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A New Look at the Books of Revelation amp Daniel End Time
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Overview of Seals 1 5 24,First Seal White Horse 25. Second Seal Red Horse 25,Third Seal Black Horse 26. Fourth Seal Pale Horse 26,Fifth Seal Martyrs 27,Historical Detail of Seals 1 5 28. First Seal White Horse Conquest 28, Rome s Greatest Geographic Expansion under Trajan 29. Trajan s Reign during the Jewish Kitos War 31,Trajan s Response to Christians 32.
Trajan s Birth During the Feast of Tabernacles 32,Second Seal Red Horse War 33. Warfare during the Crisis of the Third Century 33,Third Seal Black Horse Economic Depression 37. Devaluation of the Denarius 38, Economic Depression and Inflation in the Roman Empire 39. Breakdown of the Roman Empire s Trade Network 41,Do Not Harm the Oil and the Wine 44. Fourth Seal Pale Horse Death 46,Vast Depopulation of the Roman Empire 47.
Plagues 47,Detrimental Climate Change 48,To Kill by the Beasts of the Earth 48. And Power Was Given to Them over a Fourth of the Earth to Kill 49. Fifth Seal Martyrs Killed by the Pagan Roman Empire 50. Persecution of Believers by Rome 51,Nero 54 68 51,Domitian 81 96 52. Trajan 98 117 52,Marcus Aurelius 161 180 53,Septimius Severus 193 211 53. Maximinus Thrax the Thracian 235 238 54,Decius 249 251 First Empire Wide Persecution 54. Valerian 253 259 56, Diocletian 284 305 and Galerius 305 311 The Great Tribulation 57.
Believers Beheaded by Rome 59, The Fall of Rome and the Rise of Constantinople 61. Seals 2 4 Reveal a Pivotal Point in the Prophetic History of the Beast 62. References 63,A NEW LOOK AT THE BOOKS OF REVELATION. DANIEL END TIME PROPHECIES,Peter and Christie Michas. Messengers of Messiah,7231 Boulder Avenue Box 164 Highland CA 92346 USA. Tel 909 425 8751 www messengers of messiah org,Copyright 2012 2013 Peter and Christie Michas.
This publication may be freely copied and distributed provided it is copied in total with no alterations or deletions. The authors names ministry name and website address mailing address and telephone number and copyright. notice must be included No charge may be levied on recipients of distributed copies Brief quotations may be. embodied in critical articles and reviews without breaching copyright This publication is available for free at. Messengers of Messiah s website http www messengers of messiah org. SEALS 1 5 THE RISE AND DECLINE OF THE 6TH HEAD,OF THE BEAST THE ROMAN EMPIRE. THE KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THE SEALS AND TRUMPETS, To correctly understand the historical events prophesied by the Seals and Trumpets the Biblical. context of interpretation is determined by the following. 1 Jerusalem and Israel are at the center of Biblical prophecy. 2 The Heads of the Beast represent empires that ruled Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. 3 The Seals and Trumpets 1 6 relate to the empires of the Beast. 4 The Seventh Trumpet relates to the Rapture Catching Up and Second Coming. WHAT IS PAST AND WHAT IS FUTURE, In this study we will show that the first five Seals of Revelation Revelation 6 describe real and. specific historical events relating to the 6th Head of the Beast from the Sea the Pagan Roman. Empire The First Seal describes the Pagan Roman Empire at its greatest geographic expansion. in the Second Century The Second Third and Fourth Seals describe the period of time known. as the Crisis of the Third Century when the combined forces of war economic depression and. inflation and vast depopulation came close to collapsing the empire This was a major turning. point in the history of the Roman Empire in the west that signaled its decline and subsequent. downfall in the Fifth Century The Fifth Seal describes the persecution and martyrdom of. believers in Messiah Yeshua by the Pagan Roman Empire prior to the legalization of. Christianity by Roman Emperor Constantine in the Fourth Century. In the following parts of this study we will show that Seals 6 7 and Trumpets 1 4 deal with the. Fourth through Sixth Centuries when the Roman world was shaken by catastrophic natural. events that further destabilized and weakened the Roman empire in both east and west. facilitating the spread of Islam 8th Head of the Beast throughout the Mediterranean and Middle. Eastern world Trumpets 5 6 Then the Seventh Trumpet signals the Rapture Catching Up. coinciding with the resurrection of the Two Witnesses and Messiah Yeshua s Second Coming. Revelation 11 11 15,NO FUTURE SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION. As previously shown there is no future seven year Tribulation because the 70th Week of Daniel. has already been fulfilled see Parts 1 2 and 3 of this study The 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel. Daniel 9 24 27 is about the First Coming of Messiah Yeshua 1 The covenant of the 70th Week is. the New Covenant not a future false peace treaty made by the Antichrist with Israel The 70. Weeks Prophecy is completely fulfilled including the prophesied destruction of Jerusalem. The Lord s Hebrew name is Yeshua the shortened form of Yehoshua Joshua meaning. YHVH is salvation YHVH Yehovah is the name of God Messiah Hebrew Mashiach. means anointed Greek Christos Yeshua HaMashiach means Yeshua the Messiah. Therefore there is no future seven year Tribulation and no future Antichrist who will rule the. world and force people to take the Mark of the Beast. As explained in Part 6 The Man of Lawlessness the Apostasy Emperor Constantine the. Roman Church the erroneous interpretation of a future Antichrist originated in 1585 by a. Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Francisco Ribeira Ribera to oppose the Protestant historicist. interpretation linking the Papacy to the Antichrist 2 Ribeira proposed the false interpretation that. the Antichrist would rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem proclaim himself to be God kill the Two. Witnesses and rule the world 3, For over 200 years Protestants wisely rejected this false interpretation Not until 1827 was it.
