for species and habitat enhancements set out in the ecologist s report. from Chris Seabridge and Associates dated July 2008 should be followed unless otherwise. agreed in writing by the local planning authority and the scheme shall be carried out as. approved A working method statement for any protected species present together with an. enhancement plan integrated with the landscaping scheme should be submitted to the local. planning authority in writing The plan shall be implemented as approved. An appropriately qualified and experienced ecological clerk of works should be appointed or. consultant engaged in that capacity to oversee the ecological mitigation work. To ensure that all species are protected having regard to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. with amendments and as supplemented by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 the. Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 and the Conservation of Habitats and. Species Regulations 2010 and 2012 amendment, To comply Herefordshire Council s Policies LD2 Biodiversity and Geodiversity LD3 Green. Infrastructure of the Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2013 2031 and to meet the. requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework NPPF. There remains the aspects of Habitats Regulations Assessment highlighted by Natural England. in their response I am content that the sealed crop irrigation system collecting excess. fertigation water is adequate mitigation and will include this in an Appropriate Assessment. However the latter cannot be completed until clarification has been received with regard to the. management of foul the attenuation basins and the operation of the wetland habitat proposed. As this bounds the brook side of Withington Brook assurance should be sought in relation to. mitigation of any hydrological pollution impacts on this stream which links to the R Lugg part. of the R Wye Special Area of Conservation, 4 6 Service Manager Built and Natural Environment Landscape Officer.
Initial response 27th July 2018, Following on from our site visit and having now read the detail of the submitted Landscape and. Visual Impact Assessment dated June 2018 I write to advise you that I do wish to carry out. further assessment as to the potential visual effects in particular at Ocle Pychard and 3 Choirs. Way In the meantime there are a number of matters in respect of the application which I will. draw to your attention in order for you to highlight these with the applicant. A number of existing trees on site are not shown as plotted on the plans these will need to. be shown on the landscape proposals as retained, A viewpoint from Thinghill Court at C1130 and WT21 should be assessed as part of the. LVIA Details of the attenuation ponds should be provided in terms of function use extent. of excavation profile of pond wetland, Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961. Landscape proposals setting out vegetation for retention removal and proposed planting will. need to be provided as part of the application however I will advise further on this matter. following my additional site visits, Further comments received on 5 08 2018 Further information required. The proposal comprises polytunnel coverage for strawberry production of 37 02 hectares of. agricultural land 19 71ha of which is year round coverage whilst the remaining 17 31ha is. seasonal coverage Feb Nov Ancillary development includes the upgrading of the access at. Highway Farm necessitating the loss of hedgerow for visibility splays the introduction of farm. access tracks linking the development the creation of 2 attenuation ponds and the siting of a. number of static caravans to provide workers accommodation within the field south of Lodge. I have visited the site and its surroundings on a number of occasions initially to provide pre. application advice for a scheme of this nature in July 2017 and more recently to assess the. potential landscape and visual impact following the submission of a full application. The local landscape character for the site and its surroundings is Principal Settled Farmlands. defined as settled agricultural landscapes of dispersed scattered farms relic comments and. small villages and hamlets This type possesses two key characteristics which are hedgerows to. mark field boundaries and mixed farming use Whilst I disagree with the LVIA that this. landscape has undergone considerable change thereby implying a reduction in its quality I do. in essence draw the same conclusion that the overall sensitivity of this undesignated landscape. Given the complexity of the application there are a number of effects upon the landscape which. should be factored into the overall magnitude of impact these are. The introduction of the polytunnel coverage permanent cover on the lower slopes. seasonal on the upper slopes a manmade product within an essentially natural landscape. The introduction of further farm access tracks and the puncturing through hedgerows to link. the access routes, Hedgerow loss at Highway Farm to provide visibility splays.
2 Attenuation ponds details not submitted do need these natural ponds planting potential. enhancement, My assessment of these effects would conclude that the main impact would arise from the. introduction of the polytunnel coverage themselves however given that this type of. development can be removed and does not result in the loss of elements within the landscape I. would not conclude that the impact is significant, Whilst I do not anticipate any of the other aforementioned impacts to be of a significant nature. to aid comprehension of the scheme I do seek clarification on the extent of roadside hedgerow. removal at Highway Farm as well as detail on the proposed attenuation ponds use profiling. In respect of the anticipated visual effects I am satisfied that I have visited all of the viewpoints. identified within the landscape report with the case officer and that we have a clear. understanding of the degree of any potential effects. In my professional view the proposed site does benefit from both topography and extensive. vegetative cover in particular along the watercourse This provides a relatively strong visual. buffer to the polytunnel coverage along the lower slopes Views of the upper slopes are more. readily available in particular along Three Choirs Walk however the views are still confined to. small sections of the fields and often filtered by vegetation The orchard planting some of which. Further information on the subject of this report is available from Ms Rebecca Jenman on 01432 261961.

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