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Congratulations Important safety,on purchasing your new VTech product instructions. Before using this telephone please read When using your telephone equipment . Important safety instructions basic safety precautions should always. This manual has all the feature operations be followed to reduce the risk of fire . and troubleshooting necessary to install electric shock and injury including the. and operate your new VTech telephone following , Please review this manual thoroughly to 1 Read and understand all instructions . ensure proper installation and operation 2 Follow all warnings and instructions. of this innovative and feature rich VTech marked on the product . product 3 Unplug this product from the wall, outlet before cleaning Do not use. For support shopping and everything liquid or aerosol cleaners Use a damp. new at VTech visit our website at cloth for cleaning . www vtechphones com 4 Do not use this product near water. In Canada please visit such as near a bath tub wash bowl . www vtechcanada com kitchen sink laundry tub or swimming. pool or in a wet basement or shower , Compatible with Telephones identified with. Hearing Aid T Coil, this logo have reduced 5 Do not place this product on an.
noise and interference unstable table shelf stand or other. when used with most T coil unstable surfaces , T equipped hearing aids 6 Avoid placing the telephone system. TIA 1083, and cochlear implants in places with extreme temperature . The TIA 1083 Compliant direct sunlight or other electrical. devices Protect your phone from, Logo is a trademark of. moisture dust corrosive liquids and, the Telecommunications. fumes , Industry Association Used, under license 7 Slots and openings in the back or.
bottom of the telephone base and, handset are provided for ventilation To. protect them from overheating these, openings must not be blocked by. placing the product on a soft surface, such as a bed sofa or rug This product. should never be placed near or over a, radiator or heat register This product. should not be placed in any area where, proper ventilation is not provided .
8 This product should be operated, only from the type of power source. indicated on the marking label If you, are not sure of the type of power. supply in your home or office consult, your dealer or local power company . 9 Do not allow anything to rest on, the power cord Do not install this 14 Avoid using a telephone other than. product where the cord may be cordless during an electrical storm . walked on There is a remote risk of electric shock. 10 Never push objects of any kind into from lightning . this product through the slots in the 15 Do not use the telephone to report. telephone base or handset because a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak . they may touch dangerous voltage Under certain circumstances a spark. points or create a short circuit Never may be created when the adapter. spill liquid of any kind on the product is plugged into the power outlet . 11 To reduce the risk of electric shock or when the handset is replaced in. do not disassemble this product its cradle This is a common event. but take it to an authorized service associated with the closing of any. facility Opening or removing parts electrical circuit The user should. of the telephone base or handset not plug the phone into a power. other than specified access doors may outlet and should not put a charged. expose you to dangerous voltages handset into the cradle if the phone is. or other risks Incorrect reassembling located in an environment containing. can cause electric shock when the concentrations of flammable or. product is subsequently used flame supporting gases unless there. 12 Do not overload wall outlets and is adequate ventilation A spark in. extension cords such an environment could create a. 13 Unplug this product from the wall fire or explosion Such environments. outlet and refer servicing to an might include medical use of. authorized service facility under the oxygen without adequate ventilation . following conditions industrial gases cleaning solvents . gasoline vapors etc a leak of natural, When the power supply cord or.
gas etc , plug is damaged or frayed , 16 Only put the handset of your. If liquid has been spilled onto the, telephone next to your ear when it is. product , in normal talk mode , If the product has been exposed. 17 The power adapters are intended to be, to rain or water . correctly oriented in a vertical or floor, If the product does not operate mount position The prongs are not.
normally by following the designed to hold the plug in place if it is. operating instructions Adjust only plugged into a ceiling . those controls that are covered under the table or cabinet outlet . by the operation instructions , Improper adjustment of other SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. controls may result in damage and, often requires extensive work by Battery. an authorized technician to restore CAUTION Use Only Supplied Battery . the product to normal operation Do not dispose of the battery in a fire . If the product has been dropped Check with local waste management. and the telephone base and or codes for special disposal instructions . handset has been damaged Do not open or mutilate the battery . If the product exhibits a distinct Released electrolyte is corrosive and. change in performance may cause burns or injury to the eyes. or skin The electrolyte may be toxic if telephone conversations as being as. swallowed private as those on corded telephones , Exercise care in handling batteries in Electrical power The telephone base. order not to create a short circuit with of this cordless telephone must be. conductive materials connected to a working electrical. Charge the battery provided with this outlet The electrical outlet should not. product only in accordance with the be controlled by a wall switch Calls. instructions and limitations specified in cannot be made from the cordless. this manual handset if the telephone base is, unplugged switched off or if the. Precautions for users of implanted, electrical power is interrupted .