introduced into Protestant circles by Samuel Maitland and popularized by the works of J N. Darby founder of dispensationalism beginning in 1830 4 Today the teaching is so widespread. that it is often accepted without question As a result the Seven Seals and Trumpets 1 6 are. misinterpreted as yet to take place during a future seven year Tribulation. REVELATION S PANORAMIC VIEW OF HISTORY FROM THE FIRST. TO THE SECOND COMING AND BEYOND, The Book of Revelation reveals major historical events occurring in the period soon after the. First Coming through to the Second Coming It also gives us a picture of the Millennial. Kingdom the Great White Throne Judgment and the eternal New Heaven New Earth and. New Jerusalem, The Seals 1 7 and Trumpets 1 6 have to do with the 6th 7th and 8th Heads of the Beast. including the fall of the Western Roman Empire 6th Head of the Beast the fall of the Eastern. Steve Gregg Revelation Four Views A Parallel Commentary p 42. http en wikipedia org wiki Francisco Ribera section Apocalypse commentary. Gregg p 42, Roman Byzantine Empire 7th Head of the Beast and the rise of the Islamic. empire s Caliphate5 8th Head of the Beast,EVENTS TO BEGIN SOON AFTER JOHN S VISIONS. In the first verses of the Book of Revelation we learn that Messiah Yeshua came to reveal. future events that would shortly NASB KJV Amplified or soon NIV begin to take. The Revelation of Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach Yeshua the Messiah. which God gave Him to show to His bond servants the things which must. shortly take place and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond. servant John Revelation 1 1 emphasis added, Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy and.
heed the things which are written in it for the time is near Revelation 1 3. emphasis added, Messiah Yeshua revealed to John that the prophesied historical events would soon begin to. unfold History proves this to be the case as the historical events of the Seals began to take. place soon after John recorded his visions in the Book of Revelation in about AD 95. A caliphate from the Arabic or khil fa is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious as well as political. leader known as a caliph meaning literally a successor i e a successor to Islamic prophet Muhammad and all the. Prophets of Islam The term caliphate is often applied to successions of Muslim empires that have existed in the. Middle East and Southwest Asia Conceptually the caliphate represents the political unity of the entire community. of Muslim faithful the ummah ruled by a single caliph In theory the organization of a caliphate should be a. constitutional theocracy under the Constitution of Medina which means that the head of state the Caliph and. other officials are representatives of the people and of Islam and must govern according to constitutional and. religious law Sharia emphasis added http en wikipedia org wiki Caliphate introductory material. MESSAGES FOR THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA MINOR, Messiah Yeshua tells John to write about the things which are and the things which shall take. place after these things, Write therefore the things which you have seen and the things which are and. the things which shall take place after these things Revelation 1 19. emphasis added,Write therefore the things which are. Messiah Yeshua gives John messages for the Seven Churches located in Asia Minor today. Turkey Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea. Revelation 2 and 3 The messages were specific to what was happening at that time in these. churches The messages continue to have application to churches from the past to the present. THE SEALS OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION, The Seals of the Book of Revelation relate to historical events concerning the Roman Empire.
the 6th Head of the Beast from its height to its decline and fall. We must always keep in mind that Israel specifically Jerusalem is the focal point of Biblical. prophecy Therefore the Seals and Trumpets describe major historical events directly affecting. the Land of Israel and Jerusalem All prophetic history centers on Jerusalem and the Heads of. the Beast represent the great empires that ruled over Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. We have previously shown that the 6th Head of the Beast from the Sea described in Revelation. Chapters 13 and 17 represents the Roman Empire The healed 6th Head represents Papal. Rome Revelation 13 3 8 The Beast from the Earth represents the Christian Roman Empire. the Two Horns of the Beast from the Earth represent Rome of the Western Roman Empire and. Constantinople of the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire Revelation 13 11 18 The Woman. that sits on the Beast represents the city of Rome the Great Harlot represents Papal Rome. Revelation 17 1 7 18 The Ten Horns of the Beast represent Ten Germanic Kingdoms that. conquered the lands of the Western Roman Empire and gave rise to the Western European. nations of today Revelation 17 12 17 See Part 5 The Beasts of Revelation Daniel for a. detailed study of these subjects, THE HEADS OF THE BEAST FROM THE SEA THE GREAT EMPIRES. THAT RULED JERUSALEM AND THE LAND OF ISRAEL, As previously detailed in this study the eight heads of the Beast from the Sea Revelation 13. and 17 represent the following empires,1 Egyptian Empire. 2 Assyrian Empire,3 Babylonian Empire,4 Persian Empire. 5 Greek Empire, 6 Roman Empire Early Roman Empire later Western Roman Empire with Rome as its capital.