cardiac pacemakers, Potential TV interference Some. Cardiac pacemakers applies only to cordless telephones operate at. digital cordless telephones frequencies that may cause interference. Wireless Technology Research LLC to televisions and VCRs To minimize or. WTR an independent research entity prevent such interference do not place. led a multidisciplinary evaluation of the the telephone base of the cordless. interference between portable wireless telephone near or on top of a TV or. telephones and implanted cardiac VCR If interference is experienced . pacemakers Supported by the U S moving the cordless telephone farther. Food and Drug Administration WTR away from the TV or VCR often reduces. recommends to physicians that or eliminates the interference . Rechargeable batteries Exercise care, Pacemaker patients in handling batteries in order not to. Should keep wireless telephones at create a short circuit with conducting. least six inches from the pacemaker material such as rings bracelets and. Should NOT place wireless telephones keys The battery or conductor may. directly over the pacemaker such as in a overheat and cause harm Observe. breast pocket when it is turned ON proper polarity between the battery. Should use the wireless telephone at and the battery charger . the ear opposite the pacemaker Nickel metal hydride rechargeable. batteries Dispose of these batteries in,WTR s evaluation did not identify any risk. a safe manner Do not burn or puncture,to bystanders with pacemakers from other. the battery Like other batteries of this,persons using wireless telephones .
type if burned or punctured they, About cordless telephones could release caustic material which. Privacy The same features that make a could cause injury . cordless telephone convenient create, some limitations Telephone calls are. transmitted between the telephone, base and the cordless handset by radio. waves so there is a possibility that, the cordless telephone conversations. could be intercepted by radio, receiving equipment within range of.
the cordless handset For this reason , you should not think of cordless. Table of contents Transfer a call 13, Intercom 13. Answer an incoming call during,What s in the box 1. an intercom call 14,Overview 2 Call transfer using intercom 14. Handset overview 2 Redial list 15, Telephone base overview 3 Review a redial list entry 15.
Charger overview 3 Dial a redial list entry 15, Display icons overview 4 Delete a redial list entry 15. Handset and Telephone base, lights overview 4 Directory 16. Add a directory entry 16,Connect 5 Review directory entries 17. Connect the telephone base 5 Alphabetical search 17. Connect the charger 5 Delete a directory entry 17, Mount the telephone base 5 Dial a directory entry 17. Install and charge the battery 6 Speed dial 18,Charge the battery 7 Assign a speed dial entry 18.
Before use 8 Reassign a speed dial entry 18, Dial a speed dial number 18. Set date and time 8, Delete a speed dial entry 19,Check for a dial tone 8. Operating range 8 Caller ID 19, Configure your telephone 9 Review the caller ID log 19. Memory match 20,Using the handset menu 9, Missed call indicator 20. Set language 9, View dialing options 20,Set date and time 9.
Dial a caller ID log entry 20,Home area code 10, Save a caller ID log entry to. Dial mode 10, the directory 21,Temporary tone dialing 10. Delete the caller ID log entries 21,Telephone Operations 11. Sound settings 21,Make a call 11, Key tone 21,Predial a call 11. Ringer tone 21,Answer a call 11, Handset ringer volume 22.
End a call 11, Temporary ringer silencing 22,Speakerphone 11. Quiet mode 22,Volume control 12,Mute 12 Retrieve voicemail from. Join a call in progress for multiple telephone service 23. handset models only 12 Retrieve voicemail 23,Call waiting 12 Turn off the new. Chain dialing 12 voicemail indicators 23,Find handset 13. Expand your telephone system 23,Screen messages 24.
Frequently asked questions 25,ECO mode 28,General product care 29. ,The RBRC seal 29,FCC ACTA and, IC regulations 30. California Energy Commission, battery charging testing instructions . 32,For C UL compliance only 32,Limited warranty 35. Technical specifications 37, What s in the box,Your telephone package contains the.
following items Save your sales receipt and,original packaging in case it is necessary to. ship your telephone for warranty service , NOTE, 1 set for CS6719 2 CS6719 26 CS6719 27. To purchase replacement batteries or power, adapters visit our website at. www vtechphones com or call, 1 800 595 9511 In Canada go to. www vtechcanada com or dial, 1 800 267 7377 Important Safety.
Abridged user s, manual Instructions, 1 set for CS6719 CS6719 15 CS6719 16 CS6719 17 . CS6719 2 CS6719 26 CS6719 27,1 set for CS6719 CS6719 15 CS6719 16 CS6719 17 . CS6719 2 CS6719 26 CS6719 27,1 set for CS6719 CS6719 15 CS6719 16 . CS6719 17 ,2 sets for CS6719 2 CS6719 26 CS6719 27. , Overview 5 , Press repeatedly to show other, dialing options when reviewing a.
Handset overview, caller ID log entry , 6 INT, p a Press to start an intercom. conversation or transfer a call for, multi handset models only . b 7 Microphone, o, 8 , n Make or answer a call using the. c, handset speakerphone , m, d During a call press to switch. l between the speakerphone and the, handset , 9 MUTE DELETE.
k Mute the microphone during a, j call , e, Delete digits or characters while. i f using the dialing keys , h, g, Silence the ringer temporarily. while the handset is ringing , 10 , 1 Handset earpiece While you have set the dial mode. 2 LCD display to pulse and on a call press to, switch to tone dialing temporarily . 3 MENU SELECT, 11 , Show the menu , Press to add a space when.
While in a menu press to select an, entering names . item or save an entry or setting ,4 OFF CANCEL 12 1. Hang up a call Press repeatedly to add or remove, 1 in front of the caller ID log entry. Silence the ringer temporarily, before dialing or saving it to the. while the handset is ringing , directory , Press and hold to erase the missed.
Press and hold to set or dial your, call indicator while the phone is. voicemail number , not in use , Press to return to the previous 13 FLASH. menu or press and hold to return Make or answer a home call . to idle mode without making Answer an incoming home call. changes when you hear a call waiting alert , , 14 REDIAL PAUSE Telephone base overview. Press repeatedly to review the, redial list , Press and hold to insert a dialing. pause while entering a number d,15 VOLUME , Review the directory when the.
phone is not in use , Increase the listening volume. during a call c a, Scroll up while in a menu or in the. directory caller ID log or redial b, list , Move the cursor to the right when. entering numbers or names 1 IN USE light, VOLUME CID. Review the caller ID log when the Flashes when there is an incoming. phone is not in use call or another telephone sharing the. Decrease the listening volume same line is in use . during a call On when the handset is in use , Scroll down while in a menu or.
2 FIND HANDSET, in the directory caller ID log or. redial list , Press to page all system handsets , Move the cursor to the left when. entering numbers or names 3 Charging pole,16 CHARGE light 4 Charge light. On when the handset is charging , Charger overview. a, 1 Charging pole, , Display icons overview Handset and Telephone base lights.
overview, The battery icon flashes, when the battery is low Handset lights. and needs charging , On when the handset, The battery icon animates speakerphone is in. when the battery is use , charging CHARGE On when the handset. is charging in the, The battery icon becomes telephone base or. solid when the battery is handset charger , fully charged .
The handset ringer is off Telephone base lights, There are new voicemail IN USE On when the telephone. received from your line is in use , telephone service On when you are. provider registering a handset , Flashes quickly when. ECO The ECO mode activates, there is an incoming, automatically to reduce. call , power consumption when, the handset is within range Flashes when another.
from the telephone base telephone sharing the, same line is in use . Flashes when you, NEW There are new caller ID log are deregistering all. entries handsets , , Connect Mount the telephone base. The telephone comes ready for tabletop, You can choose to connect the telephone use If you have already installed the. base for desktop usage or wall mounting telephone for tabletop use unplug the. NOTES telephone line cord from the telephone, Use only the power adapters supplied with wall jack and unplug the telephone base.
this product power adapter from the wall outlet before. Make sure the electrical outlets are not mounting your telephone on a wall Follow. controlled by wall switches the steps below to mount your telephone. The adapters are intended to be correctly on a wall . oriented in a vertical or floor mount, position The prongs are not designed to 1 Route the telephone line cord through. hold the plug in place if it is plugged into a, ceiling under the table or cabinet outlet the rectangular hole on the wall mount. bracket Then plug the two ends of the, TIP telephone line cord into the telephone. If you subscribe to digital subscriber line base and the wall outlet as shown . DSL high speed Internet service through, your telephone line make sure you install. a DSL filter not included between the, telephone line cord and telephone wall.
jack Contact your DSL service provider for, more information . Connect the telephone base, 2 Align the holes on the bracket with. the standard wall plate and slide the, bracket down until it clicks securely in. place ,Connect the charger, A, , 3 Align the grooves on the telephone Install and charge the battery. base with the tabs on the wall mount, bracket and then slide it down until it Install the battery as shown below .