7 Byzantine Empire Eastern Roman Empire with Constantinople as its capital. 8 Islamic Empire s, The word beast in both Revelation and Daniel never represents a man but always represents a. great kingdom or empire Heads and mountains represent great kingdoms or empires of the. Mediterranean and Middle East that directly influenced and ruled over Israel the focal point of. Biblical prophecy and God s plan of redemption The word translated king also represents. great kingdoms or empires, Here is the mind which has wisdom The seven heads are seven mountains on. which the woman sits and they are seven kings kingdoms five have fallen. one is the other has not yet come and when he it comes he it must remain. a little while And the beast which was and is not is himself itself also an. eighth and is one of the seven and he it goes to destruction Revelation. 17 9 11 emphasis added, five have fallen one is the other has not yet come Revelation 17 10. At the time the apostle John recorded his visions the first five empires had fallen Egypt. Assyria Babylonia Persia Greece one existed Rome and the 7th was yet to come the. Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire The 8th would also rise after the 7th Revelation 17 11. At the time John had the vision of the Beast from the Sea Rome ruled the world of the. Mediterranean Sea The Romans called the Mediterranean Sea Mare Nostrum meaning Our. Sea 6 We can therefore understand the prophetic picture of the Sea representing the. Mediterranean Sea and the Beast representing Rome which had conquered lands of the. previous empires represented by the first five heads Thereafter the two heads that followed the. 6th Head of Rome represented empires also rising out of the Mediterranean world. Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire 7th Head which eventually fell to. the Islamic Ottoman Empire 8th Head Today Constantinople is known by its Islamic name. As previously shown the Beast from the Earth represents the Christian Roman Empire see Part. 5 The Beasts of Revelation and Daniel This image is also very fitting because as Adam was. made from the dust of the Earth so too can humanity be represented by the earth As Rome. ruled the Mediterranean world the Christian Roman Empire ruled all the various peoples of the. Mediterranean world uniting them in one apostate paganized Christian Roman religion. The Woman that sits on the Beast the Roman Empire represents the city of Rome Revelation. 17 18 It is interesting to note that the city of Rome was named after the goddess Roma Rome. conquered and ruled the territories of the previous empires This is why Rome is described as. sitting on seven heads or mountains head or mountain representing a kingdom or. empire Revelation 17 9 10 Note that Rome is depicted as sitting on or ruling over seven not. http en wikipedia org wiki Mare Nostrum introductory material section Roman usage. eight heads or empires This shows that Rome never ruled over the 8th Head which represents. the Islamic Empires that conquered much of the Roman world especially in the east. After the Fall of Rome AD 476 marking the end of the Roman Empire in the West Papal. Rome rose to power as represented by the Healed 6th Head of the Beast Revelation 13 3. For details of the above summary overview see Part 5 The Beasts of Revelation Daniel. posted for free under A New Look at the Books of Revelation Daniel End Time Prophecies. www messengers of messiah org, THE EMPIRES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN AND MIDDLE EAST MAPS. Egyptian Empire 1st Head of the Beast, Map of maximum territorial extent of ancient Egypt about 1450 BC 7.
Key point in Israel s History Israelite Exodus from Egypt about 1450 BC. Map next page, http en wikipedia org wiki File Egypt 1450 BC svg Map of the Middle East 1450 BC by. Andrei Nacu,Assyrian Empire 2nd Head of the Beast 934 609 BC. Key events in Israel s history, Northern Kingdom of Israel conquered by the Assyrian Empire 723 722 BC. Map of the Assyrian Empire 824 BC 671 BC 8, http en wikipedia org wiki File Map of Assyria png. Babylonian Empire 3rd Head of the Beast 626 539 BC. Key events in Israel s history, Land of Israel came under Babylonian control 605 BC Daniel taken to Babylon with first.
group of hostages Babylonians destroyed Solomon s Temple 587 BC. Map of Babylonian Empire9, http en wikipedia org wiki File Neo Babylonian Empire png. Persian Empire 4th Head of the Beast 550 330 BC, The Persian Empire is called the First Persian Empire or the Achaemenid Empire 550 BC 330. BC to distinguish it from the later Sassanid Empire AD 224 651. Key events in Israel s history,Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon 539 BC. Cyrus decree for the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and rebuilding of the Temple 538 BC. Second Temple completed and dedicated on Passover in the sixth year of Darius I 516 515 BC. Map of Persian Achaemenid Empire at the time of Darius the Great and Xerxes10. Darius the Great 550 486 BC ruled the empire at its peak territorial expansion11. Xerxes the Great 519 465 BC Persian king Ahasuerus who married Esther12. http en wikipedia org wiki File Map achaemenid empire en png. http en wikipedia org wiki Darius I,http en wikipedia org wiki Xerxes I.

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