NOTES, clicks securely in place , Use only supplied battery . If the handset will not be used for a long, time disconnect and remove the battery to. prevent possible leakage ,4 Connect the power adapter to the. telephone base and an electrical outlet, not controlled by a wall switch . THIS SIDE UP, THIS SIDE UP, , Charge the battery When it is fully charged you can expect.
Place the handset in the telephone base the following performance . or the charger to charge Operation Operating time, While in handset use Seven hours. talking , While in Three hours, speakerphone mode. talking , While not in use Five days, standby , Operating times vary depending on your actual. use and the age of the battery , Handset is not charging or in use . Once you have installed the battery the,handset LCD display indicates the battery.
status see the table below , NOTES, For best performance keep the handset in the. telephone base or charger when not, in use , The battery is fully charged after 12 hours of. continuous charging , If you place the handset in the telephone. base or the charger without plugging, in the battery the screen displays. No battery , Battery Battery status Action, indicators.
The screen The battery Charge without, is blank or has no charge interruption. shows Put in or very little at least 30, charger and charge The minutes . flashes handset, cannot be, used , The screen The battery has Charge without. shows Low enough charge interruption, battery and to be used for at least 30. flashes a short time minutes , The screen The battery is To keep.
shows charged the battery, HANDSET X charged , place it in the. telephone, base or, charger when, not in use , , Before use Operating range. After you install your telephone or power This cordless telephone operates with the. returns following a power outage the maximum power allowed by the Federal. handset will prompt you to set the date Communications Commission FCC Even. and time so this handset and telephone base can, communicate over only a certain distance. Set date and time which can vary with the locations of the. 1 Use the dialing keys 0 9 to enter the telephone base and handset the weather . month MM date DD and year YY and the layout of your home or office . Then press SELECT When the handset is out of range the. 2 Use the dialing keys 0 9 to enter the handset displays Out of range or no pwr at. hour HH and minute MM Then base , press or to choose AM or PM If there is a call while the handset is out of. 3 Press SELECT to save range it may not ring or if it does ring . the call may not connect well when you, press Move closer to the telephone.
Check for dial tone base and then press, Press If you hear a dial tone the to answer the call If the handset. installation is successful moves out of range during a telephone. conversation there may be interference , If you do not hear a dial tone To improve reception move closer to the. Make sure the installation procedures telephone base . described above are properly done , It may be a wiring problem If you. have changed your telephone, service to digital service from a cable. company or a VoIP service provider , the telephone line may need to be.
rewired to allow all existing telephone, jacks to work Contact your cable VoIP. service provider for more information , , Configure your telephone Set date and time. 1 Press MENU when the handset is not,Using the handset menu in use . 1 Press MENU when the phone is not in 2 Press or to highlight Set date time . use and then press SELECT , 2 Press or until the screen displays 3 Use the dialing keys 0 9 to enter the. the desired feature menu month MM date DD and year YY . 3 Press SELECT to enter that menu Then press SELECT . To return to the previous menu press 4 Use the dialing keys 0 9 to enter the. CANCEL on the handset hour HH and minute MM Then, press or to choose AM or PM .
To return to idle mode press and hold, CANCEL on the handset 5 Press SELECT to save . Set language,The LCD language is preset to English . You can select English French or Spanish,to be used in all screen displays . 1 Press MENU when the handset is not, in use ,2 Press or to highlight Settings and. then press SELECT ,3 Press SELECT to select, LCD language .
4 Press or to highlight English , Fran ais or Espa ol and then press. SELECT , The screen displays Set English when, you choose English . The screen displays Set Fran ais when, you choose Fran ais . The screen displays Set Espa ol , when you choose Espa ol . 5 Press SELECT to save your selection , You hear a confirmation tone.
NOTE, If you accidentally changed the LCD, language to French or Spanish you can reset. it to English easily by pressing MENU and, then entering 364 .

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